Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Greetings from Makkah, kota suci kesayangan Rasululah

Kata ustaz, pernah the Prophet (pbuh) said kalau tidak kerana Allah suruh baginda berhijrah ke Madinah, baginda akan mahu tinggal di kota suci ini selama2nya.

Semasa musuh buat khianat dgn baginda (tak kasi masuk buat haji/umrah), baginda retreated and bila ada desas desus umat Islam nak mengamuk, musuh takut and terus buat perjanjian that they could return the following year for hajj.Tapi that was also not observed so war took place and Makkah was under the rule of good Muslims.

Quickly: we did our umrah upon arrival and today managed to solat betul2 depan pintu kaabah, belakang makam Ibrahim and antara aswad and pintu.MasyaAllah...betul kata Humaira..walaupun panas at noon, we didn't feel it.

More later of the other tawaf (shopping mall at our 5-star hotel).Haha.

Madinah, kota Rasul

I am already in Makkah (will do anotehr entry in a bit) but I must blog about Madinah, kota Rasul.

I will not go through how the whole family was put on a BIG test (dekat masjid Qubah, masjid pertama yang dibina oleh the Prophet pbuh and he loved it so much he would come and visit it often even when there were other mosques later on).

When you are tested (you would in any way when you are in the holy cities) you should be grateful it happens there.I prayed for solution in Raudhah (nak dapat semayang situ, kita tunggu 3 hours..only to get a small piece of the green carpet...tapi bersyukurlah..dari tak dapat langsung.Do not go at night..lebih ramai dari siangnya).I prayed that Allah show a solution and that the Prophet too would know what pain I went through, asked that he prayed for me and my family's well-being too esp. Zafirah's.You know what? I actually felt the Prophet's presence with me and by Zuhr the following day, we were one happy family again.Begitulah the power of doa. :) Never be afraid to ask and I found a doa that says jgn kami cuba menyelesaikan sendiri masalah kami kerana hanya Engkau yang tahu apa yang baik utk kami (or words to that effect.nanti balik I will put the exact words here..from mathurat).

When it was time to leave this blessed city for Makkah, I was all teary...I had been here 3 times but this time, the city meant so much to me.I felt like I had lived here before and I did not want to leave the Prophet for anything else.Sepanjang perjalanan keluar dari kawasan tanah suci itu I was crying.Uncontrollable kerana terasa sangat sayang kpd Rasullulah who had done so much for us sehingga Islam sampai kepada kita.

Semoga we will return dalam keadaan yang lebih suci jiwa kami, Ya Allah dan semoga kami mendapat syafaat Rasulullah.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

My "emergency" entry

Greetings from the Prophet (pbuh)'s city, Madinah.I told you I'd update my blog ONLY if there were an emergency, right?

Ha, ha..this is my emergency. Need to blog before I forget some of the wonderful stuffs experienced so far (from Jeddah to here).

Flight from KL to Jeddah was delayed by one hour.What do you do when you ph ran out of batteries at KLIA? Could not re-charge cos' there was no plug point.Kedekut kupik our KLIA management!

Anyway, the flight was unadventurous (syukurlah).I was worried the clearance at Jeddah would take about 5 hours (this is the std time I'm told).Dgn izin Allah we were cleared less than 2 hours..sejam lebih sikit je.And you know what? We got someone to push our 8 pieces luggage (berbayar kalau nak guna trolley at the airport and there were not many around) to the coach.I felt so lucky masa tu.
We stopped somewhere around midnite for solat and dinner.Ayooo..dinner at midnite.Takda appetite.

Reached Madinah around 3 am I think.Nice hotel, betul2 next to the mosque.But you know what? I masih tak boleh semayang and ikut schedule will not for the next 2 days! Panic! Panic! But Nik and Z prayed for me and by afternoon, I could do my Zuhr already.Was that not a miracle???

Ah Nabawi my love...
I went late sebab faktor di atas.But found a spot after much hassle.Belakang this fat woman from Turkiye (could tell from her tudung, ada chap Turkiye).I thot it was a safe distance but masa rukuq, she sat on my head! Adoiiii..apakah dosa ku! Nasib tak penyek my forehead and nasib baik she could not get up after the 1st rakaat and ended up semayang duduk.Selamat aku!

Then another funny episode was during Asr.Z (budak ni cekap! She would go long before waktu solat masuk to get easy spots and supaya tak bertolak2 for space) and I solat barisan depan.Tengah semayang we heard someone's phone went, "Atukk..nenek..hello...".Nak tergelak pun ada.Mesti telefon org Msia.Duh!

