Thursday, July 31, 2008

Anwar di Permatang Pauh

she has inspired many women

Dato' Seri in action

still a family woman


I usually don't like writing political commentaries (esp. on Malaysian politics yang amat memalukan! A colleague at lunch, was telling me how embarassed she was travelling abroad now and got asked about current issues at home.Sodomy is definitely not something you want to discuss in your conference room.She said sekarang dah ada mee segera called sodomee.Yuks! I will not be able to enjoy my maggi mee now).

I feel for Dato' Seri Dr. Wan Azizah. It is true that we'll know who our real friends are when we are in trouble.Online, I also observe who her real friends are. Kalau on blogs cakap gedebak gedebuk kami sokong, kami sanggup berkorban.But at the same time question why must MY seat be sacrificed (kalau nak bagi, bagi je dengan ikhlas.Tak payah nak hint2 penyokong tak suka etc.Kalau tak nak bagi, cakap je terus terang tak boleh.No need to be like a good samaritan, beritau satu dunia ini pengorbanan ku) Tak perlu nak tanya why not AI's wife.Why not AI's daughter.Real getik.If there's anything which I hate, it's inconsistency.And hypocrisy.

I had hoped that Dato' Seri Dr. Wan Azizah would stay in politics long enough for her to be our first woman PM.Nampaknya harapan meleset.But I will keep praying for her well-being.Allah will protect her.Only God knows what level of patience she has gone through.Kalau I jadi dia, dah lama AI kena fasakh. Bezanya wanita berhati mulia and one who is not. :)

Meanwhile, al-fatihah to Syed Othman Kelantan who passed away last night. To SM Zakir, takziah.Semoga bersabar di atas kehilangan ini.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Exciting days ahead!

fireworks in Putrajaya

If you are an IIUM alumnus, we have exciting progs for you in the coming months (apart from German youths playing baroque music in Oct).

We need IIUM staff/alumni/immediate family members to register as hosts to IIUM foreign students (as well as those who live far away from KL e.g. Sabah/Sarawak) for:

1.iftar (a day of berbuka puasa in Ramadan)
2. raya (Jom Balik Raya prog)

If you are or know of any IIUM alumni/IIUM staff who might be interested in these two progs (handled by ISD and ACSD), please email norazilee at or call him at 03 6196 4023.

Meanwhile, have a look at this homestay in Selangor.If you know of any others in your area, please let us know as well.

Monday, July 28, 2008

PAS, Our Choice

I'm going to be naughty today.But serious.

I've been going through a few blogs and my quick assessment is this: PAS is the choice of many young intellectual/professional Muslims in Malaysia (and outside). Yayyyy!!!!

My Prof friend from NUS (who is visiting IIUM for a month) has a very interesting observation of PAS too.Met up with him today (his first day) and we spoke about current politics (except topics on Batu Putih).

Prof T is older than Spore itself and was part of the making of Spore as a nation.As a prominent scholar who has been and seen a lot, he shares with me the future of PAS, post 2008 elections. He was in KB, he said. He'd accidentally given a taxi driver a RM50 note (for a RM3 fare or something). The man returned it back to him.Prof T was so touched he wanted to give more.The man refused, saying he takes only what he deserves (or what the meter says).Wow! But Prof T (a non-Muslim) went to a supermarket and bought him stuffs which he insisted the man accept as gifts.

Itulah bezanya pemandu KL and KB although I have met very nice KL taxi drivers before.Yang tamak pun ramai esp. depan KLCC.They only take foreign passengers so that they can earn close to RM100 per trip (or more).Despite complaints in local media, the powers that be buat blur juga. This would explain why there are still so many cars in city centre despite the petrol hike.

Anyway, I think PAS, with its continuous recruitment of young, talented, intelligent, trustworthy (sometimes handsome) leaders, will go a long way. I think they have candidates who are committed Muslims who graduated from good unis in the world (Cambridge? Oxford? Melbourne?) and hence, are streetwise with so many things. Way to go, PAS!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Chatting with an epicurist

Abe at the Dept.

Life is full of surprises.Today, a total stranger walked into my life (via telephone). I thought he was a spy.Hahaha. Would not you if a total stranger called you up and knew so much about you (the truth was, he had spoken to my Boss who gave him my contacts! Kelakar?). Abe is from South California. Originally from Romania (but born in the USA).

