Tuesday, December 12, 2017

From Batu Pahat to Muar

The weekend getaway in Batu Pahat was meant for Anidah-Tol's son's wedding reception but my husband wanted to do a down the memory lane going back to Muar where he spent 2 years as a primary sch boy, living with his uncle while his mom went back to University Malaya to study History. So he showed us where he grew up (rumah tu pun dah runtuh), places he'd go. A bit emo for him. Z and I could not understand. We thought he was lucky to see so many things at such a young age.

The wedding reception was cool. Semua buat sendiri. Tak payah catering, upah orang buat pelamin ke hapa. And we felt so warmly received.Food was good. Paling liat nak balik sebab we were eating this and that. :)

Then Muar. What a discovery! I thought it might be a sleeping town but no! So much life. So much food! Bak kata Engku..kalau dah suka makan tu...

Hubby said geng motor surau might go on a day trip.Boleh la suruh tapau satay muar, mee bandung udang galah, murtabak spore.

Kalah Kajang

Balik KL terbayang2 satay warisan Muar ini

Best spa in Muar

this was real time (pinggan Z)