Friday, July 30, 2010

Lagi kisah hospital

Everything had to come to a standstill as my mom was admitted to ICU late Thursday evening.My appointments with students, a guest from Conakry (Africa), my dinner with friends from Liverpool, semua kena kensel.We didn't have time to send my mom to HUKM cos' she had bad internal bleeding so my sisters sent her to a private hospital near my place.We would not be able to handle the traffic jam, long waits at HUKM's emergency.Not at 6 pm.Not after a long day's work.I was the last to arrive at the hospital.Lepas tu after Maghrib bergegas to Kg Melayu Subang with Nik.Was told by my PA ada satu ustaz boleh buat air penawar (I wanted anything to stop the bleeding).Rang him up.Dia tak mengubat org on malam Jumaat, he said.I said plez O plez (not exactly in that manner) but Ustaz tu kata datanglah lepas Maghrib.We were lucky mlm tu dia tak sihat and ada di rumah and not malam org berubat (if not, long queue).

Dgn izin Allah, selepas minum air doa tu, the bleeding stopped.Doc kata ada 2 je kemungkinan where the blood came from: stomach or colon.Anything could spell tumor/cancer.Haiyo...

Mlm tu endoscopy showed my mom's stomach cantik.No pendarahan.Besok kena buat colonscopy (today).Doc didn't find anything but suspected luka2 lama (typical in aged people) caused the bleeding.Blood will stop sendiri if it happens again.Haiyo...itupun she had to transfuse blood.Darah hilang mesti diganti.

Typical of private hospitals, doc kasi masuk Operation Room.Dia tunjuk isi dalam colon my mom (my sisters tak berani and pushed me to be the one rep from the family to find out what the prob was).Like I berani sangat! Ada satu part tu, I just shut my eyes.I think Dr Gan sensed my fear (bilik tu gelap).He asked do you want to stay to watch or wait outside.I told him I didn't want to watch.Dia kata OK, tunggu je at luar.Nanti dia explain je.

This is NOT something anyone can handle alone.My sisters semua datang and becos' ICU visiting hours are strict, sempat juga I cabut buat facial! (I was exhausted...kalau buat facial rasa segar sikit) The beauty of the hospital being so close to home and my facial place.

Besok tengok hospital bill, semua pengsan.I wish gomen hospitals are this efficient, this friendly and this nicely located.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I had meant to write this earlier.but i forgot.

Last Sunday, I asked if Nik could take me to this place said to be so famous for breakfast.
Kita pun pergi.We saw a signage that said,"Although our competitor offers cheaper prices, they know their real worth."

After eating our breakfast, we thought the cheaper competitor ni patut put up this signage,"Although our competitor offers higher prices, they should know they are over-rated."

Hampaih betul the place we went to.Ikannya mentah, karinya masin...I miss Banana Leaf in Little India in Spore.Yang itu memang takda tolok banding.If you are in Spore, check it out.It's always penuh with people from all over the world, from all walks of life.Karinya memang outa this world.

I puasa Syaaban ni folks (malam ni Nisfu Syaaban).Tu sebab thinking food now...

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Workshop and food testing

Full day today,folks.

The team had to seludup air and gula2 for our thesis workshop di satu tempat yang tak dapat kami sebutkan di sini (food and drink are prohibited).It's amazing how doas worked (I was praying the place's guardian would not see me carrying this suspicious bag and later Dr Zura, with this suspicious box going past the entrance).Dengan izin Allah, masa kami lalu tu, the guardian terjatuh sesuatu di lantai and was bending down to pick it. :))

My lit review session was alive with participants' contributions.They sounded so pro when critiquing others' works.Baguslah...I think budak2 UIA ni Allah dah jadikan sedia cerdik sejak azali.Haha.

