Monday, February 28, 2011

Meeting went well

Alhamdulillah we had fun discussing possibilities for one of our projects this year.One of the perks I like working at CERDAS is the opportunity to meet new people, new clientele, new humour, new creativity (in getting job done).Eh, syok lah kerja macam ni.If only my legs could run faster!

I have another interesting project tonight.Talk about it later.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Seminar on Peace and Conflict Studies

It went well, alhamdulillah.We had great fun over the 2 days.Our homegrown scholars were so erudite and funny.The four keynotes were absolutely fantastic.Prof Dan Christie's coolness was so cool that he got all of us gawking at him and listening intently.Kawan I kata dia hensem.Haha.He's a well-known Peace Psychologist and when asked whether peace psychologists (largely consulted in times of war or in preparation of war) contributed more to peace or conflict.Ta-ra...he said more to war.Mat Salleh is always transparent, kan? Kalau local politicians,mesti belit sana, belit sini.

The whole thing was conducted in an informal way (audience butting in whenever they liked..throwing in witty remarks, provocating the speakers etc)

It was a nice collaboration between CERDAS, Psy Dept and Political Science although many students came up to us and gave full credit to CERDAS.Hahaha..I had to correct them and said it was Psy/Pol Sci's project...we were just helping out (for the dough).They didn't want to believe.Gasaklah.. diehard fans ni...some were fans from my Alumni days :)

Anyway, another cheque has come in and we'll have a meeting with one of our clients on Monday on how to publicise one of the progs we do.MasyaAllah, Allah be praised.We didn't ask to be famous but we'll take it anyway. :))

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Healers and doctors

Everyone knows I have been feeling a wee bit under the weather lately.Because of the natural inclination to get better, one would consult one healer after the other, knocking on medical consultant's door from time to time, alternative med practitioners' as well.

I can write a book on this! It's interesting how doctors and healers have their own personalities and approaches.Not even one is the same.It's so amazing (and funny at times).

One thing for sure: if you see traditional healers, most would say ada gangguan (either syaitan atau jinn).There are a couple of exceptions (the skeptics).There are those who claim they only use verses of Quran but you can never be sure if they too are not guilty of associating themselves with their own jinns.

There are others who tell you different things by day and another by night (all in one I change my mind...I thought but!)

Interesting meetings,folks but I have concluded earlier: hanya Allah Maha Penyembuh, hanya Allah Maha Pelindung, the rest are just good samaritans trying to assist the sick and needy. Take it or leave it.

Please do not voodoo me for saying this but ramai juga yang menipu! Just be careful not to fall into syirik acts (bila dia start mintak ayam seekor, benang banyak colours..beware! Run for your life! I have heard so many stories from other friends...ada yang mintak tanah kubur.Na'uzubillah!)

The doctors are interesting creatures as well but the ones I saw today were the nicest, the most professional I'd met.Remember my experience with two Orthopedics two years ago? (I ended crying after meeting one cos' he was so insensitive and arrogant and I screamed at his face: get me another doctor! I guess I was equally arrogant but hey, I was the one in pain and paying!)

My Physician at the former SJMC (hate the new name) was so cool.I liked him cos' he said there was nothing wrong with me..just some lack of vits somewhere (I had packed my bag to be admitted cos' my GP said I ought to be admitted.Chiss! GPs usually act like they are the specialists and are good at giving false alarms.Don't voodoo me for saying this!)

My Orthopedic Surgeon was better (trained at first impression was..sure conservative habis ni..mesti nak kerat aku 18...) My God, how wrong I was.We have a new breed of doctors who are so open to so many things (one even applauded me for going complementary med!)

OK folks, thanks for your prayers.Let's hope the healing process continue to be easy and that Allah continues to protect me and all of us and give us health for indeed health is wealth.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The next fiction

Folks, I am writing fiction all the time without it being written!

It's funny how easy it is to self-censor: you are afraid of being judged (not so much this with me); you are afraid of your 'enemy' stalking you and casting more evil on you (heh..may be...), you are afraid of your work creating political unrest 40 years from now (haha, I wish!)

So let me tell you my latest fiction:

A series of tests fell upon the protagonist.He looked for solutions outside himself but later discovered that the cure was actually within himself and his total submission to the Maker.Tareqat? Hakikat? Sufism? Quite intriguing if you start googling on the topic.To purify yourself you need to do this:

1.banyak beristighfar
2.kurangkan makan dan minum
3.solat wajib jangan tinggal dan banyakkan amalan-amalan sunat seperti amalan yang dibuat oleh Rasulullah (saw)
4.rendah diri dan tidak menyombongkan diri
5.mengurangi tidur
6.banyak zikir dan berfikiran yang baik-baik sahaja
7.kurang bercakap
8. zuhud
9.menerima dengan senang hati anugerah dari Allah
10.yakin hanya kepada Allah (e.g. hanya Dia Maha Penyembuh, hanya dia Maha Melindungi, hanya dia Pemberi Rezeki, etc)
11.sentiasa berbuat baik sesama manusia, tinggal hawa nafsu dan kesenangan dunia dan mengamalkan ajaran Islam bersungguh2.

I got this from an article by Abdi Ramran Umamah.Really cool.

Now to weave all these into the written form.I appreciate oral literature now! To write is soooooooooo difficult.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

In health and in sickness..

I was visiting someone I just met at the Prince Court Medical Centre today.Beautiful woman who had gone through a lot in life, seemingly regretting some. I can't help wondering what I would be like in her position.Would I have as much strength? As much patience? As much forgiveness of those I have wronged and sinned against? (usually done unintentionally).

I learnt this: in health and in sickness, you'll triumph if you hold on to the rope of Allah.A complete submission.
I have been tried in the last month or so (in my ailment, losing sleep and in immense pain) but I have come to this conclusion: things happen for reasons only known to Allah, and ONLY by HIS grace.You simply have to persevere in your pain and sadness.

Seeing my new friend sitting a pretty picture in her continuous search for happiness and internal peace (occasionally breaking down with every prayer recited by a Kuwaiti imam on her MP3), I could not help thinking how fortunate we both are...that we still have time to offer our gratitude for our test of sickness (it brought us closer to Allah) and that whatever hardships we face now are nothing compared to others.

In times of health and sickness, Allah is your only Companion. And not many people recognise this until they are fully tested.

Friday, February 04, 2011

Ready made sons and a long weekend

Happy Chinese New Year.I have the whole week off.

The 6 hafiz boys from Brunei came to stay over the long break.Oh my! I could not help imagining if I had 6 sons and a daughter! Nik seemed the happiest! (budak2 pinjam kain pelekat dia, sembahyang jumaah sama-sama, baca yassin malam's like the perfect family setup!)

We took them to Mazidah's Art's Cream Gallery for the gelatos before dining at Bosphorus (Turkish cuisine).Imagine if you had a big family macam ni nak makan kat luar.Balik mesti limping! Hahaha.

Z looked like the spoilt only gal child.Orang lain makan benda sama, she'd order extra.Abang2 dia tengok je.Haha.
Oh well, have a nice long weekend.