Sunday, January 31, 2010

ASA room

Not many turned up to do up the room but we managed to work on something.The kids will return this week and help paint plus decorate the room.We have decided to keep the room (space is important to it is, there is no meeting place for us to network in a lepak way) I hope the uni will not take back this room.We love it cos' there's a lot of sun coming from our glass windows and the river view...cantik.And the guys were saying senang nak pi semayang at the mosque and buy lunch afterwards.The room Rector offers memang cantik but if it means we have to get permission everytime we want to use it (cos' we will be sharing with Holdings), I think it will not be a good arrangement.Kalau uni. bagi terus, we don't mind! Wakaka.

Last week Suhaimi spoke on leadership deficit (about 8 people came..memang this is the setting.Discussions work best in smaller groups).And we did have a very lively and reflective discussion.I truly enjoyed it.

The second week we had Prof Kamal talking on Muslim intellectuals.Could not stay back for discussions so I don't know what I missed but the talk was excellent.

I have to postpone the lunch (this Fri) with our SHELL friends in PD to attend the talk on kalimah Allah (from legal perspective).That should be good.Aslam said Dr. Shamrahayu is against it but Prof Aziz Bari kata tak apa.

Spent all day shopping for furniture today.Nik wanted a new lazy chair utk nengok TV dia. I wanted to get my mom a new wardrobe.My mom and Z had flown to JB to spend a week with Mek.Z is hopeful to go shopping in Spore. If my mom is up to it, bolehlah pergi.Kalau tak sihat..takdalah.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The world is getting crazier!

It's truly appalling that even secondary schools are ranked now in Malaysia! I don't think it's fair to thousands of schools with thousands of equally hard working, self sacrificing teachers! The funny thing is all the top 20 schools are elite schools, located in rich areas and they will get RM1 million every year.It will look like the rich will get richer and more privileged.I protest!

RM1 million.Man...if you throw that kinda money to rural schools, they can do better! Give that to schools like those in Taman Tun and Bukit Damansara, it'll be like throwing salt to the sea..the schools have performed based on support from rich parents...why spoil them further?

I hope our YBs will raise this issue in the parliament!

On my area marked for Islamic school will be developed as a housing project .The application was put in by PKNS in 1997.If the project continues, this will kill all the trees the community planted last year.Ini satu project jahat! I protest!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Breaking even and some profits!

OK folks, I finally broke even in the sales of my 1st book of poetry (published in 2006) and today is the day.Ada lebihan profit sikit (around RM200 plus). Thanks to Hidayah who bought 50 copies to teach the book in her English class (and presenting a paper in Osaka on the book).Ni mesti berkat doa anak-anak yatim semalam.Alhamdulillah and I pray that Hidayah will do well in her life. :))

Once the rest of the books (tinggal 200 buah lagi) are sold out, boleh kita start a new book project (I want to write a novel on the Rawas).

**sold 60 copies more.Syukur! Sokat: Rawa tu satu jenis clan of Minangkabau (macam group Mandailing, etc).Rawa makan orang.Hahaha, acah

Yayasan Anak-Anak Yatim Wardatul Jannah

Alhamdulillah we had the opportunity to meet up, dine and pray with 14 orphans from Yayasan Anak-anak Yatim Wardatul Jannah last night (after my medical check up at Sime Medical Centre and picking up my mom at HUKM.I took the day off.Hectic indeed.Had to call off my GERAK meeting at Rumah University.Memang tak sempat!)

I am proud of the initiatives done by concerned Muslims in the neighbourhood who founded and ran the orphanage.The kids are all below 13 years old (all boys).Kebanyakan mati bapak and mothers are too poor to care for them and are concerned with their free mingling with other kids in poor areas in Lembah Klang.Takut jadi mat pit and mat rempit so taking the 14 orphans is also saving 14 young boys from being penagih dadah, rempit boys, a nuisance to society at large etc cos' at the Yayasan, they are given better diet, more disciplined lifestyle, tuition teachers to help them with their schoolwork, ustaz who comes daily to teach them how to pray, mengaji Quran, etc.I think the founders of the Yayasan memang geniuses (they are also very rich, self-made Malay enterpreneurs.One lady volunteer ada rumah harga 1 juta..she didn't tell me but I know her neighbourhood.Memang harga rumah around that).There's hope yet in this country.I hope you will support such a project when you see one.

