Saturday, April 30, 2011

when you have too much time...

time is a luxury this weekend.Tak tau nak buat apa! Nak tulis email pun tak boleh, nak kacau kawan2 kat facebook pun orang habis bercuti..nak ber-blog pun takda cerita menarik.

But Makoto arrived jam 2 am semalam.There was a flight delay in Beijing.Patut sampai jam 12 midnight.

Nasib dia tak mau apa2.If not, I'd be too sleepy to cook or prepare apa2.Bibik pun ngantuk.

This morning, I buat b/fast.But we also bought nasi dagang,pulut ikan masin etc.I bought ikan goreng bertepong for Makoto and told him it's a kinda tempura.Apa lagi, mamat tu makan dengan ekor2 ikan tu sekali, probably thinking it's crispy as tempura.Nasib kepala ikan pun dia tak makan.

Then we went to Salikin's boutique nak tempah baju raya.Mak oiii...mahal juga but what the heck...bukan selalu nak melaram.Z pun tompang sekaki.

Then we went to see my mom at Ummi's.She tiba2 boleh cakap Jepun dengan Makoto (she grew up during the Japanese Occupation in the 40s and had picked up some Japanese).My mom always enjoys my foreign students whenever I take them home for raya ke hapa ke.So she dah biasa jumpa budak2 international macam ni.

While I pi semayang, I heard dia sibuk ajar Makoto cakap Melayu.


Nampak dia happy je (she loves having company..suka berborak)

Ingat nak tengok wayang malam ni but Nik ajak pi surau dengar ceramah agama.Dia nak ajak Makoto sekali (which means kena pinjamkan sepasang baju Melayu Nik pada dia).

Maybe I'll read a book in a bit.Terasa boring cuti lama2 macam ni. :)

Friday, April 29, 2011

pesta buku, royal wedding dan pening kepala

quite a full day today.I forgot about the royal wedding and booked today as my hydrotherapy day so I missed much of the ceremony (but was in time for the balcony kisses.heh)

one mamat tak tau taruk mata mana hit my car while we were waiting at the traffic light around kia peng area.Cheh! I had a bad headache, terpaksa turun to see if there were a dent.The guy came out and apologised and tried to convince me takda apa2, cik.I sempat mumbled, "macamana awak bawak kereta?" but too pening to be hysterical.Haha.

The jam was bad on the way back.But lepas solat. terus lepak depan TV with Z (who's home for the long weekend).I don't like William in red.Tak padan dgn baju si Kate tu.
Tak suka juga si Camilla there.Diana should be there, and alive.

I was at the pesta buku earlier.What a disappointment.Publishers are just interested in making money (flooding the market with books they know would sell NOT books to educate).I was looking for books they would never put there for lack of a good market: literary books and very few had literature section in their booths.Even Cambridge Uni Press.Totally disgusting.When I asked them to search for a few titles, one gal said oh we have them tapi tak bawak.Takdalah usaha to get my contacts and say we'll send them to you if you pay now (which I would not mind doing).

But at least the crowds were there.Which means more and more Malaysians are reading and interested in books.That's quite a comfort.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Loving your mom in her old age

When our moms are old and frail, it won't be easy to love them. They'd push you away for the slightest hurt they feel and you would have bent your back to serve them and yet, nothing is enough.

Cos' all they want is your time.Not your money.Or tasty, foreign looking foods.

I try to bond with my ailing mom as much as I can (all my siblings try hard too) but alas, all of us work.And sometimes we have to move our mom around (which she does not like).Like yesterday, I had to send her back to my niece's home cos' it's closer to her dialysis centre and there's a fulltime maid to look after her (while she's so weak at the moment).Her maids when she was staying at Sal's had left (she fired them one by one.Haha).Sal works and has no maid.So we have to place mom at my niece's while waiting for the new maid to arrive.

She cried after I left, it seems.She told my niece's bibik, oh...all my children do not want me..they put me everywhere.

Not true at all.Sometimes we leave our husbands to sleep with her nights (Kak Ngah does this a lot).Sal is thinking of taking an unpaid leave to look after my mom fulltime.I limp to her every day despite my leg pain and would stay with her as long as I can before her bed time cos' she likes me to rub minyak zaitun campur air zam2 yang Habeeb dah ruqyahkan on her body and leg every nite before she sleeps.She finds comfort in that.I think she just enjoys human touches and feels loved.I don't mind making her happy in whatever small way I can give)

But bila dia merajuk..alamak! Very da susah.Sometimes I buat pekak je.Like she'd say do not buy me any pizzas or chicken wings any more.I do not want your food.I'd say fine! You don't have to eat them! (but I know the moment I'm out of sight, she would ask Bibik to feed her those pizzas and chicken wings.Haha).I know her tricks dah lama. :))

So I guess when the going gets tough, the tough gets going.Keyword is sabar.Once you get through it, there's a feeling of tranquilty and peace inside you. You cannot put a price to that.

