Monday, August 29, 2011

Tuah and Teja

see how bulat Teja is

Tuah is curious of the outside world

their fav. spot

I'm beginning to feel like I have a sad is all about rabbits now that even when I solat teraweh last nite and my toes terkeluar sikit, I saw that they have become rabbity.Kaki rabbit! Haha.And when I went to have cold drinks after teraweh with Z and Nik, I ordered carrot juice...this is so dreams are full of bunnies too...the last time I was like this, it was when I worked at a hat making factory in New Zealand (part time in summer).My job was to tie ribbons round the hats.My Boss told me on my first day, you'd be dreaming of hats, gal.I did.For a week! (my working hours was 8 hours a day for 5 days a week).

I think I'm spending too much time with Tuah and Teja.Yesterday I put up a small fence for them so that they could run around should have seen the acrobatic movements they made.Teja is so quick with her movements, very clever.I'm afraid Tuah is not so intelligent..he's curious of the life outside the fence but it was Teja who managed to escape.Haha.Teja perut gendut.Too much eating.I think she's the fav. in the family.Si Tuah tu...entahlah..dia suka meronta2 bila dipegang.Like a wild rabbit.I don't like.

Maybe I'll keep them a while longer but I am also thinking of places where to put them (e.g Dr Bubbles' orphanage, the kindy near my place, or just release them at IIUM campus' wilderness!).We'll see.I cannot be seeing rabbity feet all the time.I need to have a life. :))

Friday, August 26, 2011

adegan2 lucu menjelang raya

Here we are folks...di hari2 terakhir Ramadan yang penuh baraqah.Orang dah ramai cuti.The campus so lenggang but I was working late.Sempat pi Forum on Palestine.Nak tertidur2 mendengar cerita sama.I wanted to say encourage inter-state (Israel-Palestine) marriage.Nanti tamat le perangnya.Nak pikir apa lagi NATO sana, treaties sini.

So I cabut during Q&A to shop lampu raya at Giant.2 sets lap lip for the ofis.Hasnah belum cuti so kita berdua pun sibuk menukul dan memplaster dinding.By the time Dr. Haslina came to give us our raya gifts, she was (as expected) screamy, " sapa ni cantik sgt ni..sapa buat ni...?"

Me and Hasnah went, "Us" ~ yang tak balik bercuti lagi nih.
Pagi tadi bibik2 tu semua tak kejutkan Nik and I sahur (I tidur mati cos' penat dok edit buku tu sampai ke malam dari pagi ~Prof Q dah tinggalkan I kering sebab dia dah join family dia kat Adelaide so I kena cari typesetter, book cover designer, etc).Pagi ni pulak masa I nak belikan otak lembu for my mom (she's been asking for it) kat butcher tepi jalan tu, depa letak harga gila kat I (I almost bought cos' I didn't know market price otak lembu ni.Tak pernah beli).The boys kata RM50.I asked iya ke? Tak mahal sgt ke tu, dik? Budak2 tu berpandang2an and said memang nilah harga dia kak (kak! haha).I said let me make a few phone calls.So I rang my eldest sister.Tak berangkat pulak.Tried my 2nd.She said around RM13. I told her they cited me RM50.She said,"You ask them this: awak jual otak lembu ke otak awak?" Haha.She's the one who works at Suhakam.Will not tolerate oppressions and lies.

I just laughed and walked away.

Then berita I nak beli otak lembu for RM50 ni got circulated ..I got ph calls and sms-es from my other siblings.Ada yang ckp market price RM8.Ada yang ckp RM10.I have that rich lady look, is it? Selalu sgt nak kena tipu nih! Either that or a stupid look.Haha.

Rabbit news: I think not only I have two rabbits yang gatal (usia 2 bulan dah mula mengawan!) but today, the maids kata mereka main laga kepala pulak.Jangan2...?? Domestic violence?

Definitely going to the vet besok.Nak tengok apa sebab mereka ni liar sgt.Nak di'kasi' hukumnya berdosa, kan? But I read s/where that that would solve a lot of rabbit probs.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

My iftar with Rahoma Orphanage

IIUM facilitators

Shamsi on solat (Ali is at the far end)
Jabber, braving his dakwah work

the little ones loved Kak Farah

Cherno survived his non-English

speaking audience

The boys from the Dakwah Workshop and I set up a mailinglist and a group to put skills to practice.We found an orphanage near IIUM to work with so yesterday all 8 of us (with Dr S as a volunteer counselor) started 'work' at the orphanage at 11 am.It's run by a Dato' who shares the same name as me (tapi dia keturunan Pakistan and hence, iftar was her nice Pakistani bryani gam from her famous restaurant in Taipan.Wough, nak lagi!)