The heat ain't bad.Panas memang panas but bearable.
If I have time, I'll blog again.Ni tengah tunggu waktu Maghrib masuk.Assalamualaikum. :)

Friday, June 24, 2011

Last minute packing

InsyaAllah the family leaves for Jeddah tmrw afternoon.I took a week off, konon nak pack early but never got around it (cos' I needed to do some shopping first..could not pack without the stuffs, right?)

Z and Nik also took their sweet time to pack.There were the outings with friends (each of us went to lunch/dine with our close frens separately..haha), last min touch ups of stuffs at work, etc etc.
Finally today, Friday everyone vowed to stay at home and focus on packing.But I had to see the Sheikhs cos' they were leaving today (and without fail, must pick Dr S first).They were happy to see us again (haha...clients tetap no. 1) and did a special prayer for us.Lepas tu as we were saying farewell, semua nangis! (Dr P started it!) The one month they were with us, kita dah jadi very close (when my mom was acting up during the kenduri, I told sheikhs to pujuk her and they did).

Ah well, they will come again after Raya.Farewell my bros, see you guys soon.

Back to packing..I could not find the new jubah I bought..then remember it was still with the "English" boy (had it fitted sebab panjang sangat).It was 4 pm.Everyone's tired.I refused to drive..nasib baik Tan Sri saya sanggup drive me all the way to Ampang Park.Balik tu dah mula nak jam.Phew...started packing just before Maghrib and finished after Maghrib.I hope I have not missed anything important.Ikan sepat, checked; cookies, checked; shoes,slippers, alat2 wanita, checked;travelling iron and toilet articles, checked;camera, phone, sunglasses, buku doa, checked;medication needs..belum letak!

OK folks, I guess a spiritual retreat is a spiritual retreat.I will not update my blog unless it is an emergency.Grin.

Pray that all will be well.See you when I update the blog.Wassalam.
** in case you wonder why ikan sepat is in my travel list, it's for my fren Sharifah, OK? She lives in Makkah.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lunch with Azah

Azah and I went a long way too.She's one of my bestest friends since my NZ days and later my UK days.We share a lot between us, my secrets are hers and hers are mine.Haha.

We decided to do lunch before I leave for my umrah on Saturday.I thot she said Friday cos' Thursday she'd have a workshop so when she called to ask if lunch was still on, I said yah, see you tomorrow (Friday).I hung up.

She called again (ayo..Azah..I'm enjoying my physio, OK? Jgn kacau)
Yes Azah? What now?

Is the lunch today or tomorrow?
But I have w/shop tmrw.
No, you said you have w/shop today.
No I said I would have w/shop tmrw.
Oh iya ke? Ah ok..what time do you wanna meet?
What time is good?
OK 12.
Make it 11.30? I have to send my mom to her dialysis centre.
OK, see you in a bit.

So I drove to Azah's mom's place in Section 16.I have not been to her mom's for years.Decades! But found it..ada jiran dia meninggal.Lots of cars in the neighbourhood.

We decided to eat at Marche's at the Curve.What a lovely lunch that was! We went back to the days when we were so innocent...
"Sapa nama budak Cina yang danced with you tu?"
"I dah tak ingat tapi dia hensem"
Nama dia George, OK Azah.George danced with Azah.And I remember shy and proper Azah went to hide belakang pintu after that, her hands on her red cheeks.Haha.So innocent! :))

Then when we were in the UK (she in Edinburgh, me in Liverpool) she would travel to stay with me and we'd travel to York together to see the castles and Jorvick Viking Centre.The taxi man told us how he loved Thai gals (thinking we were Thai gals or thought Azah was cos I dah bertudung masa tu).

Good friends are hard to come by but when you have one, you better blog about her. :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Painting the town red

I have forgotten what it is like to have days of leave (from work)

Today terasa nikmatnya. :)
Z and I painted the town red by mengukur 3 malls yang ada di KL and Kota Dsara (yang 2 tu sebelah menyebelah).Betul kata Shirley Lim, shopping is Msians' national sport.Msian women, I guess.Men tak ramai sgt at the malls.

