Sunday, February 18, 2018

Outing in Serendah

I really thought there was a river behind Adik's new home in Serendah cos' I saw some siblings picnicking there. So i went to her house warming party in my swim suit.Rumah dia ada some 10 mins to the river and Iskandar went to book a parking.Penuh! Kereta tak leh bergerak for a good 1 km..orang pi cari sungai to cool off cuti raya Cina. Sampai ke sudah we didn't get to go so akhirnya berpiknik tepi longkang bawah pokok2 pisang.

I siap masak roast chicken yang within minutes habis.Adik did nasi ulam and kerabu pucuk paku and Umi ordered some Tganu kari.My hubby said mmg sedap lunch hari itu. I went home sulking.No river! They all laughed. I told them I got conned.Kalau Airbnb ni ratingnya satu je. Haha.

So the other clan will go to Janda Baik looking for a river before Z leaves for her assignment overseas.Not for me but for little Ajir cos' he loves nature.Watch this space.InshaAllah.

We went to Azam's house warming party at Putra Heights after changing my swimsuit to baju biasa at Serendah.Well, at least dapat kumpul and do tahlil with my clan at Adik's place.Lama tak jumpa.

Pandai betul Mazlinda hias rumah. So homely.I'm inspired too.Mula le berangan nak tukar furniture, langsir segala. Haha.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Bertanak menggulai di Temoh, Perak

Fatin and I left on Friday petang to Temoh for the Bertanak Menggulai event organised by JARO Perak in Temoh. That term "bertanak" which is widely used in my family rupanya bahasa Rawa. Byk lauk pauk Rawa Perak yang sama dgn lauk pauk Rawa Pahang. Nasi goreng bawang tu namanya Nasi Rondang Bawang is a Rawa breakfast. I belajar cara membuat laba..a kind of rojak buah which I served to Dr Bubbles and family when they came over for tea and dinner (sambil makan tapai segala). Kek buah Yati is so yummy.Nanti nak order lagi.Umar is such a well mannered boy. Mcm Zafirah masa kecik, he would put back his toys where he found them. Kemas sgt orangnya. :)

Fatin and I slept at a homestay in Temoh. 3 bilik so we each got a room. Tengah malam telinga I sakit bukan main. Then I baca ayat halau jin. Keh keh...mmg hilang sakitnya and I could sleep again.Anak jin mana bit my ear. I tertidur atas dia gamaknya (the house must have been left empty for a who would stay there daily, kan?)

We were treated well by kins in Temoh. We managed to speak to many Rawa Perak. Some baru 3 generasi. I finally found a story about water routes across..ada from Acheh ke Penang..ada yang terus ke Melaka. Ada yang terus ke Teluk Intan. Masa perjalanan 1 hour bot pancung 2 horse power. Caranya berpandukan asap gas yang keluar dari elantar minyak all boats would berpandukan itu as their lighthouse.Takkan jauh menyasar ..kalau ditiup angin..paling tidak tersadai di pantai Selangor or pantai Perak. Tekong laut and tekong darat would take care of those migrant workers...satu boat boleh muat 25 orang but usually sampai 50 orang lebih..tu yang mudah terbalik.

Someone from Tanjung Malim told me zaman Belanda, sebab Belanda ambik semua biji kopi..teh locals were left only with daun kopi so they dried up daun kopi and then buat kopi.Lagi sedap dan berkhasiat dari biji kopi. Tuhan tu kaya. Akal ada untuk innovate.

DO Tanjung Malim ckp he would like me to be part of his team for the next Rawa event.Ahh..I must drop him a line in case he forgets. Haha. Mmg seronok belajar sesuatu baru sebenarnya. And you meet very interesting people along the way. Good for my novel development.