Saturday, April 23, 2011


1-‘Abd Allah ibnMas‘ud reported that the Prophet (s.a.w.) said: “You will see after me taking place many things undesirable [at the hands of the rulers]’; then the people asked the Prophet (s.a.w.) as to what he advised them to do in that situation. The Prophet (s.a.w.) said: ‘Pay unto them [the rulers] their right and invoke Allah concerning your right”

2-‘Abd Allah ibn ‘Abbas reported that the Prophet (s.a.w.) said: “He who finds in his leader something he dislikes must remain patient. Verily, he who came out of his loyalty to the ruler even to a little extent died death of ignorance”.

3-‘Ubadah ibnSamit reported that the Prophet (s.a.w.) uttered and we pledged allegiance to the Prophet (s.a.w.) for complete loyalty (al-sam‘wa al-ta‘ah) in all situations, and for keeping away from conflict with the ruler except that there is very clear blasphemy on the part of the rulers (kufranbawahan).
Reference: Al-Bukhari, Muhammad ibnIsma‘il, Sahih (Dar Ihya’ al-Turath al-‘Arabi, Beirut, 1400 A.H.), Vol. 4, pp. 312-313, kitab al-Fitan, Report No. (1) 7052, (2) 7053-7054, and (3) 7056.

4-Abu Hurayrah reports that the Prophet (s.a.w.) said: “He who obeyed me actually obeyed Allah; he who obeyed my governor (amiri which originally signifies leader) actually obeyed me; he who disobeyed my governor actually disobeyed me”.

5-Anas ibn Malik reports that the Prophet (s.a.w.) said: “Listen to and obey the leader appointed for you even though he is an ugly abyssinian slave”.

6-‘Abd Allah ibnMas‘ud reports that the Prophet (s.a.w.) said: “Total obedience to the leader is obligatory for Muslim as long as the leader did not command to commit sin. If Muslims were commanded to do wrong obedience to the leader is no more in place”.

7-‘Ali ibnAbiTalib reports that once the Prophet (s.a.w.) sent a small contingent of army under the leadership of a combatant from Ansar, advising the soldiers to obey their leader. During the expedition when once the contingent leader got angry with his subordinates due to some reasons, he asked: Did the Prophet (s.a.w.) not command you to obey me? When the people confirmed it, he ordered them to prepare a big fire and enter it. They refused to enter the fire on the ground that they followed the Prophet (s.a.w.) with a view to protecting themselves from the fire. Upon their return to Madinah the whole event was reported to the Prophet (s.a.w.) who said: “Had you entered the fire, you would never have come out of it. Obedience to the leader is indeed only in the matter of what is good (ma‘ruf)”.
Reference:Al-Bukhari, Muhammad ibnIsma‘il, Sahih (Dar Ihya’ al-Turath al-‘Arabi, Beirut, 1400 A.H.), Vol. 4, pp. 328-330, kitab al-Ahkam, Report No. (5) 7137, (6) 7142, (6) 7144, and (7) 7145.

8-‘Abd Allah ibn ‘Umar reports that the Prophet (s.a.w.) said: “Listening and obedience to the leader is compulsory as long as the people are not commanded to commit what is sin. If the people were to do what is wrong, there is no listening and obedience to the leader”.

9-Abu Hurayrah reports that the Prophet (s.a.w.) said: “He who obeyed me indeed obeyed Allah; he who disobeyed me indeed disobeyed Allah. He who obeyed the leader indeed obeyed me; he who disobeyed the leader indeed disobeyed me. The leader is indeed a shield behind which war is fought and victory achieved. If the leader commanded the people to uphold piety and observed justice, he would certainly be rewarded; if he did something wrong, he is accountable to Allah”.
Reference: Al-Bukhari, Muhammad ibnIsma‘il, Sahih (Dar Ihya’ al-Turath al-‘Arabi, Beirut, 1400 A.H.), Vol. 2, p. 347, kitab al-Jihad wa al-Siyar, Report No. (8) 2955, and (9) 2957.