We wanted to check out our baju raya at Salikin's.He said dah siap but semua tak siap.The ones separa siap were kebaya! really da cantik.Kata Zul, bolehlah bawak pi mengundi.Haha.Lawak Jebon! My second pair langsung tak nampak bayang.Kata Salikin, kain tenun kapas belum sampai.Baru di-order.Lain kali beli yang dah siap je senang, kot? Z punya kena buat fitting sikit (mine also) so I guess we won't see the clothes for a while till just before Raya.

We also bought a couple of jubahs (in case terlalu penat to buy in Madinah).The funny thing is budak yang jaga counter tu.Nampak mcm Pak.But I asked are you Afghan.He said he was from England.Serius, OK? Z and I dah nak berguling2 ketawa.Biar betul mamat ni.But betul matanya biru.I said huh? He said he's from Pak but his mother ke hapa ke is from the UK (he still has his family there).I asked ini kedai sapa (takda kerja,kan? Kena la buat part time crime investigating).He said kedai sepupu dia.Kawin Melayu? (I asked again) Dia terus tunjuk one Malay designer featured in a local mag.Oh ok...

If you care to look, there are so many interesting people in KL. Mana budak2 local kita bekerja, I do not know.

Lepas tu we went to the Curve (mula2 nak pi Bangsar Shopping Centre but I was too malas to drive since we stopped at Dsara Utama sekejap).Lunched at Tony Romas.We were served by a Vietnamese waitress.
Aiseh..they don't give free breads freely anymore.Harga tepong dah naik...Lepas tu Z and I nak cari something comfy to wear in Mekah ..could not find anything nice.

At the other mall, I got myself a new pair of running shoes.Entah nak lari ke mana! Maybe on the treadmill. :)) Sometimes we buy things we don't really need.But at the Pharmacy, we bought everything we could think of for a country like Saudi.

While Z still had energy to shop, I quit early and made my way to my fav spot: Urban Retreat to pamper my tired feet. :)

Now, that was the real nikmat of the day!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Not a lazy weekend

Just when you think weekends are for sleep-ins...
We had to wake up early to pick Z from Lembah Beringin..her hols have started and the kids have to clear their chalets for the management to do their maintenance work. Satu lori byknya barang2 si Z ni! Itupun some she left in her wardrobe.

Then we attended Mokhtar's son's wedding.Then Dr Faridah's son at Taman Tun (met up with Prof Faris and Dr. Hamzah.I updated Dr. Hamzah about ULMAA talks on green energy and was happy to knw that Prof Faris was not so keen on 'clean' energy anymore ie nuclear.Haha.Ingat I pernah raised the issue with him sebab IIUM championed nuclear energy ~before Fukushima). Met up with an old fren of Matric days..Fadillah..I dah tak embarassing! She's Dr Faridah's sister rupa2nya.She's moved on to UTM Jln Semarak.One of those nice people during my Matric days.

Had to rush to Krash Pad to meet up Kanika and gang who had just arrived from Spore to continue their project with the KP kids.The bazaar would be next month.We gotta plan how to give the event a good press it so deserves.Kanika has graduated but returns to the KP community work outa love.Ah..I'm so touched and inspired (I supervised their project during its early days, roping in IIUM students to share the experience and joy working with the kids).It's been over a year and the kids tell me that they now have a sense of purpose when they drop by the centre do as many accessories to sell at the bazaar.They have that skill now to survive...dah boleh buat duit sendiri.And they are all doing well at school (they meet all sorts of people and hence, so exposed and so intelligent).I'm looking fwd to that bazaar day (won't be cheap cos' the money will go back to the centre).

I had half an hour to catch the 3rd wedding at Jalan Semarak (Nik had to send Z to KLCC for her leadership prog interview with one of the MNCs so I had to go alone to the 3rd wedding).Nasib tak jam so sempatlah attend the wedding reception (org dah ramai balik!)

Z and I had a good time going over her interview session.As I told a fren, I have lost my gal.She has her own mind now.Even the materials I helped provide (through a kind fren who's also working with an MNC), she kata tak relevant! She did her own research and preps.I guess I have to learn to let go.She's smarter than me, anyway. :)

Not a lazy weekend, folks.I'll sleep early tonight.You have a good one, yah.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


I don't quarrel with women as much as I do with men (some men!)

But here's the story, okay?

Dr. I is one of my good friends.Today I had a late lunch and bumped into him.We were talking this and that (family, work..the usual stuffs called civility) then wham! my fav topic for the last few weeks: NATO attacks on Libya.Haha.

