Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Budget 2017

I got interviewed in TRM (my 5 mins fame) tetapi no one dares ask mengapa PERMATA which is not an NGO nor a University nor a Ministry getting such a big chunk of a budget.Is anyone monitoring its outputs? (Audit Negara?) Bak nak tengok.If really good and benefitting rakyat marhaen..I'd support it fully and will fight for more budget for it.

Someone said bangga betul dapat PM yang bagi budget utk rakyat bawak taxi (Uber)..dulu Mahathir bagi budget suruh rakyat bercita2 jadi scientists/angkasawan. PM kita suruh kita jadi Uber drivers.

Maka hari ini bila keluar berita hospital terbakar, doctor mati, health caretakers terbakar, pesakit meninggal (alfatihah buat semuanya) dan escalator roboh di salah sebuah pusat membeli belah, kita tanya: masihkah negara ini dirahmati Allah? Berita empangan kering walaupun hujan tiap2 petang. Masihkah kita mahu melakukan kerja-kerja keji?

My aruah nenek in her desperation would say this: takda mana dah nak lari...Mugabe di seberang sungai bertepuk tangan.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Ronda jarak jauh

Dr. Devi beri budak2 ni duit, melompat2 mrk

meronda secara lebih dekat

no swimming

Antara dua darjat


sangat nyaman

childhood friend

mengajar anaknya merayap

from my room

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Wedding reunion Batch 2, 1981

I think it was 1981. Well, some of us had forgotten one of us at the wedding and yet another, lain I cakap lain dia dengar.All the signs of aging were there. How I wanted to roll on the floor and laugh! Anak kerja mana, asked a dear friend who I had not seen since 1982. I said at so and so.Ha, she said, with Shef? (a mutual friend). Bunyi dekat nak sama.

It was a lovely, lovely reunion although a few could not make it. But some had to leave early (including yours truly - for another wedding in Putrajaya). We promised to meet again at someone's son or daughter's wedding next year. InshaAllah.

Dengan Tok Penghulu kami

Early arrivals

angkatan asas 81

Dgn ibubapa pengantin except that I had left by now.
Dgn bapa pengantin

With the guys
Daniel and Jasmine
Batch 1981, NZ

another wedding

I like warna tudung ni - mcm warna waterrmelon. :)

My fav gals in Langkawi

Monday, October 10, 2016

Bday boy

Nik celebrated his 55th at St. Regis with Z and I.Z and I overdressed for ikan served in the kuali and pasta masin.

Upstairs anak seorang pembesar yg penuh kontroversi dining at a restaurant which is rm1,500 per head.We can only watch his instagram pic enviously. :D Tak mampu doh.

Some pics.

Saturday, October 08, 2016


My NZ girlfriends are in town.Some pics at lunch today.

Friday, October 07, 2016

We are in Luck Now

I took the students who were working on Prof Kazmi's life narrative to interview him at his place. He's 92 and had lived through the pre and post partition in India and the students would cover this as well as his life after his migration to Malaysia from India.

He was telling them how Lucknow got its name. When a Brit soldier was informed that they had won and India had fallen, he said we are in luck now. :D

Ioana and I spoke on the phone after Skype failed us. I thought the uni had blocked Skype.Found out later, tak. Cheh. Byk le bill telephone saya.

92 years with strong memory

talking to a world history holder

Mughal royalist descendant