Wednesday, December 28, 2011

that time of the year again


hi folks,

i hope you guys had a nice break over Xmas.I tried but it didn't really work out...thanks to Pasar Pasir Penampang in Kuala Selangor which sold us a fish for RM99! Some of you may ask, why so bodoh and beli when price tags were not displayed...

this is what happens to people who are too trusting...

i should be done with that kinda life, huh? (trusting people, that is)

anyway, I had lodged a complaint with pihak berwajib in Kuala Selangor and kementerian yang berkenaan (beli ikan apa sampai RM600!) Ohh..I feel so stupid now. :))

and being Malaysians, NOTHING will be done.Mark my word.If I ever hear from any of the two people I wrote to, I'd let you guys know.

the firefly cruise was excellent, though.Orgh...angin sepoi2 bahasa di malam yang berkelip2 sangat indah and soothing.Tiba2 ada suara budak next to me:

ayah ayah..sungai ni ada buaya tak?


on a more cheerful note, the half day (for me cos' I had to rush for my SBU meeting at Zahid's new Kull..wah..he took us on a tour, showing off his new place.Nice view, actually) at KDE was pretty interesting.Prof Moten was shouting at the back asking who is hosni mubarak when Dr Badri said there's a spring not too unlike the arab spring in the kull.Haha.Kopanski said I was witty when I named Prof. Moten as the new Mubarak.Wakaka.All in a good jestlah.Too bad I had to leave early.The mengaji part (tadarus) was really good altho' I was like keretapi Tanah Melayu.Dr. Azura was impressip with her speed and reading.

Monday, December 19, 2011

SMU-Krash Pad Project dalam kenangan

well deserved dinner at Marche

(Joshua Nair, Kanika, Anis and fren.Z at the back)

Spore team during the early days

inspiring talk

created by Krash Pad kids

IIUM students giving a helping hand

mcm tak percaya anak2 remaja ini yang buat

(lebih baik dari melepak tak tentu hala kan?)

antara tulang belakang projek ini

Joshua, Ian dan Kanika

akhirnya after 1 year, hasil2 kerastangan

memperolehi pendapatan ekonomi....

Dear Prof. Faridah,

Very glad the fair went well last week, and that the girls at KLKP have started taking charge of the entire jewellery-making process themselves! On behalf of the whole team, we'd like to say 'Thank you' to you for supporting and guiding us since the start of this project. Our project would not have made so much progress without your support, encouragement and faith throughout.
Thank you also for helping us book the hostel (which was very comfortable), and for looping in your students to help us with the fair at IIUM. Anis took a lot of care, and really worked very hard to make this happen. We were very glad to meet the rest of the team who have been working on this initiative as well. We truly hope that the IIUM students continue Project Harapan, and take it to the next level to further develop the skills of the girls at KLKP. There are many new girls at KLKP, whom we think would also benefit from Project Harapan.
Thanks also to Zafirah, who has been kind enough to take time out for Project Harapan, we really truly appreciate it! Do let us know anytime you're in Singapore, and we'd love to catch up with you as a team.
Thank you once again, and have a good break this December! We will miss you and Project Harapan!

Best Regards,

PENA 50 tahun

ahem...sapa tu?

Tahniah PENA on its 50th year anniversary.

Congrats also to Dato Baha Zain for being the first tokoh PENA. They should have got him some sponsors and gave him more than just RM5K lah. Dia banyak berjasa.Jgn bila dah tiada, baru nak diratapi. But being a humble man, he remains humble.Semoga Allah berkati hidup beliau.I like the poem read in honour of him (written by him).

I saw many frens ..old and new at the dinner.Our PM looked very people-friendly at the majlis and the crowd loved him (he was very supportive throwing in RM5mil to translate buku2 sastera and another 1 million for PENA to upgrade apa yang patut termasuk rumah usang itu.Syabas AJK dan Prez PENA yang baru dilantik.Berani meminta kerana tanpa penulis2 Melayu/penulis yang menulis di dalam Bahasa Melayu, bahasa itu akan mati dan tidak bermartabat.What is RM6 million kan?)

Sapa tulis speech PM? I like the term 'tamadun spiritual'.Woohoo.Bagussss.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

my life on facebook

i am too lazy to update my blog cos' updating news/events is easier on facebook (uploading pics especially). sorry folks but time seems an issue with me now.after perth, I don't sleep. :)

so many events and deadlines to catch up with.i'm thinking of moving closer to the uni.the distance gets into me (esp with bad jams during this rainy season).

and now a big paper for Hanoi.when people pay for you to speak, the pressure is tremendous.
maybe after the final exams, I'd be able to transfer some pics from my facebook.

and i'm starting to write a novel. :)

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Greetings from Perth

Perth has grown so fast and so big (with the economic has become so cosmopolitan and yet retains its friendliness)

Mei and I are staying at St Thomas More college, a nice hall near Kings Park (a huge park which overlooks the's equivalent to Hyde Park/Central Park)

Kinoi took us out to dine at an Indonesian restaurant last nite (Bintang). It's like we never left home.Sini byk kedai Melayu/Indonesia yang halal.

Nanti sambung.Kinoi picking us up to go to Fremantle.