You've heard all the arguments but what really tickled me was our argument on democracy and whether the democracy we see today is Islamic/not.I said it wasn't.Syura is.Dr I. asked "and you think syura isn't democratic?" I said not the way we understand it today.And they don't vote right? Decisions are made based on arguments and reasonings.And not anyone can be a syura member.Dr I kata boleh.Anyone boleh.I said mesti ada criteria.He said takda criteria.

I asked habis tu orang gila pun boleh jadi ahli syura??

Dr I said I gave an extreme example.

I said it is still valid.It is proof that there must be some criteria somewhere.
Adakah orang gila dibenarkan mengundi semasa pilihanraya kita? Dr I said tak boleh.Nik kata SPR is silent on this (of cos' I reported the late lunch conversation to Nik at dinner).Haha.OMG...I have to stop here.Nak gelak kejap.


The second funny man is Prof. Munir from India who has re-emerged from my Solo volcanic adventure.If you remember my blog entry on him not too long ago, you'd remember how funny he was..tak tidur 3 hari 3 malam cos' he feared Gunung Merapi meletup dan dia tak sempat lari!!!! (and I told him this,"Munir, you will die not of Merapi but of fear.") He refused to fly back to India from Solo.He took a 13 hours train trip (or something like that) back to Jakarta and fly to India from there.

And today he wrote.So he's still alive! :))
I don't quarrel with Munir.He's such a nice man.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

disastrous wedding anniversary dinner

It was just not an evening for us, I guess.

First , Nik sampai around Maghrib.Then we were like wondering where to go? I thought maybe Fukuya but he does not fancy Japanese cuisine.He suggested Chynna KL Hilton but I just had Chinese with Carlotta semalamnya.Rasa muak dah lah.

We agreed on Chalet at Equatorial but halfway there Nik asked nak try hotel baru? Royale Chulan.I said yes, let's try something new.

Nice interior, pleasant environs.We settled for Continental cuisine at L'Heritage.
Appetiser was fantastic: foie gras with apple chutney and something.Sedap gila.
Then we waited for our fish and beef (bukan steak) Lama, OK? I dah rasa mcm nak balik dah.We were the only couple in the dining hall (cantik dining).Then the waitress kata oh ikan busuk so the chef buat lain.We were like what?!

Then the food came.I tasted my beef..yewl..rasa masam/busuk! Nik's fish was very2 nice but after dah habis baru dia realised the potato and other stuffs which were supposed to be there takda.Haha.

So he complained.The supervisor said a Minister who just dined there had the same order.He just didn't understand why it went bad.I said hellooo...your Minister came at dah dinner...our climate ni carry lots of bacteria and germs and if fish or beef are exposed unthinkingly to the open air, mestilah cepat rot.

We wanted to pay the bill and leave but he said the dessert dah on the way.
So we were 'forced' to stay back and eat dessert.Nasib tak busuk! :))

Kalau Mandarin O, they would say come back for another free dinner, kan? (which we didn't take up, by the way).Yang ini takda pun attempt to win back the diners.Nik dapat an extra dessert (cheap looking!) and our beef bill was waived.

Unless the chef is fired, I would not recommend this place, folks.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Happy 24th wedding anniversary

It was 24 years ago that Nik and I got married.

Hari ni my bridegroom is in Penang.So I guess the celebration will only begin at dinner time (if his flight is not delayed!)

Carlotta said it's not common for people in the US to stay married for this long.I said it is also becoming this in Malaysia.Kawin 2-3 tahun, cerai.

So I guess Nik and I have a lot to be grateful for.Oh I will not pretend that we don't have problems (we have ALL the time.Haha).We are like two opposite poles.He likes football, I like the net.I think what keeps us together for so long is the space we give to each other and the respect for each other's individuality: that we can be who we wanna be without expecting the other to change us.

Here's to another 24 years and more, may we continue to be blessed.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Kenduri syukur

Bro. Nasser doing the nasyeed on the Prophet
the two sheikhs


Sunday: the talk by ULMAA and IIUM Engineering Club went very2 well.Dato Aishah and Raj were so pandai, speaking on Green and Clean Energy.We learnt so many new things!

Getting together with the rest of the team at tea time was good too: Dr Cassim, Delesh, Dato Aizi (tak tau pun dia dah dapat Datoship, now working with MAMPU at JPM's), Amin (who got lost and was so impressed by IIUM students' civility showing him the way to Mini Audi), Annie, Azhar, of cos' Raj and Dato Aishah (and hubby).Aizi text-ed me later beritau dia hilang kunci.I have to check with the security nanti siang.

