Thursday, June 15, 2006

From Jimmy Walter to William Rodriguez to Yvonne Ridley to Dinsman

June started with an attitude. I had the opportunity to listen to great minds of the 21st century.I met thinkers, writers, people who had been 'rudely awakened'. Jimmy is an American (but he lives in Vienna now), William is from Puerto Rico (he lives in New York), Yvonne is from England (she lives in London, I think) and Dinsman is Malaysian (he lives in KL, I'm sure). All spoke on the lies behind Sept 11, 2001 and how innocent lives were sacrificed not only in the tragic collapses of the twin towers and other buildings surrounding them (there were 7 buildings altogether..this fact was never highlighted in the news) but those in wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine and I hope NOT in the future Iran, Syria, Saudi, Sudan or even Malaysia.

They all spoke from their hearts.No agenda and if it was a propaganda, what's there for them? (Jimmy is already a much money does he need if he's doing this for money? William was offered great opportunities to live comfortably in the US, Yvonne left her good secular life to be a practising Muslim and Dinsman could have been the Chairman of Utusan Melayu or DBP if that was what he wanted in this life).But no! They gave it all away to seek truth, justice, integrity.

I was touched.I felt shame for most of us, proud of our rich living.Jimmy and William are not Muslims but they give more than what rich Muslims could give to this world.They set good examples for us who claim we believe.

June came in not gently.
June came and set us all thinking.