Friday, February 24, 2017

Singapore and old friends

Singapore means catching up with old friends while at work. Kirp's last year at the Wee Kim Wee Centre.An amazing story about the setting up of the Centre and how it got its name.It's Kirp's magic touch and him meeting a great man who said his name must not be used to make profit and also the Centre has to give access to the less privileged.Wow and Kirp kept his word.

I came to honour a great friend as well.And got to meet other friends..Margaret and hubby came to watch movie  with me then we went out for a drink.Phil raised the issue of how food can divide.And his love for dogs.Wht he wanted to know about things he could not ask local Muslims he asked me but I didn't have all the answers but we spoke.

Will be meeting a couple more friends besok. Kimball is in town too. He was telling me about his trips everywhere..Myanmar, Tunisia, Taiwan, etc.

It has been a great seminar on peace and harmony. Let's hope I still have interesting things to say tomorrow at my session. Like everything I want to say has been said today.

He has kept all of us together on peace

The night out with Margaret and Phil

Bugis Junction

My childhood friend Khim who I have not met for 36 years

The next NZ PM?

She will always be Dame Norah to us

Kimball is also in town

Arishta who has just moved from Auckland to Spore
(she designs her own material, an artist)

with Hani, an activist and filmmaker friend

breakfast at Little India

Masala Tea

Khalid, Chinese Muslim who made my life easy at the
hotel (ada tanda kiblat dia letak)

Thursday, February 09, 2017

Between courts and conferences

What a busy month! Although I have stepped down from my Deputy Deanship and declined an offer from my kind dean to be one of kull deputy deans, I am still busy organising events. Maybe it's already in my stars...destined by Allah. :)) Anyway, looks like it's a packed year with more travels.I dah tak larat but a friend just invited me to join her at a world event in March.We will see how.Byk sgt commitments ni.

The court session went as predicted but alhamdulillah only one kes sangkut (my mom's home).Pembahagian yg lain as dimuafakatkan.Ada juga la high drama but manageable cos' I think my mom had been very fair in her hibah. Sal, Mek and I had ours sorted out while she was alive so no contest there (kita semua dah tukar nama while mak was still alive).Al fatihah mak.You loved us till the end...even Tam long dead was given a share (but mak hibahkan to her daughter - also our lawyer. Cerdiknya my mom..she chose Tam's daughter walhal Taufiq is the eldest..punya feministnya my mom. She said nanti pandailah Dayah adik beradik bermuafakat.Amazing!) I'm just happy it's all done although a few things belum settle but the bigger stuffs are done. Semoga Allah mencucuri rahmah ke atas kedua ibubapa saya.

The conference on domestic helpers went well.I met Kak Oni's friends who came from all over - Sweden, Germany, Japan, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Switzerland.I chaired the resolution.Engku, me, Che Nor will work on a proposal to ease burden org gaji ni kpd employers while observing rights of maids.Found out Engku ni ipar Wan Ismail. What a small world. Entah2 sedara Engku Suhaimi.Haha.Nanti tanya.