Budak2 ni (mostly gals cos' the boys didn't turn up except for 6 org) mula2 like blur but my students pandai warmed them up.By end of day, semua were clingy to their abang2 and kakak (Farah my RA was the only female facilitator) and makcik Saodah and me (Dr S handled the single moms' group.I nampak dari jauh agak traumatic..a couple broke down ...Dr S is trained so dia nampak cool je.Dr S pun single mom so I didn't want to interfere their session so that semua org could express and share their probs).Yang agak mencabar, the male facilitators (my students) semua foreigners and spoke no Malay.But Farah did a good job translating.Occasionally I jumped in as well.We really had fun.I tak larat and balik rumah kejap by 5 pm but my students (esp. Ali yang kasi talk on iman and why we must bersyukur jadi Muslims and he was also the imam for jumaah prayer) tak tau penat.I nak bayar upah pun depa tolak.I am so proud of them! (postgrads except for Farah who is only in her year 3 and Shamsi who just graduated.Cerah masa depan budak2 ni).

Sesi belah petang was on solat: their bacaan and other rituals related to wudhu' and solat were observed (practical).I learnt new things too!

Ali's so sweet, read a long doa for me..twice..sekali masa hujan turun..he said most mustajab kalau doa masa ni and sekali lepas Maghrib (I tak minta pun) but Ali memang mcm tu.Dia mcm looks up to me.Haha.May Allah bless him too.Dia la yang I bawak balik beraya ke kampong I with 3 other foreign students dulu (and did a nice African dance at the family bar- b - q).

Back at home, my sis in law buat kenduri aqiqah.I arrived late with Makoto, who wanted to follow me home for the weekend (makan susah kat campus di bulan ramadan.Dia dah missed byk lunch and looks cengkung).

Nasib mak mentua sporting.Wough, the kurmak and kari lamb sedap giler! (la ni kalau buat aqiqah, tukang sembelih masak siap2.You just order on ph ckp saya nak aqiqah anak.Pay up melalui bank ke hapa ke, then they will deliver lauk dah masak to your easy beranak these days)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New webbits

Sorry..tak sengaja terkangkang
Ni baju raya saya

Baju raya beli kat Curve

the nameless beauties

On Sunday I went shopping with Bibik. We had to drop by the Pet shop to buy some fish food for my fish.Then I saw two lovely webbits (babies) and just bought them despite knowing Nik and Zafirah would not be happy about having additional family members (I had wanted to purchase one for over a year).

True enough.When they saw, they asked, "Who's going to look after them?" bla bla bla.
But by the next day, both fell in love with the creatures.

I ran a naming contest on my NZ alumni facebook.It's a crazy thing to do cos' the contestants got outa control!! (they set their own rules, demanded more prizes, hahaha).The closing date is today (6 pm) and I will announce the winner by 21/8.I can't say there are creative entries so far although I do like one or two names suggested.I takut rabbits tu mati sebab nama tak rasi je. :)

Will have to see the vet this Sunday to ensure my new toys are OK.

Friday, August 12, 2011

My iftar with the homeless, orphans, new Muslims (sponsored by Bank Muamalat)

Yesterday was a meaningful iftar for me.Our students from our Islamic Fundamental Course graduated and received their certs from an MP at a very humbling iftar, sponsored by Bank Muamalat (this is the bank you wanna bank with because they are serious about giving back to the needy).

Last night it was feeding the poor and the underprivileged and I never knew there would be so many homeless in the city! Dr Haslina and I tried to chat up with a few homeless women.Asked if they wanted to work as care givers (for my mom esp).One said she had health prob (darah saya rendah).Apa nak buat.She would have a proper job and a home had she chosen to work with a family.I guess she would lose her freedom, roaming the streets (ouch!).

I have never been to Masjid Jamek KL (apparently Jamek means masjid.Apa ke blur sgt kita ni no one corrects anything..masjid masjid? Patutnya Jamek KL.Or just Masjid KL.Ini mcm kes 'cuba try').

Anyway, Dr H and I enjoyed ourselves (makanan cukup lazat.Muamalat kalau bersedekah would never sacrifice quality.We 'heart' Muamalat.Saya dah transfer setengah wang saya balik ke Bank Muamalat sebab khidmat masyarakat dia ini).
The bank is now the 4th largest in Msia and one of the fastest growing.They believe in the more you give, the more you get.I think charity does that to you.