After 2 hours' chat on the phone (and a character check on the net), Abe came across as a genuine travel writer (focusing on gourmet).Tapi soalan2 dia memang menyangsikan.Apa ke jadah tanya pasal Islam, Muslims in Msia and Indonesia, Msian identity, etc. But then again I thought it's good to engage in a discussion like this.Lebih baik dengar dari Muslims sendiri than have Islam defined by others.So we enjoyed talking to each other.Ada masa I 'katuk' dia balik dengan stereotypical perceptions dia. Anyway, I promised to give him a recipe I discovered in Melaka (masak utk 46 people,dengan bahan2 yang mudah dicari in the west, he said) Whaaaat??? Masak utk sorang pun no time! But resipe ketam black pepper senang nak buat.I had tried it and it tasted good. :)) Will I be famous? Nak ambik gambar ke Abe? Hahaha. Ada kamera, jadik! :)) Just kidding. But my Dept will invite him to speak to our students and help inspire them to be writers (macam dia). He'll be in KL for another 2 weeks.

Something on Abe, taken (without permission) from

Abe Opincar’s Fried Butter is not the first food memoir but came 5 years before Eat, Pray, Love and other books that heightened the status of food. While Opincar may not be writing of long lost love or soul searching as openly as other authors do, his writing is refreshing. He does not whine. He appreciates his life and all of its obstacles. He pines for the sadness in life over the happiness because that is where he grew the most. His writing is not just a story of his life. Opincar intertwines a history of food. Each chapter is about a dish or an ingredient. He explains the history of items while revealing a story of himself. He does not seem to be longing for anything in life. Except for the ingredients and the memories attached to each.
Opincar’s story is not riveting or a page-turner because of suspense or compassion. Instead, his stories provide the reader with something they can relate to. Turning the page means learning more about oneself than about Opincar.
I especially appreciate Opincar’s stories because he is Jewish and he inserts anecdotes that I can appreciate. He picks up the Jewish relationship between spirituality and food.
I do not recommend Fried Butter for people looking for a good memoir of life and adventure. I do recommend it for people who appreciate food for its history, the memories it creates, for the emotion and for food itself. It is a simple story of a man who has seen the world but holds all his memories in ingredients not in material items or places. I particularly like the chapter on turmeric and how you can use replacements for ingredients in recipes but somehow it is not like the real thing. There are certain things in life that you can have replacements of and never know that it is different from the real thing until you have the real one.

One of my favorite quotes: “Either there is a G-d, of Judaism is the cruelest joke that’s ever been pulled on any people in the history of the world!” (123).

Thursday, July 24, 2008

'Teh Tarik' , a poem by Francis Tanglao-Aguas

Francis, posing at 3 am

teh tarik

All night long we chatted, souls exposed, spirits ablaze.

Arts, sodomy, democracy. Who thought they could be uttered in the same breath.
Yet there we were, at 3am, impassioned yet cautious, free yet not
so much.
(How Asian, no?)

Another cup, another deliberate yet gentle passing of milk
and sugar tea between
two cups awaits us.

Our conversations are like that tea that flows from these two cups
--flowing, fragile, and free, at least while in transit between the
cups that.

Our thoughts, our art while delicious like teh tarik, are

They will always linger in between two cups,
always visible,
always mid flight, always free.

*footnote: Francis wrote this poem for friends he met at the Fringe Festival

MSSR Reunion 2008 (Batch 1980)'s so close to the D-day.We have been planning this for 2 years, online.For the last couple of months (since Andrew migrated to Australia and me, busy with my new job), the mailing list has been pretty quiet. We met twice this year and got pretty confident that things were under control then wham bang! Yesterday everyone started to feel panicky.Have we done this? That? Confirmed this, that? we go down the roller coaster...

Ivy has arrived from California.Kim is on her way from Canada. Andrew may, may not return (when all this was HIS idea! Memang dia nak kena cekik..conveniently passing the chairmanship to me!). Ai Girl who was pretty sure she could join us 2 years ago is now in Munich.No go.

I have gotten Shukeri to help out with the multimedia presentation.Jenoh la dia nak incorporate Streisand's song in the cd I gave him.