Anyway, I had to rush to KL Sentral's Hilton for the food testing soonest after my workshop.The whole gang were there except for Amin (he came a bit late).Hilton's foods have always been superb.We had seafood, sesame seeded chicken, fish, nasi goreng cina and recipe paling pelik was this sugarcane juice with snow fungus.We joked about that being served to our mat salleh guests later..nanti depa akan kata orgh..fungus! they serve us fungus! We had been warned of this! and look at how green the water is (air tebu)!

But we all agreed this dessert would be most appropriately served during Ramadan.
The gang had fun talking about old days at Liverpool.I tak tau pun dorms for the engineering students lagi canggih than my Mulberry Court (Amin pun pernah tinggal kat Mulberry.He was a law student.I thought they had different housing for law students)

Anyway, my mom dah pecat the new maid.Sigh...apa pasallah my sister layankan (I was not home when they decided)..nanti tak terkejar if we have only one maid.I hope we'll get a replacement soon.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Setengah hari di Hulu Langat

Kerja. Went to check the prog.cantik lah tempat ni.Will come back with the family for a weekend getaway.Air sungai jernih.Tidur tak payah air-con.We had wasted our lives pi shopping kat malls every weekend all these years!

Now we have found a place to unwind...Hulu Langat Batu 18 (or is it 14?) Went with Dr Haslina (dia ni very da cekap bab2 cari route...but she knew short cuts to the place cos' husband dia selalu cycle kat kawasan ni...from KL, OK? Bike yang jenis harga belas2 ribu tu...We rather drive...tak sakit lutut...)

Berhenti beli rambutan and manggis tepi jalan.Satu macam manisnya...I think yang jual tu bekas2 Indon maids yang lari dari rumah majikan..sign bakso di kiri kanan jalan...wough..seikat rambutan RM4.

The prog berjalan baik.Daryl is so committed mengajar budak2 tu.Dr H went back for the cert giving (I nak attend sufi poetry reading at ISTAC conference).May Allah bless her!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

a crazy day

Z's registration day at a private college 40 mins from KL.We went around 10 am.Tempat jin bertendang and there are only two categories of students here: children of rich parents and creme de la creme government/GLC/MNC scholars.Syukur alhadullilah Z got to study at her dream college.Ini betul2 rahmah Allah.We would not be able (or not willing?) to spend that much money to finance her A Level (habis2 kita hantar dia ke HELP...3 kali lebih murah dari college ni...RM63K for 2 years and yet, so many parents are willing to pay cos' kolej ni ada 100% passes for A Level except one year cikgu besar dia kata ada budak failed.I tanya sebab apa budak tu fail.Dia kata masalah budak tu sendiri).

Hopefully Z will do well here.Terngiang2 I pesanan ringkas Dr Wee (Timbalan Menteri Pelajaran) yang beritau budak2 Shell at the Award ceremony, "Jgn pandai interview sahaja..nanti belajar tak habis." Hahaha..Z has many funny stories about her journey here.Masa nak buat medical check up, satu Dr. India have to do drugs test (which is RM100 more and not that necesary). Z argued kata tak payah.He said budak2 MARA byk fail this test and that if she tak nak buat, he would not sign. :)) Sometimes I wonder if that trace of racism is imagined or real...why single out budak2 MARA? budak2 lain tak fail ke? Z bukan budak MARA.He just assumed Z budak MARA. Just becos' dia Melayu dan dapat scholarship pi one of the prestigious colleges in the region.

Z lives in a 4-roomed chalet like accommodation, 2 baths.I thought ada dapor but it makes sense takda dapor.Nanti terbakar pulak chalet mereka ni or they will quarrel kalau ada room mate dia dok memasak je.

Masa briefing kat parents and students, I noticed that ibubapa yang datang pun hebat2.One lady sitting on my right nampak je simpoi...but she is an engineer (hubby bizness man educated in the US).Di sebelah kiri I, a couple who had ringgit sign all over them.Z's grandma pun came to hantar (Nik's mom.My mom buat dialysis kat HUKM today) and next to her were other grandmoms juga (sorang tu isteri hakim, sorang lagi tu tak sempat nak tanya tapi tengok baju dia...amboi...glamour dari cucu).In a way, it's nice to know we have 3 successful generations.In another...wah...where do these people come from! Kereta pun menjalar-jalar.