Note: These reports (1-9) are also available in Muslim, ibn al-Hajjaj al-Qushayri, Sahih (Dar Ihya’ al-Turath al-‘Arabi, Beirut, 2000), pp. 828-832, kitab al-Imarah, Report Nos. 1834-1844.

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

My mom's healers (tak berapa seram)

Yesterday I was busy ferrying my mom's healers.One of them a Quran and Sunnah postgraduate student who came to read some ruqyah verses at my mom's room.

Later that afternoon another friend came to read more Quranic verses.My mom tiba-tiba tak boleh bangun and would often get her athma attack yang would not respond to her electric inhaler (macam kat hospital looks like a vacuum cleaner!) My niece, a doctor, said it's all in her mind (psychosomatic problem) ...she accused me of having the same disease.I said true..except mine is real.Haha.

After the afternoon treatment, my mom could walk by herself.Ni macam NLP je.But I'm glad she could bangun and pray duduk.That is all that matters.
I stayed as long as I could (hujan lebat sampai 3 sessions).

Back at home, I remember Imam Huseein was giving a talk at a surau near my place.Alas, too late.Masa Nik and I pi, orang dah tengah solat Isyak and then makan.We turned balik.Prof AbuShouk will invite him over to IIUM for another session.I have heard him before.Nice English.Nak terlena mendengar nya.So musical.

Shopping with Ijat and Aiman was fun last night.Depa borong betul2 cos' I told them spend! spend! I have lots of moneyyyy (haha..I was just kidding them but they took me literally)Takpalah, not every day I go shopping with them.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Siri 2: Adegan seram

I should not entertain this so much but a thread on jinn on my fb just triggered my memory of an experience with Dato' Ismail Kamus 2 years ago.

Not easy to see him but my friend and I waited as long as it took us.It all started with me accompanying my mom in a visit to see another Ustaz (now also a Dato')Tiba2 this ustaz called me forward and started treating me (with telor ayam) which he placed on my stomach (masa tu my husband and sisters and mom were with me)and the telor melekat.2 men tried to pull, then the following nite 3 men yang gemok2, and the 3rd nite 4 men..semua tak boleh tarik the telor stuck on me.Everytime the so called ustaz managed to pull through the egg and crack it up, adalah benda2 di dalamnya which he said was sent to me.I was in the form of denial.Apa ni ustaz, I asked the 1st night.

He said, "aha, you tak tau orang sekarang main ilmu sihir macam daun kayu..they don't even have to look at you, just jelir their tongue at you without looking at you and you are done."


So I trusted him (being so trusting!) but masuk kali ke 7, I figured something was not right when this so called ustaz started to meraba! (I was with my 2 sisters and his assistant).Mereka tak kata apa macam kena pukau!

I stopped going and dismissed his 'reading' as rubbish!

However, I went to Darul Shifa' and Ismail Kamus for 2nd and 3rd opinions.Just in case cos' on the 2nd day after I went to the bomoh penipu, I did go through some paranormal experiences (someone was choking me as I dressed to go to work, etc).

Darul Shifa' cleared me.Ismail Kamus just went ahead with treatment without telling me anything.That is not the point of my story.My point is this:

He does group treatment (in which the range is so varied and for me so duduk dgn orang yang sakit2 biasa and those yang betul2 gila/kena rasuk) It was the scariest point in my life.I never went again sebab the day I went (with my husband) we were greeted by a young, clean shaven and well-spoken man.At the door, he told my husband, kita kalau nak datang berubat ni, sebelum masuk kena baca lahauwaalla kuwataillah minnazorlimin or somethimng like that (it could be another ayat).So my husband apologised dgn begitu polite and said we didn't know (and recited accordingly)

While waiting, the young man started to berceramah on living in a multiracial country.He started with Tuan2 dan Puan2 hadirin sekalian, kita apabila tinggal dalam masyarakat majmuk seperti Malaysia ini...

At this point, the penjaga registration (a lady) went to this young speaker and said,"duduk! duduk! kejap lagi ustaz datang".

Rupa2nya dia pun pesakit! Hahaha (kesian Nik who was so apologetic earlier)

When Dato' finally came, I found out I was in the same group as this bright looking young man (rupa2nya dia pelajar cemerlang who got a scholarship to study in Jordan and was doing well tapi tak tau silap kat mana, jin masuk dalam badan dia)

My friend who came with me also was in the same group (4 of us) but she was lucky she did not sit betul2 sebelah budak ni (his father said ada masa he would want to tikam his dad with pisau bila dia masuk ke alam jin dia)but masa Dato' masuk, he said wahhh..Dato' sekarang nampak semakin muda ya.I was amazed. :)

dato' buat budak ni dulu.He said dalam kepala awak banyak jin.And masa Dato buat, dia tanya budak tu, apa rasa? Budak tu kata tajam macam pisau.