Sharida, if you are reading this: make that trip to KL!
Whatever it is, it's supposed to be an evening out with old (very old) friends.So, apa nak jadi, jadilah.We are just out to have fun.

Breathe in,

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Melaka Retreat

Melaka river cruise

a selection of fish to be grilled

Melaka has become too touristic and too commercialised.There's nothing wrong with being both but I wish it had happened in a more natural way and not too fast. I miss the old Melaka of the late 80s when I had a 3-month stint, living in Melaka. The old country road is now shadowed by the highway but I made an effort to drive the old country road, passing Perigi Hang Tuah and enjoying old Melakan homes with colourful tiled tangga.
In the city..wahlau..not one shopping mall but two...ada noisy concert lagi on roof-top of the mall.Very da canggih mah.So this is how we shape the future generation? Galakkan budaya lepak melepak? Budaya obese? Makan non stop.Budaya menuju arah bebas sex? Bagi mereka ruang untuk belajar merokok at a very early age?

I took a walk on Jonker Street and loved the scene of cruises on the river.Was tempted to join one but at the sight of air yang macam longkang busuk, I changed my mind (what if I fell down? Yuks!) Kerajaan Melaka patut buat macam Boston yang spent lotsa money cleaning up its waterfront sampai nampak reflection langit biru in their waters.

At least the ikan bakar culture is stilll alive.They have better housing now.I still enjoyed my ikan/sotong/ketam bakar with nasi lemak.Tak peduli lah if the restaurant isn't as exotic as the old days (from which we could see the perahu man deliver his fresh catch to our ikan bakar cook)

I did something fantastic: I drove all the way from KL to Melaka for the first time in my life (Nik had to be in KB with his family over some family matters for the weekend). Anyway, I had to plead with May to temankan I though.Takut mengantuk. :)) She drove back half way cos' I wanted to catch some sleep (no rest since I got back from the UK). Memang ada rasa nak mampos penatnya.

The office did good at completing the framework for Balanced Scorecard and setting our KPIs.Dr. June is a god-send and had guided us a lot in this. She's so funny too.The challenge is HOW are we gonna deliver.

I think it's gonna be busy months ahead us.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The debat

I got home just in time to catch the debat.

Kita bangga it took place.Syabas to all. Masih ada courage and civility in town.
It's OK if Anwar looked like he borrowed his coat from someone (one size bigger) or that Shabery foamed in the mouth.They should have done some touch up la sikit, kan? Or give both a glass of water.

Byk org kata they didn't solve issues. Sejak bila debat solve issues? Or sejak bila politics can solve issues? (Dato Ti will bersilat on this kejap lagi). :)

Anyway, keterbukaan macam ini is much welcome.We are here NOT to judge personalities but to focus on issues or non-issues.

Can we have Dr M and Karpal Singh next?

Monday, July 14, 2008


Me on a punting tour. A nice break

Punting on River Camb

Suami Chanita, Tomas (he's Swede), who took time off to show me Cambridge Uni.

By River Camb (masa ni Chanita and I went for a walk)

I took this pic cos' I liked the fountain in the middle

Entah lah apa nama College ni but part of Cambridge Uni.

Rasa-rasa part of St. John's College

My Thai friend, Chanita (dulu a librarian at Cornell but now works at a hospital in Cambridge)

I better write down my thoughts while they are still fresh.

Chanita had to go to work after we sent Lina to sch. Then Tomas showed me where he worked (St. John's College).Very English but the new building (built in 1970s) was ugly.Then I took a punting tour on River Camb.Nice.Our punter was funny but some tall tales about a lot of things on the uni and the town itself (temberang kuat! I heard more authentic stuffs from Tomas esp. about the cows on campus)

Anyway, Tomas brought me to his College lunch.Wough....they do this everyday (served!) and I sat next to the College Master (some Prof in Biochem). The fruit dessert included a bowl of dates. Pelik juga orang putih makan kurma. I suppose their scientists have figured out khasiat kurma. Bukan kurma cikai.Besar dan tak manis.