 Rawa cuisine

 With Dr Nazri and Dr Zabidin di kebun kelapa sawitnya
which is infront of his bungalow. :)

belajar cara membuat laba

 Saturday event : lunch in Temoh
Sunday dinner..nasi ayam with Dr Bubbles & family

 sunday event with the MGS gals

Almost didn't make it.Ingat masa mcm wedding melayu 12-4
Rupa2nya 10-12 noon. I was still melepak2 at home
at 11.30 am.45 mins to get there! But I made it..syukur

New job

I have figured out how to go to work and back.The new office may be temporary until Crescent moves out I think. Meanwhile, I have agreed to take over aruah Ajmal's old office in one of the bungalows (level 3 is like a 5 star apartment but no lift so gamaknya saya takda le nak turun naik tempat tu. If we have guests, nampaknya di situlah mereka). This place is huge.Pandai betul Syed Naguib Alatas membinanya. I have requested that the pgrads are placed where I am sebab kalau tidak, saya sorang je kat situ with my RA.

Friday, February 02, 2018

Kawan-kawan Che Noraini

Prof Dato Asiah texted me ajak lunch. I tau dia nak drown in her grief with me. Dia suruh ajak Prof Saodah but Saodah nak pi jumpa lawyer dia pulak dgn anaknya so I suggested we go to Jibby East and that I would pick her up depan office President.

So we met as agreed. Dalam kereta lagi Prof Asiah dah tak sabar nak share, going down detik2 akhir bersama aruah exactly a week before she passed on.

Then I told her my moments pulak. I said when I asked Saodah to call you sebab I nak cari kawan menangis since Saodah pun didn't break down. I told Saodah, can you call Prof Asiah and we broke the news. Tengok2 you pun mcm dek je. But then you started sending her pics and vid clip non stop to me then I knew that you had started to 'cry' in your own way, I told her. We laughed but there were still tears in me. Prof Asiah kata dia mmg mcm tu...but sedih dia makan dalam bkn keluar airmata. She said she would pasang the vid clip and watch it over and over again. Iyalah, I told her. People mourn differently. I ni mesti nak nangis. And nangis berjumaah baru puas rasa sedih I di share ramai-ramai. Ketidak rasa macam makan dalam juga.

Now we know why Noraini accepted us as her friends. Kita mmg gila2 mcm dia juga.Gelak2..nangis.
Semoga dia damai di sana. Next week I dah janji nak keluar lunch dgn anak aruah (about the same age with Zafirah)

Prof Asiah and Dr Che Nor

Thursday, February 01, 2018

Understanding Malaysian Literature Citations

Alhamdulillah, two citations of my writings were brought to my attention this year.One by Thammasat Uni in Thailand and the other by Oxford Academic.

(look under Malaysia subtitle)

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Prof. Madya Dr. Che Nor Noraini

When Dr Khamsiah rang me around 5 pm at the office telling me, "we have bad news.." I just went what? who? where?

She dropped the name.

Dr Che Noraini meninggal dunia.

Speechless then I asked for reaffirmation. She said yes. She died in Kuala Tganu and filled in the details. It was minutes before my brain could process and digest everything then I got up, paced up and down and broke down and wept! I called Prof Maliah first and we both wept on the phone.She equally shocked, me slowly digesting and needing to pass on the grief. Prof Maliah was requested to announce the news to our Tashkent group online (I had left the group). Then I rang my husband cos' we are close to her family. I broke down again with him equally surprised on the other end.Then I had to inform Prof Saodah and we called Prof Asiah. Both were cool but Prof Asiah later on tak sudah2 posting me her kenangan and pics and video with aruah taken only last week.And for the whole evening and night the network was doing this. Prof Rosnani went to pay her last respect with her Education colleagues naik van ke KT jam 12 tengah mlm. I wish I were strong enough to take that long trip or at least fly this morning. I hope aruah will forgive me for not being there.Tadi lepas saya tidur kejap lepas solat subuh, I heard she call my name loud and clear. Only she at IIUM knew my home name (Dah). I heard she call "Dah!". I terkejut and terus terjaga. I told Lin..jgn2 dia nak ajak I sama. Lin said I love your raw humour but this is too sad.Jus sampai ini never gets out of her grief in losing Dr Mimi..kawan dia car pool sama2..kawan lunch.Maybe we should form a support group. I ni rasanya belum betul2 recover from the various deaths of my loved ones in the family: Mak, Irshad, Mek...