I punya conf started 3.30 pm at the other end of the city.Masa I masuk hall termengah2, they were waiting for me.My turn was on.Punya tergopoh gapah (power point tak sempat nak hantar and so there was some awkward moment as we tried to set up the power point thingy).Nasib baik topik tu memang makanan aku...I received many questions (nasib none too specific) and had raised enough interest for a follow-up conf on the topic and also a possible book project, also on the topic (biasala kan semangat conf.Hangat2 taik ayam but it'll be good to see some of the stuffs come into reality).

Sat. ada satu lagi workshop which I have to handle.Dunia O dunia..boleh tunggu sekejap?Kau berpusing terlalu laju.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Al fatihah

My aunty passed away today.My sister sms-ed me the news sekitar Subuh.I was hesitant to inform my mom.She would go hysterical (her only sister left) and then force me to drive back to Raub (which I was not so keen if Nik tak mau balik.Remember my bad spine? I don't drive long distance anymore.Kebetulan this week is our craziest week).Another sister rang and asked if I would be breaking the news to Mom.I said No (they would not be there to pick the pieces).

Then I heard the ph in my Mom's room rang.Someone would break the news to her.True enough, I heard my mom's hysteria...she came knocking on my door, crying.

Lepas tu dia merajuk cos' my reaction didn't match her expectation.
Then I heard another sister make plans to drive her back to Raub.I was outside the Chalk Circle (I'm tired OK folks.These days it's only me and Sal taking turns caring for her and I have new realities in my life to cope with: child leaving home, new job which is so demanding, papers to write, papers to present...all happening this week!)

But in the end, Nik said we'd go back to pay our last respect but a bit later.He had to sort out urgent matters at the office first and cancelled a few things.I would drive my mom over to my sis' place who would leave earlier than us.So my mom was comforted. :))

We zoomed back (Nik naik angin cos' he was going round and round in a circle at IIUM..I tak dengar my ph.Dekat sejam dia tunggu.Fuming mad.Dah satu drama lain pulak!)
Sampai di kampong, I saw some relatives (my only uncle left, his kids and cousins from various dead uncles and aunties).Mak De died in Kuantan at her youngest son's house who we fondly call Busu (his real name is Nazri).Kesian Busu.He told me he was still feeding her at 5 am this morning, still talking to his mom...Busu duduk flat (dia polis).Flat ni cuma ada lift sampai tingkat 4.I asked Sal (I had not been to his place.Sal had the week we were in Kuantan for our niece's wedding) how they brought down the jenazah.Sal said they carried her down.Kesian I dengar.Inilah nasib rakyat marhaen...rumah pun takda lift sampai ke bawah.

I gave Busu money for the kenduri aruah I would not have the kesempatan to attend (Nik was rushing back to work..I got class at 4 to 7 pm.I wish I could just cancel je my class but besok nak hantar Z to her new college pulak and I have a conference paper to present at 3.30pm).
Such is life.Mengejar dunia yang tidak pernah berhenti untuk kita.

I read Yassin twice and got the boys who visited her teratak every Raya to sedekahkan Al Fatihah for her too.The boys (from Bosnia, Kenya, Mozambique, Yemen, Palestine, Uzbek, Central Africa) all loved their time at her place.

Semoga Mak De ditempatkan di syurga firdaus and may Busu be rewarded by Allah for not turning his mom away di saat2 ibunya uzur dan memerlukan.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hindi movies

This empty nest syndrome can do you a lot of things, you know.Of late, I have been glued to watching Hindi movies on dvds.