Luckily time I, Dato' tak kata apa2 so I guess there was nothing wrong and life went on (and I travelled so much those years).

Group healing is dangerous. I remember just before meeting Dato' I went to one branch which was associated to the branch in Kg Baru.Yang itu lagi takut.One young man (strapped cos' he was so violent) forced himself into the treatment room where I was with my friend and 2 other ladies.I remember the young man looking directly at me and menggilai HA HA HA!

4 orang ustaz cuba tangkap dia and calm him down and started having a conversation with the boy tengah kena rasuk.

"Kenapa kau buat dia macam ni?"
"Sebab aku suka diaLAH!!"
and the boy wanted to menerpa our direction (my lutut dah cair masa ni, ketakutan!)
then ustaz tu campak lada hitam..the boy dropped like dead.


Then like a contortionist, he bounced back and menggilai lagi.It was so ugly but I managed to sneak out quickly out of the room, tinggal kawan I yang masih tengah berubat.Hahaha.

Never again group healing like that and indeed, I read a book on healing, this method is to be avoided for the same reason I mentioned above.The range of ailments is so wide.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

cerita seram yang anda tidak mahu dengar

amaran: jangan baca ini di waktu malam

Maka sudah jadi tabi'i (ejaan tak pasti) orang melayu dan ramai bangsa asia dan se-zone dengannya, apabila sakit yang pelik-pelik, mereka akan mendapatkan pendapat kedua dan ketiga dan seterusnya..dari ustaz, shaman, bomoh, kiai dan apa sahaja.

Harus berhati2 kerana jika kita percaya mereka BOLEH menyembohkan, kita syirik.
Harus berhati2 kerana jika kita percaya apa mereka kata, kita juga boleh syirik.

Dengan itu, saya bercerita dalam ketakutan.
Sekiranya anda akan mempercayai apa yang akan saya ceritakan.
Bacalah sekadar pengetahuan.
Atau sekadar ingin tahu.Bahawa masih ada dunia yang sebegini.
Mana yang baik, kita ambik ikhtibar.

Tetapi saya akui ramai yang saya temui adalah dari kalangan yang baik-baik.Saya tidak mempertikaikan keikhlasan mereka.

Cerita ini ialah mengenai interpetasi masing2 tentang apa yang berlaku.The other side of the story of the modern medical world.

Saya tidak akan ceritakan semua tetapi hanya sedutan the 'best'.Sorry.:)

Maka saya pun diperkenalkan kpd satu nama.Susah untuk berjumpa kerana sangat ramai clientsnya tetapi tokoh ini sangat rendah diri maka diizinkan juga saya menemuinya atas dasar kasihan.

Pada mulanya katanya saya tidak apa2.Cuma masalah medikal biasa.Tetapi sekiranya ada gangguan lain, dia akan beritahu saya kemudian (selepas solat hajat dan lain2).

Selepas Maghrib,beliau menelefon saya dan megesahkan MEMANG ada gangguan lain.Maka dia pun mendoakan cara beliau.Proses pemulihan adalah gradual.Saya sangat tidak sabar kerana sudah 2 bulan tidak tidur dan setiap jam 2 am selalu berguling2 macam kena voodoo.Doc medical saya juga tidak percaya slipped disc boleh sakit mcm ini rupa dan menasihatkan saya mencari rawatan spiritual juga.

Dalam pada itu, saya cuba cari apa sebab sebenarnya kaki kiri saya sakit sangat mcm tidak normal ini.Kawan2 saya ramai juga yang slipped disc tetapi tidak seorang yang went through what I went through.I guess if a scientific explaination is needed, I could say masing2 mungkin punya kondisi yang berlainan.Mungkin.

Satu hari, tokoh saya selepas didesak, memberitahu saya bacaannya:

Saya lihat kakak telah terpijak permainan anak jin.
Saya: di mana?
Tokoh: di dapor kakak
Saya: tapi ITU dapor saya.Dia tidak harus bermain2 di situ!

