Thursday, July 30, 2015

Goodbye Sheffield

Back in Sheffield to repack.But sempat pi family walk at Rivelin Valley naik tram tak jauh frm our hotel at the Arena whr Nando's is halal.

Z is a bit sebak to leave Sheffield..ajak kami main ice hockey (indoor game).Layan ke je.I won. :)) Besoknya we went bck to her old apt to wash our clothes.Summer (her flatmate frm China)masih ada so kita boleh guna washing machine depa lagi.Nik and I naik tram pi mkn kat restaurant Istanbul at West Street.Don't know why but asyik lapar sepuluh kali sekejap.

On July 30..we took a cab to Manchester Airport frm Sheffield..ikut Peak District yg cantik tu.Our driver sgt bijak (anak dia vet nak kawin an Indian lady frm Msia.Anak dia yg sorang lagi ada degree in Music.Very cultured wough.Maybe dulu kerja police or pilot ke cos' his general knowledge very da bagus.I tanya psl biri2 yg dah dicukur but bertanda merah.Apa maknanya.He said tu maknanya dia telah bersama dgn biri2 jantan.Ditanda sbb senang nak asing sbb nanti dpt anak biri2.I said everyone knows...dia gelak je).

London 2

It's more a trip to meet friends than shopping ke hapa. Pics on our night out (the moms).Chanita is a long-time friend since Cornell days.Now her hubby is teaching at Cambridge. Shanta org kaya Raub who had migrated to London decades ago.Bila I ke UK nak save money, I lepak at rumah mrk berdua ni la. :) Once ..a long time ago.Chanita slept over at our hotel at Paddington (Nik tidur dgn kwn2 dia..depa dtg bawak beras 10 kg and masak meehoon, nasi lemak bagai.But Nik said masin mcm air laut! Rohiman came to see us later..saja nak cerita which plays he had gone to..almost every night he'd go to one! Chanita and I tukang gelak je kat cerita adventures mereka).

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


We got in London on July 27-29.Nik went to stay with his friends in another apt and Chanita stayed with us on July 28 frm Cambridge.I had not seen her for so long and since Z won't be in UK anymore..susah sikit nak dtg every summer so I ajak my gfs pi tengok Miss Saigon (new cast) on July 28 at Prince Edward Theatre.Shanta came.We ate Msian at Rasa Sayang at Leicester Square.Tak sesedap TukDin which Amir,me and Zafirah had the day earlier.Amir bwk kita pi jln2 kat Hyde Park nengok Kensington Palace whr Diana used to live.We are just in the neighbourhood (hotel kat Paddington).Amir is a funny young man.Besoknya I minta dia tlg jadi guide cos' Z nak pi shopping.I have to pick up Chanita at King's Cross (her train frm Cambridge stops there) and Shanta frm Chinatown.But Chanita, me and Amir sempat pi the new township and naik cable car.Could see the other side of London and River Thames and The City (mcm Wall Street depa le).Chanita baked me kek pisang.Mmg dia kawan yg baik...since Cornell days.

The new Miss Saigon ni ada scenes obscene (brothel scenes).Tak suka how Asian women are objectified sexually.Also blacks.But in general,it's a powerful play...some awareness on civil responsibility over impact of war esp on women (GI babies).

The ladies had fun.Terjumpa pulak mak kwn Z and her friend (the datin friend sgt baik..dia said hi to me first at the ladies.I tak kenal but she knew me as Z's mom.Rupanya Z had bumped into her earlier.Datin lives in London yg jenis kalau terjumpa org Melayu kat TukDin,she would say hi table to table.God bless her for tht!).