Aruah ni kwn saya yang I can call at any time..and likewise she with me.Sifatnya suka kasi makan kpd kawan2, suka bersedekah dan a fighter. 5 days before her death she was still trying to fight for justice over an issue.Not for me, kata dia. For others supaya tak menerima nasib yang serupa like her.I'm glad she telah meninggalkan anak-anak yang soleh (semua hafiz) dan pintar2. Semoga she lives in all of them. Even her menantu perempuan is so much like her in her thinking and behaviour.

I'm glad we spent some time together last Wednesday. Dia mesti bawak I makanan. Dia bawak kerupok lekor Tganu but terdetik juga di hati ketika itu. Biasa she would bring me fresh, warm food. Kerupok lekor dia dah kecut.But still sedap. I let it go and we had a good time discussing and planning what to do with our rejected FRGS report (yang dah berzaman kami submit baru ni dpt feedback ada a few things incomplete).Sambil2 tu we spoke of my gelang2 and cincin2 emas which I tak suka pakai to be redesigned and yang dah siap tu kena kecikkan balik. Ini termasuk my cincin kawin and cincin dan gelang pesaka Mama beri kat I. Che Nor came from keluarga towkay mas Tganu and they have many gold shops.

Dr Farizah and I dok cerita time kita buat research together...Templer's Park research retreat..kami dikejar oleh segerombolan monyet liar di tempat air terjun. Monyet tu rampas my bag di bahu yang dalamnya ada my handphone. Ni masa nak naik ke air terjun. Masa balik pun mereka berbaris kiri kanan tunggu kami dgn menyeringai tunjuk gigi tajam.I almost cried out of fear but I menyorok and pegang lengan baju aruah. I felt safe sebab dia baca ayat-ayat Quran dan kami lalu mcm menyeberang Laut Merah semasa Nabi Musa dikejar Firaun. Sampai kat chalet, gelak2.

Masa kerja kat prison pun mcm tu. Che Nor lah yang dok pi solat kat Mekah, solat lebih dari biasa agar kerja kami selesai dgn baik.

I hope aruah tenang di sana. Kuburnya pasti terang sebab dia rajin baca Quran.Perginya pun mudah..lepas jadi imam solat Zohor kpdd adik beradik perempuannya, dia sempat baca surah kahfi dan berdoa untuk dimudahkan sakratul maut dan mati dlm iman (bukan doa panjang umur). Dia masuk bilik air nak ambik wudhu..terjatuh terus tiada.Allahuakbar! Kasihilah sahabat aku ini Ya Allah, rahmatilah rohnya dan tempatkanlah beliau di kalangan orang2 yang Engkau redhoi.Semoga kami bertemu lagi di akhirat di syurgaMu bersama ahli-ahli keluarga kami,

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

No tajuk

My bday cake tiba lewat tahun ni. When I told Z and her dad no bday dinner, they took it as no bday cake as well. So whn they found out I wanted cake mcm we bought for Hanna, Z said Monday baru sampai. So I waited and brought it to work. We had coffee and blackforest cake at the ASA room.Dr. Adli came with Dr Irwan then Dr Adli ajak Dr Aishah then my young colleagues also came.Meriah jugalah kami catching up! Pagi tu ada drama pulak so we spoke about that too.Then issue roundtable cropped up again.Best juga berkawan dgn org2 muda ni. :)

Today we went to visit Prof Kazmi.Shabnam dah quit her CEO job with a giant pharmaceutical company in the US to care for her parents.Mulianya!But she said rahmat Allah mencurah2 and she gets to do things she loves.Semoga Allah give her strength.Dr. Aishah drove and Eda pun ada.Kazmi dah 92 but dlm sakit2 tu dia ingat lagi kami! Among his students were Anwar Ibrahim, Prof Kamal Hassan..patutlah pjg umur dia dlm 92..kira rahmahlah tu.

