Saturday, February 25, 2012

of IOK and a missing rabbit

The 4 of us: me, Dr. Haja Mohideen, Dr Ismail and Dr Mahmudul shared a panel on IOK and English.I thought it was fun.Mahmud ni kelakar and had everyone in stitches dgn lawak selambanya.

Teja went missing dah 3 hari. I have decided no more pets after this.Tanjung will be given to anyone who wants.Enough heartbreaks (every time rabbit mati, every time rabbit hilang).

I'm letting you go, Teja. Fly, good memories!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Poster competition

My Kulliyyah hosts this year's IRIIE and Mei and I submitted a poster.Thanks to friends in Prizma for giving ideas and helping out..Din Amri and Fudzail for recommending Din.

The fun bit was meeting other exhibitors from kulliyyah of belajar pasal commercial products mrk dibuat dari pokok sintok.kita siap beli.haha.We also taught them about Literature.

Yang tak tahan bila judges datang interbiu kita.Mcm pi viva. :))

Back in class, we did a session on hellenistic philosophy.Berasap kepala but pretty interesting when the students spoke of their readings on al kindi, ibn sina, ibn khaldun, ikhwan safa and we compared their ideas and influnces on modern thoughts.I think hellenistic philosophy ni over-ratedlah.

I think I'd sleep early tonight...long day,mah.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

My Arabic class

CERDAS runs an Arabic class meant for busy people till May,about 60 hours for close to rm2k.I signed up cos was so impressed by the teaching tehniques shown in the corporate video.haha..i'm easily sold,kan?

But I've had 4 classes already and I think I can read and write better now as well as speak a bit walaupun ada masalah lupa.haha

Hari ni teacher bawak one lady from Holland to share with us how she survived the learning.she goes to yemen and stays there for a month annually and does an hour or two daily.sekarang she dtg msia cos the teacher lives in msia tanya wht do you do for a living.i thot that was a funny question.haha.but jawabannya funnier.lady ni pilot helicopter.we went waaaaaahhhhh....

Today's lesson was very challenging.teacher suruh ambik barang2....sometimes mineral water bawah meja,kunci atas kerusi,bag mike,air mike,kunci khairunnisa.i rasa nak nangislah!then we had to construct sentences verbally.

And masa nilah kawan kita kat Spore jemput I pi conference 3 days all paid for.I said Saturday cannot woh..sayang my arabic class.Thursday and Friday line clear.It'd be good to see friends in Spore again..We'll see how.

Friday, February 17, 2012

The little, little things in life...

You know it's been one stressful experience, kan these last few weeks?

Just when my day was ending yesterday, Mei came to pick up some stuffs from the office.With a nicely wrapped gift for me.

Waaaahhhh...ini yang dikatakan rezeki datang dari arah yang tidak disangka-sangka.
She said Tania and she picked the colour I like.What, the black and white wrapper?

No..the purple leather purse, from Germany ke dik? :))
Waaahhh..thank you so much Mei!

Mei ni PR dia bagussss.She also wrote this:

Because you are so inspiring! Simply the greatest woman of the 21st century!

Haha..I thought I record this cos' it's the little, little things in life that will help cheer you up on bad days. :)

Mei, like most former students (now a colleague) has gone through ups and downs with me through the years (termasuk the recent crazy days in Perth). The purple purse is a tribute for all those years, gamaknya.

Terima kasihlah. We never expect material returns but if our students do well, kita tompang gumbira.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dari dapor Mawar

Dr Mawar, saya sudah ciplak resipi asam pedas Dr.(diambil bulat2 dari blog Dr.):

Asam pedas ikan tenggiri

1.Lumatkan cili kering+bawang putih+bawang merah+halia+kunyit+lada hitam+belacan+jintan manis

2. Tumis campur kerisik+halba

3. Tambah air asam jawa, renihkan sambil masukkan ikan.

4. Tambahan petua Chef Wan, kisar daun kesum dan bunga kantan untuk serasikan dengan tumisan


Monday, February 13, 2012

In control

We learn to take charge of the chaos in the office and hey, true enough,we are now able to laugh at things.Dr Haslina had figured out how to key in the marks, I found my way to work on the matric cards and had struck a deal with the smartcard centre to have pics taken on registration day next sem. Dr. R is working on how to collect overdue fees in an effective way.

I told Hasnah, when everything is over and done with, I'm taking a week's phone,no internet..jgn sapa berani kacau.Haha.Hoboy, I need this so badly! The gals and I also plan to go to a spa, mandi bunga..go away bad vibes!

I think things happen always for a good cause. Challenges are opportunities,so the cliche goes.And I think we came out stronger and more confident out of the crisis.

Well, until we hear from the auditors again of cos'.

At this point, ada aku kisah? Carpe diem.We accomplished much today.Syukurlah.

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Z in Hanoi

Z left for her History trip to Hanoi on Friday.We tried calling her but gamaknya ph dia not roaming.

Hari ni Sabtu jam 10 malam lebih, dia telefon menangis2.You know the first fear every mother would feel kan when anak gadisnya di perantauan begitu dan di tempat2 begitu? I tell ya..suspen habis!

Rupa2nya purse dia dicompet org..habis credit card and duit USDnya.What can I say? Nik and I dah berkali2 pesan not to bring everything bila keluar, jaga handbag tu bla bla..and bukan dia tak pernah travel overseas (sejak setahun lebih OK?) dan tak tau habit kita bwk apa yang patut je bila keluar dan selebihnya simpan dlm peti besi kat hotel...unless hotel depa ni cikai takda peti besi??

I was like cacing panas trying to locate my Hanoi contact, Chan.Minggu ni minggu conference which I was supposed to be also (tapi sebab audit ada..aku terpaksa tak pergi..grrrgh!)Finally managed to locate Chan via the net.She promises to look into the matter sebaik conference dinner habis.Jgn satu Hanoi dia bungkus utk Z sudah.I knw Chan ni pemurah tersangat.

My Arabic class is getting tougher but fun.Kita tengah buat plan nak buat rombongan Cik Kiah ke Yemen utk perkukuhkan lagi bahasa kita.Duduk dgn keluarga angkat..mudah2an diizinkan Allah.

Thank God besok cuti panjang but will have to balik Raub with my sister on Monday.To fetch my mom yang balik 'bercuti' di rumahnya sendiri. :)

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

In the attic

The interview session was fun.Lots of laughter .There were so many talents and great personalities.If there were money, I'd employ them all.
The rest of us tried our best coping without the Manager.Someone likened the situation as a household of young kids whose maid had run away.I had to laugh at that despite the high level stress trying to locate files, visa forms, marks to be keyed in...I told my team, let's hope this time next week we'd be able to laugh at what had happened today.

We stayed back very late.I had to SOS our Spore partners.Razali was in Milan, Lake Como. Wah I envy him.Nak juga a holiday in Lake Como esp now!! Imran tak pasal2 being dragged in.Azwadi promised to drop by besok.See? There are still very nice people around.

And my colleagues were very cooperative whn asked to submit twice wht they had submitted earlier.Kalau I, I'd say go fly kites. :)

Could not have survived the day without Dr H, my PA and our part time Assistant.Besok lagi gila.

Cepatlah hari siang! Not answering calls,OK?