Monday, April 28, 2014

Happy Happy at KL International Book Fair

 One book tertinggal : Chinese Literature of ancient times

 Apalah arti berniaga kalau ramai yang tak mampu..rege RM200 ke atas.
Order online murah lagi, kot?

 Acara berbalas pantun budak sekolah.Moderator
suruh bdk sekolah rendah bayangkan mereka suami isteri.
Apa punya ajaran der.

 Big but not bad enough

 Sejak belum nikah, hobi saya membeli cook books.Memasaknya
tidak juga... :)

 Sedang memberi petua memasak

 Chef Wan, signing my copy

 400 best recipes, you.Only at RM39.90 at the fair

Waktu kita ria


I thought his speech was ill-informed.Tak cerdik juga Ohbummer ni.The Msian political landscape isn't as simplistic as he made it: one party is guilty of the other's well-being.This from a Harvard law graduate? I wonder who wrote the speech. Bak kata Amir, he ain't saying anything new.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Monday rain

Whoa..heavy rain after coming back from picking up the trophies from Dr A's place.I went with Lin.Ingat tak payah nak jumpa Dr A but his secretary said dia nak jumpa juga.So he advised Lin where to go during her 8-day vacation in his country.Sounded so much fun.Rasa macam nak ikut je.

Then we went to have lunch.It was then we were caught in the rain.But lunch was good cos' I cerita hantu.Lin ni semua benda percaya.Kisah I saw this man half dressed (pakai kain cuking je mcm ceti) dlm hujan tengah malam (past midnight) bawak pengail dlm hutan di kawasan Lancang ke hapa.Masa tu no car, no light, memang tengah hutan.This guy berjalan kaki ayam muka tak angkat tengok kereta lalu lalang...selamba.Then after we drove  past him (me and my siblings in one car), tak semena2 ada ikan melayang2 dan tergedik2 depan jalan kita.No sungai tepi tebing ladang getah or ladang kepala sawit tu.

We drove without saying anything.

Then bila terbaca kisah Tengku Khairuddin datang dari hutan berpakaian smart tapi berkaki ayam penuh selut dan bantu dua kereta yang tayarnya pancit, org tanya pasal berkaki ayam.He said he came from the jungle (ini waktu siang).Then said not far from there ada kedai baiki kereta kawan dia.Dia kata kalau singgah, kirim salam.

Bila singgah, org tu sampaikan salam Tengku K.Towkay tu angguk je but didn't say anything.He gave the guys his card.
The journey continued for the guys till sampai kat satu kawasan rehat.One of the guys pi toilet then bergegas2 dan kata dlm toilet dia kena sapa dgn Tengku K.Tengku K said dia yang jumpa kat hutan tu dan sebenarnya dia dah mati.

Dlm kereta depa called the friend and asked who Tengku K was.The workshop guy said Tengku K kawan dia tapi dah mati accident kat kawasan depa pancit tu.Orang selalu terkena.

Jangan baca ni waktu malam.As I type pun I seram.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Sesudah Subuh

After a crazy hectic day yesterday (Minister from Maldives, preps for Saudi guests next week, fine tuning research grant, letters, client scouting, yada yada), sesudah Subuh today feels so tenang until I get back to work.

Tetapi bersyukurlah ada work. :)

It was Z who broke the news of Karpal Singh's passing semalam.In fact all IIUM news would come from Z ( kisah FRU datang buat checks cos' the kids tampal posters all over the place beritau Anwar Ibrahim will come and give a talk - something the kids created probably to annoy uni authorities sebab byk sgt yg tak boleh.Apparently AI pun tak tau there was an invitation for him.I think students mengamuk after Latifah Koya's talk ended up at the cafe despite the event being approved seblm ni). Gamaknya betullah that group of guards who went to Noraini's son's reception held on campus where Anwar was also a guest berniat nak chase him out...cara jalan mcm sungguh threatening.Remember I heard one of them saying dah nak balik dah tu (AI was just getting into his car).

And we know who is behind this FRU thingy ni.Budaya mcm ni not frm homegrown IIUM matter which side you are.Maybe I should raise this somewhere.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Thank God It's Friday

Jumping from one meeting to the other, skipped one to talk with a group of students (they were launching a new club and wanted my advice).

Then our Sporean partners came.Some flew, Raz drove.We had a very fruitful meeting in the morning and over lunch.Kak Oni came and gave some excellent recommendations.Lepas tu after Fri prayer, we went to see Dato Tahir (courtesy call by the group).

Took them to IIIbF but tersilap turn la pulak - byk sgt jalan tutup cos' of the MRT constructions etc.Bikin malu aje. :) It's been years since I visited the old ISTAC.I dropped them and left.It was getting late anyway.Kameel promised to take care of them (they would be catching the 9 pm flight).

I got a slot with the CE at Oxford.Class starts soon.Jgn hangat2 taik ayam sudah.

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

A baby from the sky!

We got Nazeer last nite.Their area takda air so they came to shower and dine at our place. Nadra tersgt lasak but Nazeer is like Z when Z was a baby...dia duduk senyap2 and kalau nangis, cepat diam bila dipujuk.So we played  volleyball.Nazeer ni dah 4 bulan rupanya.I thought baru 2 months.No wonder so huge!

Jasmin's dad passed away.Tak sempat nak visit.Too many things to take care of.It will get worse.I hope I will get to finish up all my projects.Mcm tak terkejar.

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Bersaksikan lutut

Dua ungkapan cute I kutip hari ni.Satu from Dato' Tahir, my funny Deputy Rector yg memperkenalkan ungkapan "bersaksikan lutut" which means getting endorsement from people you know or close to you.Cronyism la maknanya.

Ungkapan kedua I heard from the radio ...ustaz kata kalau orang suka kita maknanya Allah suka kita dan inspire makhluk lain sukakan kita.Seram,ya? Kita tak tau sama ada org bencikan kita lebih ramai dari sukakan kita.Oleh itu, jagalah akhlaq supaya kita tak sakitkan hati orang lain.

My friend and I were comparing notes of our ujian in life.She said it's a sign that Allah loves us if we have ujian.Some people have more than one ujian.

I was quick to say: me, me.I have more than one ujian.

We both laughed cos' she knew what I went through esp. this week.Then she told me how she was tested with financial constraint.Sekali tu she only had RM30 in her account.She had to pajak her emas one by one but told me of sistem pajak Islam which is so user friendly...they'd allow you to tebus balik at your own time.When my friend got back her material world (lama juga...bertahun-tahun...the kids had to go to college, the car broke down, the fridge rosak yada yada), she sampai boleh pi holiday overseas with her kids.Reward bagi orang yang sabar. Touching, kan?

So, she gave me some comforting words and advice on how to sabar.What a nice story...maybe I will canai jadi cerpen one day.

Must also thank Saniah and Q for their support during my dark moments.Nik's away but spoke with him this morning.I do not feel sad anymore. :)