After lunch, it's tea or coffee, served in a different room.Many old and famous Profs here.I think it's a great idea to eat with your colleagues and discuss great ideas on a regular basis.Back at IIUM, we only get to discuss great ideas when we meet in the Ladies masa ambik air semayang.Sometimes research projects are born there, ideas to organise conferences, etc. Imagine if we have proper lunch together on daily basis! UM has its own Rumah Universiti where academics socialise and discuss impt issues over lunch/dinner etc. At Flinders (my other alma mater), we have a proper restaurant (meant only for academics and their guests.I remember being asked if I wanted kangaroo meat for lunch one day)

It may be a while to travel this way again now that UK gomen gatal nak impose visas on us pulak.Only if Z gets to study here that I'll take the trouble to come this way again.Tomas kata budak2 Cambridge ni tak macam budak2 Cornell where they read in advance and the class would have good discussions.Sini..budak2 malas (accordimg to my punter, kerjanya nak mengabehkan duit mak bapak, drink and chase gals.The gals chase the boys back).And they don't have to submit their essays (they only discuss with their Fellows 2-3 times but essay writing is like every week! Budak2 IIUM will not be able to handle that!). Exams are 100% (3 questions, 3 hours).Yikes! Senangnya hidup macam ni. But this should explain KJ too, dak? Heh heh.

English postcards

ah..English roses...

Duaa, a PhD candidate from Egypt.She showed me halal restaurants in Leicester (banyak.They even had Islamic Banking there.A strong presence of Muslim population, second after Bradford, I think)

Emma, giving her thank you speech

Prof Carole Davies is from Cornell (far right).Anak dia model kat NYC.

Anne and Umeru are from Manchester

At the conference lunch before the fire drill

Part of Leicester Uni. campus

This UK trip is like returning home (sadly, I have no time to visit my alma mater in Liverpool) as I travelled on the train past so many meadows, farms, seeing horses, cattle, swans, ducks and boathouses on the river.

Seeing Chanita again is great.We cooked, walked along River Camb and met this couple who lived in Tanzania but moved to live in Cambridge for almost 40 years now. Chanita and I then went out eating Jap. food and sat in the cafe, reminiscing our Ithaca days and catching up with news and all.Maria and her got to be friends over the phone and I am happy for both. :)

The conference in Leicester went well.The uni. was a beautiful one. Lotsa green and roses.Very comfortable student hall.But the friends I made...woooooooooo...seronok.Some people came up to me and told me my paper (on Kahf) was inspiring but I'm surprised how Freud is still fashionable here.Got cornered by psychoanalysis talk.I don't buy those crap.I think it can be culturally incompatible.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Greetings from London

At Satay House in Paddington with my sis in law and her son (they were in town on a 3-week holiday)

Leicester Square where we watched Mamma Mia, the movie

Maria with her orchids

Maria's better half, Pete, at their allotment

I like this concept of bumi hijau. Each household tends to their own kebun sayur, rented out from the city council at a very low fee

Playing Queen at the Windsor Castle.
(pengapit beta orang putih)

It was quite a bumpy flight esp. over Bengal Bay.But in general it was a good flight on MAS.Met a couple from Australia (the hubby was Scottish).

Shanta and Pete picked me up from Heathrow.It rained a bit.Nice couple and nice place and nice English garden! I'll post a pic in a bit.

We didn't waste much time...went to West End to catch Chicago but tickets were sold out so we went to catch Mamma Mia the movie, also at West End.Meryl Streep could sing (she was in theatre before she got into movies) but Pierce's hilarious.Imagine James Bond singing ABBA songs! Kelakar gila.But the movie is definitely better than the play.

OK folks, jangan marah.We are going to Windsor shop (books!) and do the castle thingy.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Of belly dance and Port Lincoln oysters

Carcosa Seri Negara

Grand Marquee


Port Lincoln oysters: yum

So I had a wonderful dinner at Seri Carcosa last nite.It was hosted by South Australian Government and Australian Malaysia Business Council (SA) Inc. We had fresh oysters specially flown from Port Lincoln in South Australia...Oooooo...luckyyyyy....then semuanya dari Ozzie except the violinists and I was impressed.Sedap betul music dia and they were Malaysians (one of them was my daughter's former violin teacher).

When they served steaks,I tak berapa yakin it's halal and budak Filipino attending us tu pulak tak pandai cakap English sangat so when I asked, she brought me vegetarian meal.Haha.Nasib I dah kenyang makan bass (hmm, yum) and lotsa buns. Now, this is the issue I wanna raise (belly dancer tu kejap lagi).