It costs RM600 a month to run such an orphanage.If you wanna give pls email y.wardatuljannah at (ask for Haji Talib ~ who gave up playing golf, for the orphanage)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Haffy Birdday to me

Yup, 47 alright!

Z and I had some fun singing silly bday songs (some we heard on local radio stations).There's one that went:

Haffy birdday to you..haffy birdday to you, haffy haffy haffy birdday to you, haffy birdday to you.

We had a pre-birdday dinner last nite at Tony Roma's (Lina's recommendation then Nik confirmed yah yah he went with En Hizwani and memang sedap ribs served there) So I ordered ribs (which I shared with him...bukan nak cut cost but nak cut fat..if I share, I don't have to eat all 4s, kan?)

I cadang nak throw a party for poor kids depan rumah (flats kat rumah I) but we were so busy running around on Sunday..tak sempat nak organise.I dropped by an orphanage near my home (housed at a bungalow lot, you) and spoke to the caretakers (one Dato' yang berserban).InsyaAllah we'll have a small kenduri malam Jumaat nanti.There are 14 orphans housed at the Yayasan.But I also want to get in touch with the flat kids.Tengah tunggu Haji Ali pass me a contact no.Someone called Johari.I heard a story of a lady who lives on zakat money (RM450; RM200 goes to pay sewa flat, tinggal RM250 for kids and her and a sick husband, a mualap Cina.Yo...very da bad.How to live like that?)

My mom is now with Ummi (cucu) cos' she'll have preps for her dialysis this week.Ummi and hubby are docs so they said let the granny stay with them so they can observe masa baru2 buat dialysis ni.Betul juga,I won't be able to handle the medical needs.

We'll miss her.But I can drop by after work since Ummi lives near my uni.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Stories of my momma

My mom lives with me now.She has been living on her own (with a nephew) ever since my youngest sister moved out of the house to live in another town with her young family.We gave Momma a maid.One after another.My nephew who lives with her ever since his Momma and his Dad got divorced has just got married recently.He continues to live in that home but Mamawan (as he referred to her in his FB recently) has to leave cos' Shahrul comes and goes (attending to his own young world) and it's best if Momma lives with us in KL.

The day we got news Momma would not have long to live (she's 76 after all), every one decided my home would be the best for her.Would any child say No to her own Mom? I'm lucky I have a very supportive husband who welcomed the idea.

As my Mom gets weaker and weaker, I learn to be more caring and more attentive.We don't love openly.In fact, I think I have difficulty in expressing my love for my Momma except love is shown in giving her lavish gifts and travels.While I see how easy it is for my siblings to hug, kiss, cry with my Momma, I feel restraint in showing such emotions.Everything is so mechanical.Have you eaten? How's your day? Do you sleep well? Is there anything else you need?I sound more like a matron than a daughter.

Is there love or is there not? (I left home at 18 and got married soonest my return to Malaysia so there was no time to bond)
Am I just being filial? Just fulfilling my duty as that obedient child?

Every prayer I pray for patience and love.That I have both to care for my Momma.That I am not caring for her because I am a child and she a parent.

And you know what?
I found it.

Patience and love.

Patience as I bathed her bony body, shivering with every drop of water poured over her.
Love as I put herself first before me, cooking her hot meal before I go to work.
The reward is inner peace knowing she finishes up her meal (when she has not been eating for days)

I pray for further patience and love as we continue to live.Everytime I look at her, I think of Pretam Kaur's story in the 70s of how an aged parent moved from one house to the other because the children always had an excuse to turn a parent away everytime she was housed in one.

I hope we would never get to that point and continue to care till forever.Dengan segala keikhlasan yang ada.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Happy New Year

Gregory Calendar, that is.This civil calendar was introduced by Pope Gregory XIII in 1582.The Muslims' New Year is 1 Muharram (established earlier by Prophet Muhammad s.a.w)

Anyway, I hope 2010 will not be so challenging.I pray for strength, love and health.Iman is above all.

First day at work, my car park sign dah hilang.I reported the matter to the security.Cubaan nak curi besi ni dah lama dah.IIUM is too open for the public to come in and out.