So we still have lots of Ramadan days to give.

Dr H and I went to ITNM earlier.MD Khair is a real nice person but also a good salesman.I ended up buying a couple of books. :) But we may also collaborate on a couple of projects.

Sunday, August 07, 2011

My iftar with ACCIN

ACCIN is an umbrella body of 17 Muslim NGOs and my Muslim women's NGO IMAN is one of them. I am one of 4 reps of IMAN to ACCIN meetings (held once a month). This year's secretariat is Persatuan Ulama Malaysia and their meetings are always spiritually exciting (they would have a talk at every meeting and usually is given by their members).

Yesterday we met at one of the golf clubs at Bukit Kiara (jangan tak percaya Persatuan Ulama kita very da canggih now.Haha.They have very dynamic generasi pelapis ..young academics/scholars to run the association now.Yang tua2 jadi content providers.I like).

As always I was the only female rep. (awkwardlah) but masa iftar, there were 3 more who came.
The talk was a panel discussion on isu2 semasa yang dihadapi oleh umat Islam di Malaysia given by the new Ketua Pengarah JAKIM and a Shari'e advisor to Office Peguam Negara (he's as old as my mom tapi fikirannya my mom too).Berikut adalah isu-isu yang ditimbulkan:

1. Pengaruh shiah yang semakin berleluasa (di Perlis, satu lori yang membawa buku-buku shiah telah ditahan) Apparently, pengedaran pengaruh ini dibuat nationwide.Pihak berwajib memantau keadaan ini.Pihak ini telah menghantar memorandum ke JAKIM mengatakan bhw merekalah ahli sunnah waljamaah yang sebenar.

2.Kelab Taat Suami bukan yang baru (bermula di Sungai Patani 1994).Saya tidak boleh tulis lebih lanjut kerana sensitiviti isu.Nak tau, call JAKIM or private message me.

3.Madrasah yang runtuh yang mengorbankan anak-anak yatim di Selangor tempoh hari adalah di bawah pentadbiran seseorang yang mengamalkan ajaran sesat Ajaran yang dipanggil Juruzon (it sounded like that.i don't know how you spell it) telah diharamkan tetapi diamalkan balik di madrasah ini.Banyak perkara karut marut diajar termasuk guru ghaib menjelma dalam badan pentadbir madrasah ini (Pak Su). So yang bukan mahram boleh jadi mahram hanya dgn bersentuh kulit or something like that.Majlis Rabithah mereka pun suspicious.
Mereka ada ayat2 Quran sendiri.

4. Wahabi is still an issue.

5.Isu revivalism of Al Arqam yang telah diharamkan dan bekas2 ahli bergerak atas nama lain menjalankan pelbagai jenis perniagaan dan kerja-kerja amal.Mereka akan terus dipantau.

6. Isu tukar jantina.Bukan isu baru.Pernah satu ketika seorang Mufti didatangi oleh seoprang hamba Allah yang mempunyai 2 alat kelamin dan dia mempunyai 2 org anak (satu semasa dia jadi bapa, seorang lagi masa dia jadi ibu) Akhirnya dia berjumpa pihak berwajib minta pandangan.Dia dinasihatkan memilih satu alat kelamin sahaja dan dirujukkan kepada doktor pakar yang memberitahunya supaya dia menukar jantina kpd perempuan ketika hormon pompuannya aktif (mereka ni mempunyai waktu2 when hormonnya lebih kpd perempuan dan masa2nya lebih kepada lelaki so doktor suruh tukar jantina waktu hormon pompuan tu lebih).Wallahualam.Saya cuma melaporkan.

7.Isu butter churn yang kejap halal kejap tidak yang disibukkan dgn kenyataan akhbar Chua Soi Lek. Apa yang berlaku ialah ada 2 pengimport brand yang sama.Butter dari Australia di- packed in New Zealand.Satu pi Semenanjung (disahkan halal oleh Jabatan Kimia) dan satu pi ke Sarawak (didapati tidak halal).

8.Isu alcohol.Masa ni fikiran saya ke lain.Nota saya tak berapa lengkap.Sorry tapi ada saya catitkan alcohol yang bukan dari bahan buat arak tidak haram tapi tak lehlah diminum (racun).

9. Laman2 blog, facebook, twitter yang menghina Islam akan diambil tindakannya.Telah pun diambil tindakan ke atas yang dikenal-pasti.