I had to rush back to pick Salim and Long for the little kenduri at my place.Ah, terkejar2 betul.Makoto and frens pulak sesat.By the time I arrived home, the two sheikhs and Dr P were already there.Had to collect Makoto and frens at Carrefour pulak.Tak sempat jumaah with the rest.We made the 2nd jumaah.

Then makan! (bar-b-q kambing sekor...jgn marah...).
Lepas tu Nasser performed nasyeed on the Prophet.Mcm one of the Vienna boys.

Sheikhs read special doas for us (it is also our 24th wedding anniversary..well..soon..June 14)

It was a nice evening, syukur alhamdullilah.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

ACCIN Meeting

Kak Oni reminded me many times of the meeting.No one could go and so she appointed me as the rep to represent our NGO.I didn't mind cos' the public lecture to be held before the monthly meeting looked good. It was given by one of PUM (Persatuan Ulama Malaysia which hosted the meeting) members, Dato' Saleh (who sits on many fatwa boards at both national and state levels). It was supposed to be at 1.45pm.I sibuk melayan Carlotta and arrived before 3 (itu pun after contacting Badri after I got lost somewhere in Section 7, Shah Alam).

By Allah's grace, the talk had not started and only began when I was seated nicely amidst the' all men''s crowd. Memang rezeki! I wanted to listen to the talk so much.It waited for me although I was almost 2 hours late.

I was ill-dressed.Mana I tau I'd be the only female in the crowd of OMG,all men and many were ulemas! But they were nice to me..takda sapa cakap apa2 and when I raised a couple of questions and issues, takda sapa kata apa2 except a reasonable debate why they disagreed with me. I was treated equally.Yay!

Dato' thanked me for my question on the need to include knowledge of other fields dalam kita nak berijtihad (he had outlined semua ilmu berkaitan dgn agama..fiqh to shariah to Arabic, etc)

Dato' Saleh Ahmad said ijtihad is tajuk specific dalam bidang usul fiqh, also ilmu teras shariah.Not everyone can be a mujtahid (org yang boleh buat ijtihad).Kassim Ahmad wanted to be a mujtahid tapi his criteria tak cukup.

Apakah criteria untuk jadi seorang mujtahid?

1.mesti menguasai bahasa arab dalam erti kata sebenarnya: bayan, tatabahasa, sastera, etc.

2. mesti faham Quran dan semua dalil (Quran adalah sumber semua hukum)

3. mesti tahu sunnah Rasul (tahu mana yang sahih, mana tak, tahu perawinya, etc)

4. mesti menguasai ilmu fiqh, metodologi hukum (usul fiqh adalah ilmu teras dalam syariah)

5. mesti tahu masalah2 yang telah berlaku ijmak para ulema terdahulu agar tidak menyalahkan ijtihad silam.

6. mesti mengetahu makasid al shariah (mengkaji matlamat dan objektif perundangan)

7. mesti ada persediaan fitrah untuk berijtihad, mempunyai jiwa bersih, pemikiran yang tajam, etc.

8. mestilah seorang yang adil dan bertaqwa, berakhlaq mulia dan tidak akan mengadaikan agamanya.

Itulah kriteria pokok utk jadi seorang mujtahid but Dato' agreed with me kalau dia tau ilmu2 kifayah yang lain, lagi perfect.

Someone asked about boleh ke bahan video jadi evidence kpd kes jenayah berat (seperti zina).Jawabnya tidak boleh.Kena ikut Quranjuga : mesti ada 4 saksi juga. Memang susah nak prove cos' zaman Nabi pun susah nak prov kecuali pellaku mengaku.Itu pun Prophet tidak terus mahu menghukum tetapi setelah diasak oleh pelaku,baginda memerintahkan hukuman dijatuhkan.

It's nice being among org beilmu begini.Next month kalau ada public lecture lagi, I would want to make time to attend.This time I will pakai jubah hitam.

nite life in kl

we love having visitors cos' their presence gives us a strong excuse to dine out in kl atau kawasan se zonenya.

we decided to go to fukuya, top rated japanese restaurant in jalan delima.but somehow we missed it and ter-masuk ke laman Ibunda, Malay fine-dining! Betullah kata pepatah...rezeki ditentukan Allah.