Ya, you might think it's funny (I laughed when tokoh told me this) but when I told Mek (my funny sister), she said her fren one day terduduk kat anak jin on her sofa at home.Puas berubat sana sini.Tak baik2.Then one ustaz told her (careful..syirik alert)

And yet, said Mek, there was another story in which anak kawan dia terlanggar anak jin dengan basikal sehingga cedera parah(anak jin yang cedera parah)...puas juga berubat (syirik alert! syirik alert!)

Maka apa yang perlu saya buat, tanya saya kpd tokoh.For truce ~ minta maaf: saya perlu tabur 7 atau lebih bunga kenanga di dapor saya dan besoknya harus dibuang di persimpangan empat.

Sewaktu permintaan ini dibuat, saya belum tahu kisah anak jin ini,Tokoh cuma meminta saya berbuat demikian dan saya tidak bertanya.Saya fikirkan tokoh mahu dapor saya wangi.Heh heh.

Kesimpulan cerita saya, jangan tanam pokok kenanga.Jin suka. :)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day off

I took the day off today (mc).Dah bersiap nak pi kerja, singgah pi physio kejap then bang! at the car park slope ~ I fell! Wough..nasib a car about to pass didn't hit me!

How fragile life is.

Wong put ice on my leg and I did the rest of the routine.Did an extra activity today.
My head still pusing (food poisoning on Sunday and the doc said yes, it can cause head to spin.My fren said she had the same food item and had food poisoning as well.I went with Bibik.She had the same meal.She also had spinning spells.So I have struck off this bistro ~ never again its laksa johor)

Z is home in between exams.We decided to have a night out at Eastin.Tengok the female vocalist in mini skirt goyang2 kaki dia, I jeles.I can't shake my leg like that anymore.Sakit jatuh tadi. :(

I had a good rest, though.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

farewell arif

Pyan text-ed saying the pengkebumian would be after Zohor so I took my time, enjoying my bfast at HUKM after feeding my mom cheesecake (my mom ni canggih sikit..sejak dia duduk KL, dia suka b'fast orang putih..pancake lah...pie lah..I think we spoil her)

Then when I finally drove over to Bangi, jumpa isteri dan mak aruah...I tanya wife dia..mana dia jenazahnya?

Selamba she said dah tanam.

I said what??

They had to tanam early (I was an hour late)..dah 3 hari Arif kat Australia.
Tak sempat juga to let him know I was there...

So lepas borak2 with the family, I called Pyan who was still at the graveyard.Bagus punya budak.Suruh dia ambik I pun, dia buat tak dengar. :)) He gave me directions.

I found it.Nasib the boys (and Tini who just arrived with her hubby) masih ada lagi kat kubur tu.Kalau tak, takut ada yang menegor "sorang je ke?"...

So Azhan led the yassin and doa tahlil tengah panas2 tu.lucky ada payung.I went cos' of his kindness carikan life tree for the Bangkok team masa Asia Pac Plays Festival kita tu.Bangkok dah threatened nak pull out kalau tak dapat pokok idup for their performance.Arif cari tengah malam buta tu juga.

May Allah bless him.Kata Israr who sempat sambut and hantar jenazah sampai ke liang lihad (they were all IIUM rugby players I think), muka aruah macam orang tidur.Despite 3 days dah meninggal, tak lebam.

Mak dia kata bukan heart attack.He got meningitis.
Semoga rohnya ditempatkan di jannah.

When mak dia tanya who I was and I told her, she said..oh yes, Arif ada sebut pasal you and thanked me for coming.

I wanted to tell her about the tree but I know she would break down.

Friday, April 08, 2011


I went to my first hydrotherapy session at Prince Court today.Enjoyed it so much.The pool was warm (heated pool) and not that deep.They only allow 4 people at one session so it was nice.My water physiotherapist was a lady.Very nice one.

People usually takut nak pi Prince Court but it's not that expensive (maybe the rooms are a bit more than other private hospitals) but other services are pretty reasonable.I go there for its hydrotherapy facilities (SDMC's will only be ready in 2013).Syok weiii..dah lama I tak masuk pool ( I have the phobia since I almost drown in Olympic-size pool at Hilton in Istanbul.Many years ago)

Anyway, anyone can go and use the facility at Prince Court.Just get a referral letter from your orthopedic (addressed to the Physiotherapist),make your appointment and be willing to pay for the service.Tak mahal.RM120 per session which lasts 40 mins( I paid RM200 for 20 mins for using a machine at a chiropractor's centre at Mont Kiara OK? Dahlah tak berkesan, sakit dan mahal pulak.)

