Friday, April 21, 2006

The book is out!

Syukur alhamdulillah, my first book of poetry is now out. When Daud (my printer, also my brother-in-law) rang up to say the books were ready, I rushed to collect.Laa..40 copies only.The rest were still at his "kilang".

But I sold what I could. My husband bought the first 5 copies (dia ada juga minta discount). My daughter sold a copy to her school library (the deal was she'd get a certain percentage and she's eager because she's working on finding her own money to buy her regular teenage mag which I'm not sponsoring anymore).

Bila pi kerja yang paling best.Pantang jumpa kawan! "You wanna buy my book?" But I managed to sell quite a bit.Friends at IIUM are very supportive.Ada yang beli sampai 2 copies.Nak bagi kat kakak.How sweet!

The lady at the post office pun hampir jadi mangsa as she saw me busy mailing copies to my reviewers. "Kak tulis sendiri ke buku ni kak?" Iya, nak beli? :))

The media has been kind too (not Nik's connection.Nik is too busy to introduce me to his media network).It helps knowing a few in the circuit.Ni tengah memikir macamana nak masuk TV.Rancangan Nona ke Nyonya ke saya tak kisah.

Would it not be nice to have a slot just to discuss new books on TV and radio? Otherwise, how can our nation be a K-based nation?

Sunday, April 09, 2006

I was at UUM recently. It's a very beautiful, spacious, green and self-contained campus.They are building a new hotel on campus in addition to the University Inn they already have. I stayed at the Inn.Quite an experience.

Sadly, I had no time to go to Siam.