Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Guess who came to dinner?

Luis, Ana with Nik and Z

Luis and Ana!(Costa Ricans) They have just moved to China from Thailand.Luis stopped over in KL cos' he wanted to show Ana KL which he loves so much after his encounter with it during our Asia-Pac Indigenous Plays Festival at IIUM many years ago (4? 5?)
We took them out to dinner at Seri Melayu (which had lost its seri I thought).But we still enjoyed talking to one another.

First day at work yesterday as the new Director of ACSD.I muntah in the car on my way home.Freudian slip or what? But the staff at ACSD seemed OK and hard working lot.My brain is busy thinking how to make money.Tough job but if it's just for the year, I guess I will survive.