Balik dari pool, I tidur nyenyak.Wanted to visit my mom tapi hujan lebat pulak.Besoklah.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Al fatihah Arif

A poem by Brunei poet Yahya MS on the death of his daughter (for a former student: Allahyarham Arif Azman who passed away in Melbourne at 10 am today):

Tangan kami bukan tak kasih

Tangan Tuhan, tapi, itu lebih sayang

maka dipanggilnya kau ke sisiNya

tanpa banyak cara dan acara [...]


telahku serahkan semula anakku

kerana Engkau memintanya,

Kau jadikan ia taruhan

dan kusempurnakan menurut dayaku

telah sampai waktunya

dan tiada daya mengingkarinya (from Perjalanan Terakhir Anakku Yang Hilang, 2003, 39-41)

We'll miss you, Arif.Al fatihah.

Adegan yang anda tak mau lihat minggu ini

I made a scene at the hospital today.My appt was at 4 pm but I got to see the doc only 3 hours later.I pun apa lagi...mengamuk sakan.Dgn nurses kat counter.Dengan doktor.Hey, when you are a spine patient, you don't wait that long OK?Badan I ni mcm sotong kalau berdiri or duduk lama2.

So doc (yang I gempaq2 last visit saying he's so good, he's so good tu..he is tapi time management terok sgt.Masa he was on the defensive tu, he said pernah ada patient dari Kuching kena tunggu 8 jam.Ayooo..I should be ashamed!)

Lepas tu he said cuba lah faham kerja dia (yang I tau dia suka ambik patients ramai2,mungkin nak duit lebih)..wife dia pun tak tau pukul berapa dia balik.I said but I'm not your wife,I'm your patient who's married to another man who would ask why dinner isn't ready on time (masa tu dah 7 pm).I kata if the West can do it (keep the time), why can't we.Dah ternganga2 dia nak jawab (he's trained at Cambridge and told me that he had worked at best hospitals in London and Australia) I kata I pun pernah got treated in hospitals in those one waited 3 or 8 hours to see a doctor on appointment.

I said he had no respect for his patients which he denied (dia dok sibuk kata patient kat dalam in consultation lagi penting dari yang luar),I said thank you very much for making that clear.Now that I know how he works, I have the choice to go to other orthopedics.He said my choice.We both thanked each other politely.Hahaha...drama betul.

I told him my orthopedic kat Prince Court suruh I get a neurologist's assessment.He didn't think it was necessary cos' it would lead to surgery which he was against.I said I insist on it..I need to know if my nerves are OK (leg nerves..nerves lain memang tak OK kalau jumpa doc macam ni hari2! Haha)He said fine.Lepas tu kata at least I'm easy to talk with (maknanya dah ramai la patients dia yang mengamuk2 tu)I pun kata yah.I like you too but I don't like waiting for 3 hours to see him.

Lepas tu dia kata lain kali dtg as last patient and he'll wait for me.OK, done.
So we parted as two mature people.Haha.It was not nasty.We were just expressing ourselves.He could handle criticism well.Muka dia cool je.Dulu pernah dia tulis referral letter yang berbunyi" this pleasant lady..." (apa punya surat dah).Now dia taulah betapa pleasantnya I.Hahaha

But I have second thoughts seeing him again.Gila nak tunggu lama2 ( I almost missed my Asr and I missed my power dinner because of the long wait).You may have a good product but if the service/customer relations is go, man.

Tapi my 3rd thought is this: dia je orthopedic yang kata I tak perlu surgery.Itu sebab I still like him. :)

The good news is: my leg is actually getting better (confirmed by this doc.)
Maybe I won't see the neurologist after all.Buat mengabeh ke boraih je.Friday I go hydrotherapy at Prince Court.All I need is exercise I think ~ to strengthen my muscles.

Monday, April 04, 2011

Can we handle freedom of expression and criticism?

We have a long way to go, this country, but only idiots do not know that.

Very often when we get into debates, there are people who think we want war.And I'm the type who gets alive only by debating and arguing.Heh.

But anyway, let's talk about my leg.And my physiotherapist.
I see him twice a week these days.Hari ni I minta dia jgn massage my back cos' I'd get really bad leg pain as a result so he put the anti-stress stuffs on my leg.Apa lagi, I menjerit sekuat hati cos' I got a really bad leg cramp!! Wong pun panicked.Haha.

Ayoo...when will I get out of this pain.

I think of Kottakkal.