Whoa..Hindi movies have grown so much now..kalah Hollywood! You must watch these two movies : My name is Khan (I'm not a terrorist).Canggih habis! No more dances gedik2 or nyanyi keliling pokok. Shahrukh Khan tries to be the Indian Forrest Gump.Kadang2 menjadi,kadang2 over.Kajol is so pretty in this one. This one is so global, ada African American community, scenes with redneck mat salleh.It captures the present day racism and bigotry encountered by Muslims in the West.I like.

The second movie is the 3 idiots...another intelligent movie...but masih ada menari gedik2 (atas scooter and dalam tong deram somemore! Hahaha...I don't mind.For single women..hati2...byk male butt scenes in this movie). But don't show this movie to your kids if you have managed to convince them to do courses you like which they don't like.It might give them ideas (to follow their passion/heart.Hahaha.Nak sorok dari Z! Just kidding.Z made her own mind to switch from Law to Finance/Econs.We just highlighted the pros and cons)

Ah yes, another movie: homebred.'Pisau Cukur' by Bernice Chauly.Kelakar gila! Bernice is a real talent.Lama dah I tak jumpa dia.Must be doing very well as a movie maker.

Boiferen (Nik) ajak tengok Hugh Grant malam ni.I dah tak kuasa.Hugh Grant dah tua. :)
Any good movies you'd like to suggest us?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Congrats IIUM!

IIUM is rated one of 18 excellent unis in Malaysia (neck and neck with offshore Curtin Tech..we are 2nd of 18 unis in Tier 5, beating other offshores like Monash, Nottingham and of cos' the public unis, we are first...jangan marah...).SETARA rating (or ranking) is more reliable cos' assessors turun padang checked all documents/claims.Not like Times Higher..they rank according to claims on paper.

I wish Rector does another press release on IIUM's achievement.

Anyway, I took leave today.Mula2 to accompany my mom to HUKM.Then 2 or 3 days ago Z said Shell buat award giving pulak at Sime Darby Convention.I thought event tu pagi, sempat la nak bergegas to HUKM.Sampai2..rupa2 rehearsal for the kids, event starts noon.

So I balik dulu, drove my maw to my younger sis' place.She'd send her after sch.I would pick her up after my event.

Nak tau? Shell gave 10 places je for overseas' s/ships (out of beratus who applied).Z also competed with those already in university (like this gal who went on fama s/ship...father/mother.. in Melbourne..she is in year 2 dah.One of the 10 also) Phuiyooo..very competitive.Syukurlah..akhirnya Z dapat juga something for her hardwork.I like what Shell Chairman (muda, pintar, tawaduk) said in his speech: Having all As isn't everything...Shell assesses its candidates on other merits: sports/extra curriculum, critical and creative thinking skills, etc etc.

And letter to the editor came out in the Star today.On the same topic. Someone sms me pagi2 buta and asked "did you write to the star?" I gelak je.I tanya keluar ke? Walhal I used pseudonym.Hahaha.Mana dia tau?Am I that transparent?

Anyway..masa dalam hall tu..I felt it was really 1Malaysia...parents yang ada bukan dari kalangan org yang berada...(I think yang parents kaya cuma ada 2-3 couples je).Semua bangsa were represented (tapi ramai Melayu..melayu miskin tapi cerdik.Yang bangsa lain pun miskin tapi cerdik). Shell announced next year there would be another category: for the disabled (tapi pintar).Gomen tak da la nak memikir mcm ni..dia nak sokong satu puak je.Puak 9A+.Terkencek la puak2 kita nak pulun.They should read Lily Zubaidah's book on meritocracy vs parentocracy (Oxford Uni. Press).Lily is Sporean economist, now living in Australia (her book is banned by Spore government).I met her at one conference.Full of wisdom.