10. Bahan-bahan pencetakan penerbitan yang bercanggah dgn Islam juga dipantau.

11.Isu 'serbuan' ke atas majlis makan malam di sebuah gereja.JAKIM melahirkan bantahannya terhadap istilah 'serbu'.Legally incorrect.Mereka pergi menyiasat sebab dapat panggilan telefon dari orang awam yang perihatin usaha ingin meng-kristiankan orang melayu yang berlanggar dgn undang2 kita.Dan sah waktu pemeriksaan dibuat, 12 orang melayu berpakaian baju melayu dan baju kurung, siap dgn bunga manggar, siap ada nasyeed dan tazkirah yang menghina Rasulullah telah berlaku.

12.Permulaan puasa tahun ni, Brunei lewat sehari walaupun nusantara telah sepakat untuk berpuasa dan berhariraya serentak.Mungkin isu ini akan dibawa ke mesyuarat ASEAN?

Panelist ke dua adalah Tan Sri dari Pejabat Peguam Negara.Beliau bercakap tentang legal aspects yang banyak kita perlu faham so that we know our rights.Yang saya suka dua points dalam byk2 dia raised tu:

i) 100 orang janda miskin yang masuk agama lain itu sepatutnya dibantu dgn sistem zakat kita.Zakat bukan setakat kasi duit utk makan, minum tetapi juga memberi tempat tinggal.Mereka ini patut dicari oleh pihak berwajib untuk dibantu dan NGOs should ask how zakat money is spent sebab kalau dibuat betul2, kita takda kemiskinan, kekufuran cos' welfare ummah has been taken care of (Selangor telah capai negara maju sebab sistem zakat yang efektif..ini kata Zainal who I bumped into at the iftar buffet with his wife.Zainal is in the financial circuit and knows a lot..dia pulak kasi another talk at the table where I was enjoying my ABC.Haha)

ii) Tan Sri kata adalah tidak nusyuz seorang isteri yang enggan pindah ke rumah mak mentua bila suaminnya gagal menyediakan tempat tinggal buatnya (woohoo..power giler!)

The iftar at the buffet (orang luar ramai): ada 200 dishes with all sorts of bar b qs.But one can only eat so much, kan?

Sekian laporan saya dari nota yang tidak lengkap.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Ramadan 2011

Bersyukurlah we are still here this Ramadan.Ramadan Kareem to all.Make sure this year's Ramadan is your best.

I went to the local surau to do terawih semalam.Had not done it (at the surau) in years.Tak suka air-con in closed space (nanti org bersin, kita pun dapat germs dia).Usually I terawih kat rumah with Z.But Z is no longer at home I have to ikut Nik pi surau.Luckily, they have open space space at the surau for women (karan pulak takda semalam at the new extension) so we prayed in the semi gelap with no kipas, OK? Wough..macam sauna la pulak.But better than germs, right?

Don't know why but this Ramadan, I lembik berpuasa (macam budak darjah satu rasanya).If I were 7, I would have minum air shower semasa mandi.Haha.

Today is better.Rasa mcm budak darjah dua (keeps talking and thinking about food...haha).But bila berbuka, I don't eat much (iya ke? boleh percaya ke??)

Apapun, this is my fav. month.I intend to make the most of it.
Have a good one, folks.

Monday, August 01, 2011

Of molest, sexual harassment and all that jazz

It's hard to focus on work when you are involved in matters to do with sexual harassment and molest in this country.

First of all, we do not even have a sexual harassment act in this country, ok? (mengikut Betty of AWAM). I do not think that many women (and men) are aware of what sexual harassment is.Or what to do if it happens.Betty says most of the time, it is the victims who feel guilty and embarrassed to report (their family members too!) so in the end, no one speaks up except the brave ones.

I am in a dilemma whether to lodge a police report/not on an incident which happened in 2009.I spoke to a couple of police officers (both of Sexual Harassment and Commercial Crime Depts).While they told me I was free to do as I wish (to report or not), it would be difficult to move anywhere if I did not have strong proof or evidence.Haiyoo..we are talking about sexual harassment here, OK? How does one prove it? (an emotional/psychological mark can be measured by what??) Do not expect support from places which are supposed to protect us.Betty was nice.Her words were encouraging (they made me like leaping out of my own comfort zone and making me want to make that report.I just might now!)

Anyway, I believe justice will bounce back from whatever space it is being squashed now.I hope my friends who are working hard to nail a very, very slick con man will succeed before too long.