Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Osmonds

Annabelle has always been a die-hard fan.So when she told me about the Osmonds coming to perform in Genting, I wired the family and we got interested.I hope things will go as planned.Watch this space. :)

Here's his link

His YouTubes: (to Christine, Annabelle etc reading this, do you remember the dance at my sister's bday party? ha ha) (another grin here) (zaman sesat.Haha)

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Mr. Gambus

Raja Ahmad and his guest artist, Mustapa Ibrahim
at RA Gallery, KL

Farid Ali (Mr.Gambus) and friends

Nik and I were feeling a bit lost without Z so we started to date one another again cos' staying at home on a Saturday evening seemed too much for us without our child.

First, we went to RA Gallery to give moral support to the opening of a local artist's art exhibition.Mustapa Ibrahim was his name.We met many arty crafty people.I enjoyed the banana leaf motifs Mustapa had.Simple but the paintings brought you back to earth.

Then after Maghrib,we decided to go shopping at KLCC.Isetan was having a sale.Everywhere I turned were young children.Hmm..when Z leaves home after SPM...I cannot imagine how much worse it can get.
Every Arab child I saw looked like Z when she was 2, 3, 4, 5, I know how my Mom felt when I left home and when I got married...

We still didn't want to go home when malls closed at 10.We decided to listen to Mr.Gambus at Bangkok Jazz and have something to eat there.

They didn't start on time (this is something I hate..not starting on time) but when they did, I think it was worth waiting for.I never thought gambus could be so jazzy.Farid Ali (Mr.Gambus) looked like he's a banker.He sang better than he played his gambus. :)) He didn't open his mouth too widely as most singers I had seen but he had nice voice. Very intriguing, that.

Truly nice voice! . We left just before 12 but not without me saying to Mr. Gambus and his saxophone guy, "That was fabulous."

But his gambus can't beat Dennis Lau's electric violin. :))

I have a meeting at 4 pm today.You know it's Sunday here.But a woman has to do what a woman has to do.Work.
footnote: I had re-written this piece and if you notice everything is now in English.I received an email from Charlotta in the US saying her students want to know more about me after reading my book In the art of naming.Ahem. So folks, this blog has to go international now. :))

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Party's over

Syukur alhamdullilah, the party's over.

The dinner went well I think.The boys played good music (many approached them to say so).Tapi lagu 'Sway" I depa tak sempat main sebab Sultan balik awal (but Sultan told the boys he liked their music and told Zamil that he had P.Ramlee's voice.Haha) but Dennis' Prelude memang sedap gila.Nanti bila album dia keluar, kita nak suruh dia buat concert free kat alumni.

Dan untuk peminat-peminat Dennis yang membaca blog ini, ini blog Dennis

Tapi tension giler buat kerja ni.

Z is enjoying herself in Turkey.She deserves it.

Friday, May 16, 2008

like a wedding reception

As the day draws closer to IIUM's 25th anniversary, the preparations are like us preparing for a wedding reception esp. the evening event.It's good that every division/unit is involved.The Architecture students are in charge of decorating the hall (and my instruction was "tukar dia jadi ballroom". Ha ha.Saja nak mengusik.They showed us a few pics of past events.They were good at playing with colours and lightings.Kita doakan mereka sukses)

The jazz band boys came.I had to be honest with them tentang pantang larang IIUM.They took it well.Bukan pertama kali mereka main musik depan Sultan-sultan dan pembesar2 negeri lainnya so that is a relief.We decided on a few songs yang akan buat kita "sway-sway" (good for food digestion during dinner). Mufti Perlis will come.Tak tau lah macamana reception beliau nanti.Nampak macam dia hadhari so I hope takda masalah. But I guess mesti ada kritik kutuk ..macam majlis2 perkahwinan yang lain tetapi apalah erti hidup kalau tak berani berfikiran lapang.

If I'm fired, I have my small room to return to. :))
Yang penting, it's a celebration, kan?

Monday, May 12, 2008

And so I was on tv...

It's been a while since I was on I felt quite nervous about being interviewed live on Good Morning Malaysia (Selamat Pagi Malaysia). Prof Iswawi was with me but he's a pro.

So we spoke about IIUM celebrating our silver jubilee this year.I focused on alumni and participation of the masyarakat in building the nation which would mean participating in uni. development, etc.

Some positive feedbacks from colleagues.. that's REALLY nice to know. :)

My mom yang tengah merajuk pun (she said she could not watch sebab TV dia rosak but I just spoke to her semalam and she told me she was watching her favourite soap opera) said she saw me and said "wah..pandai cakap ya?" I could sense the mother's pride in her voice. Dia merajuk sebab kita dah lama tak balik menjengok dia.I'll pick her up next Saturday, InsyaAllah cos' Z is leaving for Ankara the day after.Dia rindu cucu and daughter but tak mau tinggalkan her kelas mengaji.

Ramai juga callers after the show.I hope more participations by alumni before May 20.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Calling all iium alumni


IIUM will celebrate its 25th year on May 20, 2008. We are having a charity dinner in the evening.Seats can be bought at RM100 per head. Please email me for details. Last date to give charitably for this dinner is May 12. This is once every 25 years. :))

Umm..I might be on TV on Monday morning on this. Bukanlah satu perkara yang saya suka nak buat walaupun saya mungkin suka masuk TV.Ha ha.

Tapi setengah orang berperangai pelik...nak tanya dulu ke mana donation tu pergi...sapa audit funding..hello..kita cuma minta RM100 bukan 100 juta ringgit (sekali in 25 years). Lagipun zaman Islam bermula dulu, semua orang jihad bagi harta benda nak bangunkan Islam.Takda pun tanya pasal auditors dan lain2.Semuanya based on trust.Ini, kita telah tiada.TRUST.Walaupun atas emas sekarung.

Oh sad.