Friday, July 09, 2010

Sekitar Flower Arrangement Workshop

my office looked nice

my kerastangan (very professional looking arrangement!)

yang ini student kasi

participants of the workshop
at work (IP sent 3 staff, baiknya boss)

menerima tempahan perkahwinan
(my gubahan in progress)

The whole workshop was simply exciting.Mula2 macam biasa, I felt so stressful (the trauma of my cake decorating workshop came back at this point).My friends from Law Faculty said the same thing. "I came here to de-stress tapi jadi stressful sangat!" She could not even tie the ribbon (which Angelyn said was the easiest). We all laughed at our clumsiness.
But at the end of the workshop, kita semua happy.There's a certain kind of chi we got outa playing with the roses.
This Raya we vowed we'd make our own flower arrangements.Ada yang dah sanggup menerima tempahan kawin.Hahaha.

Monday, July 05, 2010

Congrats, Z!

Syukur alhamdulillah, Z got Shell award to read Econs overseas! No Malaysian government agency awards her anything (JPA shortlisted her but she tak dapat atas sebab tak cukup A...straight As pun tak cukup lagi? 4A+, 4A and 2A-.Kalau A- takda nilai, why bother introducing it?.I wrote to TPM, PM...semua takda responses...ada pun keluar TPM's statement saying how transparent they are in their selection.Well..if excellence is measured solely on no of As..then I have nothing to say...personality/critical thinking/creative checks which one can access through interviews and co-curricular activities are worth 5-10% je.Padan lah we get leaders yang suka duduk je dari rolling up their sleeves to work with rakyat on the ground.Or ramai officers yang tak aktif in gomen agencies.Then kerja tak jadi cepat mana pun!)

They should learn from Shell how Shell makes its selection (gruelling! but I think they got the best.Not becos' anak I dapat award from Shell but masa lepas interviews tu..berlapis2 interviewnya OK? we told ourselves..kalau Z tak dapat pun kami puas hati.She was fully tested).

Well's up to Z.Dia dah nampak selesa buat Law at IIUM.I told her buat both Econs and Law kalau sayang sangat ke law nya tu.

PNB sampai sekarang no news (dah dekat berapa bukan ni).PNB kasi buat Law overseas.Kalau anak sendiri tak kasi susu dan berok2 di hutan tu didulukan...apa nak buat.The gomen seems not to have strategic mind to groom future leaders.Asyik2 nak favour medicine, science-based applications..there should be a nice balance, really!

wedding talks and other stories

Aren't you curious with what people talk about at wedding receptions? (where old friends meet after so long or new ones make new ties).

I was at one yesterday.Met up with a couple I enjoy meeting (young, vibrant, cosmopolitan and yet rooted).Both had worked in London for many years.LSE grads somemore.Tapi tak sombong OK? The guy had told me about his trip to West Africa at another wedding we went to a couple of years back.This year, that episode continued.I told him about my experience.We had fun exchanging stories.I tengok other guests at the table tompang semangkok ketawa over some of the funny entries I had.

Anyway, after the wedding I rushed to Azhar's for our supposedly final meeting on the UoL Gala Dinner (but the team decided we might need another final one just a week before the event).Annie masak bagus as usual.Dr Cassim is always fun to be with (he would diagnose just about anything and had strong opinions against paracetamol, cough syrup, antibiotics).Amin pun dah pandai nak prescribe drugs (he mentioned something which he said kalau makan, kena marah dgn judge pun tak rasa apa.Hahaha) It's a cool group.

Pagi tu I was busy working with SMU interns at Krash Pad.The kids had started painting their clay items.I made myself a pair of ear -rings (terompah biru).I love my keras tangan work. :)) Lupa nak ambik gambar.The kids were lovable.I suka Yunos budak Mynmar tu.Reza is very talented.Atiqah is affectionate.Rozana tak datang...demam.They looked pretty motivated.I hope they will produce more saleable items.We have decided to get Siti Nurhaliza to launch the big sale nanti.If not her, maybe Miss Malaysia tu.If things go as planned...