WHY DO WE EMPLOY FOREIGN WORKERS IN EVERY INDUSTRY???? We should just employ in areas yang orang2 kita tak boleh nak buat kerja.Imagine if I were served by a local, he/she would understand my query and I would not be denied nice Australian steaks (walaupun I tak lapar but had I been hungry, how? Only goats suka sayur!)

At the petrol station pun..kalau nak tanya apa-apa direction ke..punyalah susah (I get lost quite often when travelling by myself).Bayangkan if it's orang local.We save time and being progressive is all about how much time we can save.

Anyway, I had a nice time at Carcosa yah? The local chaps were very nice when we (Noriah and I.Nik had another dinner elsewhere) asked for tempat sembahyang. He found us a room and we got into a Carcosa room and perasan we were Queen of England. :)) One Dato pun berebut2 nak sembahyang (yang lain tu buat blur jelah) and it gave us a feeling of brotherhood and sisterhood dalam kekalutan mengejar masa.

Now the belly dancer...Zul went to see (on Sunday I told him of the do at MPO Hall).He didn't waste time.Semalam pun dia pulun.Maklumlah orang seni.He is also a dancer.Pagi buta dah text-ed.I pun kata pasal pulak we allowed half naked woman macam tu? Kalau locals buat gelek dangdut pun dah bising (memang patut bising.Prof Z says in Indonesia, it's started by the pros).Tiba2 ini kat MPO Hall pulak. Even in Istanbul, belly dancing is done in nite clubs -- private space, you want, you pay. Why are we like this? MPO Hall ni konon a classy and elitist space. Is it a case of if you wanna perform whatever, asal foreigner, tak mengapa?

It's like if you have a Malaysian passport, expect the worst in your own country.
Can we have some respect some where, in our own land?

Friday, July 04, 2008

Interfaith Dialogue

Dr Kamar Oniah delivered a talk on this.Of cos' she is an authority..having been one of the founders of the original Interfaith Dialogue group before it became something else (Oni and Chandra Muzzafar withdrew, along with other people who believed in having dialogues and NOT using the platform to convert/change others)

Oni said one main criterion in initiating interfaith dialogue (or any other dialogues) is sincerity.And sincerity is transparent. If we go into a dialogue trying to change the other for our own agenda...we can..we can blah. :)) We dialogue becos we wanna understand, not to condemn or boast I am better than you, etc.

She said in engaging in a dialogue, the other impt thing to observe is your willingness to listen.Jangan masuk2 dah nak bagi lecture/nak mengajar orang/nak marah orang.People will leave you and will never come back.

She was in Spore recently and entah macamana they arranged for her to have a dialogue with Ambassador of Israel (in Spore). Kak Oni is known for her bluntness. So she and the ambassador
got into a ping pong game.Ha ambik kau sebiji! Heaayah, ini utk kau! Ping! Pong! Ping and de pong!

Orang Israel tu tanya kenapa Malaysia larang rakyat visit Israel? Kami orang baik..tak ajar anak2 kami violence, etc.

Kak Oni: kerajaan kami larang kami ke China/South Africa satu masa dulu tapi bila dasar mereka berubah, kami semua boleh pergi bebas keluar masuk.Kalau Israel nak Msians datang, berubahlah! (ha ha..I thot this so cute)

Kak Oni: Kita bertanggungjawab di atas waktu ini dan masa hadapan bukan sejarah lampau! Israel asyik terkenangkan sejarah silamnya.Yang merebus kamu orang Jerman bukan orang Islam.Kenapa lanyak kami? (why take out on us?)

Kak Oni nasihat budak2 (yang datang dari troubled regions also in Africa/Middle East, etc): when things get worse, look into the eyes of the young ones not your parents cos' the eyes of your parents are filled with hatred,revenge, anger, etc.Lihatlah mata anak2 yang tidak berdosa dan menaruh harapan that the future is waiting for them.

She spoke of many sincere Xtian and Jewish friends who defended Muslims during the Intifada (one Jewish lady mati kena bulldozed when they were doing human shield to protect Palestinian kids who wanted to go to sch but harassed by the Israeli armies).She also spoke of good ties between Xtian,Muslims and Jews but this group is also dying out sebab byk sgt propaganda after Sept 11.