Ibunda ni harapkan cantik je decornya (inside out very da fine).The spread tak banyak.I wanted to go back looking for Fukuya but tengok Carlotta so tired, kesian pulak.Lagipun she just spent time with her Japanese family in Tokyo (mak Carlotta ni Jepun, bapak red Indian but she takda feature Jepun pun) and could do without Jap cuisine. :)

Desserts at Ibunda are the best in the world.Try sira labu dia dgn ice cream durian..phuiyoooo...high...I also liked the bubur cha-cha and bubur pulut hitam (you can have small portion of each)

Drinks: sirap bandung, ABC dia sedap giler.
Here's the link:

Friday, June 10, 2011

Friends from abroad

Carlotta Abrams is in town.Expect things to be wild.She is also a published poet (from Arizona).Hatinya tulus macam kristal.Keluarga diraja red indian. She will sleep over at my place.A lot to catch up with.

It's Friday.Kedengaran Sheikh Nasser bernasyeed dari masjid (Sheikh Ibrahim bagi khutbah).They have conquered the mosque.Haha.Ini budaya baru...nyanyi lepas khutbah.Tak pernah lagi orang buat.Rosak betul connection kita. :))

Sunday nanti tak tau apa pulak akan berlaku as we have student guests from Canada, Nigeria, Japan, Saudi and Yemen (we are having a little thanksgiving kenduri).

Mawar..bila takda baby in the family...macam nilah!

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

June Plc Gals

Anidah and family sleptover last nite.She's one of the June Plc gals during my NZ days (about 30 years ago?) It felt just like 30 years ago...she with her kind spirit, her hubby (now a family friend..he and Nik love like no other..haha..sometimes Anidah and I yang feel out of place cos' the two would talk non-stop! Walhal yang berkawan lama is Anidah and I) would share ilmu2 agama he picks up after he left military service.'Tall' (his pet name) knows a lot about tasawuf and sufism.Dah boleh mengubat orang (just solat 2 rakaat, baca doa yang selalu Nabi baca and start baca apa yang patut pada pesakit, he said.This was done when a person kena sampuk and there was no one else to heal except him yang pandai sikit).

He led the Maghrib prayer and we had Sekinchan and Thai dinner at my plc (I beli siap2.Where got time to cook, honey.Balik from work, I was like an injured cochcroach ~ lipas kudung~ stopped at this outlet, that outlet to come out with a nice and exotic dish combination for my guests..nyata mereka sangat gumbira with my choices cuma maid ngok I masak nasi untuk 4 when there's 8 of us!!! Geram tak? But dgn izin Allah, tak ketara...maka taklah I malu...)

Then we invited the 2 sheikhs over.By now I dah nak tertidur. :) The 3rd Sheikh (not Sheikh Nasr!) dah balik so sheikhs 2 ni diam sikit except Sheikh Nasser dok sibuk mencari if I simpan patung lagi tak dalam rumah (malaikat tak masuk,he said).I dah sempat sorokkan my 3 african giraffes kat bilik atas...

Lupa nak cakap kat hubby Sunday ni I ajak Makoto and kawan2 dia dari Saudi, Canada and Africa datang...mungkin nak ajak Maher too (we have a prog together petang tu) Haiyoo..lupa...tak sempat nak masak tu..Sekinchan lagi la nampak gayanya!

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Ikan Bakar Sekinchan

It's been a hectic Sunday but we made time to lunch at Ikan Bakar Sekinchan (many outlets but there's one in our neighbourhood).

You guys must try.Memang Sekinchan! But the outlet near our place tu terlalu hot although air-cons dia berderet (one of the waiters kata boss dah panggil org baiki but still hot).Go in the evening for a cooler time.They are open 7 days a week till 12 midnight.

The biz is owned by a Malay enterpreneur.Khabarnya gaji waiter dia lebig dari RM1K sebulan with other perks (percutian ke Bali for top performance for 40 pekerja).Ada kerja part time, Dato' Jamal? Saya kerja keras pun Boss tak hantar cuti ke Bali... :)

Sunday hasn't ended..another exciting meeting in later part of the evening (free dinner by Kak Mun.Haha).I hope it's not Ikan Bakar Sekinchan!

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Selamat Pengantin Baru to Azlan & Fazlinda

On behalf of warga I-Glass, saya mengucapkan selamat pengantin baru to Azlan Shah Sharifudin (pembaca tetap I-Glass) dan pasangan jelitanya Fazlinda Hamzah.Kita doakan agar dirahmati Allah jodoh mereka ini hingga ke akhir hayat.

Share with us pics!