Dr. Amani invited us to the ISDB talk by this lady (kerabat King Salman juga). We were all in awe of her coolness..tak nmpk stress pun walhal she also works for UN.And so smart.
Balik tu, we started thinking of another river project.Sambung yg dulu.Dr Fauziah, Lin and I dah excited.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

And so, I'm 25 today

Syukur alhamdulillah masih diizinkan Allah bangun pagi walaupun kaki dok cramp2, lutut dah tak sekuat dulu. Sedekahkan alfatihah untuk diri sendiri setiap bangun pagi dan ucap alhamdulillah.

Z came back from her European holidays on Monday. So my bday gifts both from her and her dad pun tiba minggu ini. Alhamdulillah. I have decided not to eat out as always sebab teringat kata-kata Yusuf Estes : anda siapa yang nak meraikan harijadi anda? Siapa yang bertarung nyawa di saat anda dilahirkan? Kenapa nak syok sendiri makan2, tiup2 lilin etc. Wough. Jadi we will have a doa selamat at our surau mlm ni (sekali dgn kesyukuran cos' Z will be working at The Hague for over a year starting March InshaAllah). And that is it. Semoga Allah rahmati kedua ibubapa saya dan semoga saya sentiasa dilindungi Allah dari kejahatan yang nampak dan tidak nampak. Saya tiada kudrat mahupun kederat untuk melawan.

A lot had happened this week. The roundtable discussion on the use of foreign textbooks in Msian schools left me dumbfounded. The younger gen (who were present which I know would not even represent even 5% of the nation) seemed to embrace globalisation in its totality.That is not as worrying as what seems to me like the death of critical thinking in them! (the "saya menurut perintah walaupun boss suruh saya terjun ke laut" mindset). Someone asked if there were an external reviewer comm to vet books before they were made textbooks? Jawapannya ada. Then how come masih ada mistakes? Prof Gana said yes, he found many too. Prof Zuraidah (key person in introducing the book?) said yes, she found mistakes too. Then why the hell was the book pushed as textbooks? Then I raised the issue why want to use CEFR? One of the comm members said cos' x number of countries are using it (so?). And that the framework was the output of 30-40 years of research (if it's so dated, why are we still using it in the 21st century? Even Blooms Taxonomy is so faulty and it's been there since the 1960s..and we still subscribe to it). I saw Pulse 2 : text is too easy for our teens that it looks like they are dumbing down the minds of our young gen.When I was 13, I could write creative and critical essays because we had literary texts introduced in our English classes (abridged version but that stirred our love for reading and knowing other cultures too so tak timbul issue foreign text ni tapi the outcome would be more impactful than just knowing about basic rules of grammar or mastery of parrot-like 4 skills of reading, writing, listening and writing..where are critical and creative thinking skills and the opportunity to explore free  writing?) My bet is to give the teachers flexibility how to teach their kids. The book can be used as a resource book but must not be forced as a textbook and this cefr thingy: throw it out the window, Standardisation is a thing of the past. We are supposed to be creative and innovative in solving our own problems. I heard how teachers of other languages (like Chinese and maybe Malay) said cefr was not appropriate for their subjects. There you go!

And I don't believe when I was told : ini kehendak kpt, we cannot do anything.And when things do not work accordingly, how quick to use that "kerajaan takda duit nak implement". Bukankah nak termuntah mendengarnya? Kalau takda duit,buat cara takda duit.Jangan menyusahkan orang lain.Ini..buku tak cukup utk semua..ada buku takda workbook. Ada buku, dvd pulak takda.Ni main masak-masak ke apa?

And so this is me at 25. :)

And bon voyage to my friends from Andalas. We had a fruitful 3-day book retreat on the Raos.Took them out to makan durian Musang King in Bentong and cendol Tok Ki. I told them cincau ni bagus untuk high blood pressure. Dr Pramono said yes but not good for the eyes. I went say what? He said yah, mana bisa letak di dalam mata. Haha. Humour orang Jawa tinggal di Sumatra. :))

Pak Undri itu pakar budaya. It's so enlightening moving around and discussing things with them. And Dr Afi is as and funny.