But peace is impt and it is everyone's responsibility to restore/sustain it, regardless of creed/colour/nationality.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Well done IIUM!

I am proud of the two IIUM ICT teams which won first and second prizes at the ACM-ICPC Malaysia al-Khawārizmī National Programming Contest 2008 (al-Khawārizmī-08) beating Monash University and 21 other teams. I was invited to their closing and prize giving ceremony and although I knew next to nothing about programming, the whole contest looked very exciting.I was also told that IIUM got to host the regional contest in Dec (competing against world's best programmers cos' Malaysia is in the same league as those in China, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore..kalau kalah pun tak malu) and world event in 2011.Well done IIUM and Malaysia! (it's not easy to bid to host world events and we did it).

If we do well, tak perlu kita advertise for students to study here...people will berebut2 nak masuk!

But I was comparing my arty crafty world with this new world. My world is often noisy and unruly especially in majlis-majlis anugerah like this.Budak-budak ni menang, muka selamba.I asked S..why ah? Aren't they happy they won?

S: "nerdy world"

They didn't look nerdy tapi selamba.I thought of the TV reality show Beauty and the Geek.
Nahhh..our kids look more natural, cuma expression kurang.If you are happy, clap your hands! :)

Whatever it is, I had fun talking with S and other ICT staff at the do.

The good old Tengku who officiated the event didn't age one bit -- in fact he looked younger than when he was CEO of MIMOS. I was wondering apa petua awet muda he amalkan. Maybe a good heart.Literally.

He spoke of how al-Khawārizmī became an inventor...he was trying to calculate the distribution of faraih and had to find a mathematical solution (and became father of algebra etc).Tengku was saying we need to create things to solve problems (instead of becoming lifelong consumers..ini I tambah)

More about him here

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Our brother Anwar

A top notch scholar of Southeast Asian Studies at a top notch university in NY is pretty certain that there will not be any assassination of Anwar (except character assassination) because Malaysia has no history of this. I think we do have such a history but politicians gunned down were not key names...we had one in Kelantan in the 1960s and recently, in Segamat (an MIC politician). So, I will not rule out possibilities.We wake up to surprises everyday, since our last General Elections.

Asked if CIA/KGB/Mossad/Singapore intelligence/batman/superman/spiderman/cicakman/kluang man was behind all this chaos, my friend said such a thought would only come from frustrated and worried people.No such thing as conspiracy theory.


But the crowds at Malawati were huge.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Komunikasi dua hala (untuk Dato Ti Lian Ker)

Bait-bait balas saya warna ungu utk apa yang ditulis oleh Dato' dalam warna biru di bawah ini:

Faridah mana satu yang sebenar?
rupanya rakan sebangku sekolah!
memori ni masih segar, tak 'senile'..bila di bangku sekolah...
kita telingkah dan bertelagah..mau ubah negara - seolah-olah..
tapi kita tak berani buat fitnah..

kini..aku begini..engkau begitu..
kita sehala..walaupun tak setuju..
nasib ada blog utk kita sambil lalu..
tidak sedarpun Faridah dah ada buku..

mari kita sama-sama cari titik bersetuju.
demi untuk masa depan anak dan cucu..
janganlah mereka itu terus dibelenggu..
dengan jeratan dan perangkap dulu-dulu..
(diambil dari blog

yang dulunya Kapten (rumah)
masih bisa berbicara
tentang hal-hal besar
ingin mengubah Malaysia

Faridah masih yang sama
mencari keadilan di mana-mana
tanpa ingin mengubah jati diri
Islam hanya satu
tidak ada had hari

Faridah juga percaya
perkauman adalah 'imagined'
dan sesuatu yang dididik
dari bapa kepada anak
dari sekolah ke universiti
bahawa dunia ini ada boundary

Kita mungkin menuju
destinasi yang sama
jalan yang berbeda
tetapi inilah yang
menjadikan kita Malaysia

Perbedaan pendapat adalah rahmat
bukan bencana

arah ke hadapan ialah
menyambut apa sahaja
dengan fikiran terbuka

Majulah kita untuk negara!

wough...macam iklan TV!

But it was nice talking to you again.Thks for calling. We'll catch up soon. Mahmud is 100 years this year.We should all be back and celebrate and give back what we had taken from it. Ada sapa2 nak anjur? I think the school is but I have not heard anything from them.