Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sastera Kebangsaan and 1 Malaysia

Joined a dialogue at DBP on the above out of curiosity.Many writers, critics and academics were present. KP chaired.I love this man.He seems to know what he's doing and seems pretty firm.I hope he delivers. Yang pasti Dato Hassan mcm biasa being blunt.Dia suka nak bagi pelempang kat orang ("saya kalau jumpa org yang dok kata dasar kita ni racist, nak je saya bagi pelempang" and he went on pointing faultlines often fwd-ed by minorities in Msia on kedudukan bahasa melayu, sastera kebangsaan, deb then, etc etc).

And secara selamba he asked why would UPM namakan one of the facs Fac Bahasa Moden. Bahasa mana yang tak modern? Selamba but big question.

Yang I suka dia kata menteri2 kita bukan ilmuan so macamana mereka nak buat keputusan yang bijak menangani masalah2? Bukan saja bukan ilmuan tapi takda pengalaman (some of them are so young! Ni I tambah)

Dr Hashim pointed to isu dasar sudah selesai dan kedudukan bahasa melayu/sastera kebangsaan pun sudah selesai.We ought to move fwd.I said selesai buat kita kelompok dbp and kelompok melayu but not for the minorities.Perkauman semakin menjadi2 di kalangan gen y (and I asked where do kids learn this if not from their parents.Amat2 bahaya!)

Zakir and Uthaya pun setuju memang kelompok bukan Melayu tidak dapat menerima kedudukan bahasa melayu or sastera kebangsaan sebagai mesti dlm bahasa melayu. Jadi nak buat mcmana? Mesti ada prog yang inclusive (let them write in lang of their choice but let the writings be translated into Malay..yang ini minorities tak leh nak challenge as long as the position of Malay as bahasa kebangsaan and dasar sastera kebangsaan mesti dlm bahasa melayu.Hey, we gotta have at least one language that we can communicate with...it can't be English.Hanya org bodoh yang akan ambik bahasa lain dan campakkan bahasa yang telah berakar umbi sebelum penjajahan! This kinda idea is often miscontrued as rejecting English altogether (or other languages).Apa ke bengap sgt tu??

Anyway, Zul, Zakir and I will meet on Facebook to discuss how to make lit. fashionable for our gen y.Harap2 tidak hangat2 taik ayam.If only they know sastera is a window (no! door!) to critical/creative thinking and a good training ground for effective communication.Sebab apa gen y cannot think,. it's becos' they were not taught to think and subjects like sastera je boleh do that (plus teach them empathy).You know don't you that part of the requirements to be in diplomatic service in Ireland is you must either be a grad of Literature or History or Philosophy? Hari ni ketiga subjects ini dilihat as takda nilai in Msia. Sebab kita sibuk nak buat duit.Enterpreneurshiplah, innovationlah.At the expense of stg bigger.Bila org attack nilai kita/negara kita, ternganga2 nak jawab sebab tak leh nak argue.Komunikasi and language and critical thinking skills takda.

Kerajaan pun mestilah jgn dok kupik sgt nak keluar budget to make lit important again.Ni konon nak 1 Malaysia tapi keluar belanja kedekut (with regard to supporting prog2 to include other groups to write for sastera kebangsaan..it includes costs to translate works written in other languages to Malay, training students/teachers to berkarya in Malay esp. creative writing, etc etc esp in Chinese and Tamil schools..can you imagine these kids tak tau Malay pun most of them? The Malays are not allowed to be chauvinists but they can? I think for 1 Malaysia to work, we must meet halfway dgn mematuhi perlembagaan dan semangat perpaduan.Dan jangan be selective perlembagaan mana yang harus diikut.There's a bit of earth for everyone.You must enter the playing field with utmost sincerity bukan dgn niat nak kick lawan and rampas bola tanpa ikut peraturan)

I dulu support Chelsea (masa Murinho) :))

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Remembering Gaza

Kak Oni and Dr Saodah doing the coins

Even top lawyer wasn't spared from counting ringgits!
(Aini holding Vietnamese Dong)

All in all close to RM8K (this sitting, we made slightly over RM3K)

aku kaya...
(imagining dinar emas)
* Kak Oni kata the Jews love coin donors cos' they believe
money given by the poor has more value.

While we stayed glued watching news on MJ (shedding tears in between) all weekend, I had time to help count money collected for Gaza with IMAN members (will be passed on to COMPLETE). Byk sgt masalah this week.I am still limping (who knows if it's all those walkings at FRIM!) but bought ankle support today.Rimas juga but it helps.Saw Rita (my other chiropractor) on Friday and will see her twice a week to work on my bones.Some comfort.The moment I know I can jump and land nicely (esp on my left foot), I know I'm OK. :))

Friday, June 26, 2009

Tribute to Michael Jackson

I am not a fanatic fan but I grew up on Michael Jackson's music (and his music videos) as an undergrad in NZ. Kalau Saniah membaca ini, ingat tak kita punya disco parties especially after final exams? We danced to Billie Jean, Beat It.Memang bukan main lagi kita!!! :))

I feel for MJ.Now that he's dead, no point praising him when he was so abused (by the Western media especially) during his fall.What remains amazing is his fans' continuous support for him in good and bad times.

Jermaine Jackson in his pc said "May Allah be with him always."
Al fatihah.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Quality time with Z

I took leave today.Sprained ankle.Went to see Dr Kluner, my new chiropractor.I miss my old one (dia dah blah balik Australia). Kalau Leigh ada, I balik dari treatment, mesti dah boleh berlari2 dan melompat2.Kluner is good but I guess I'll need time to get used to him.Lain orang, lain cara.

Anyway I sent Z and picked her from school.Dah lama tak main masak2/mak2. :))
It's quality time today.Byk cerita kelakar Z told me (we lunched at De 5 sebelum I went back to the Curve for treatment and shopping..sakan! It's been so long!)

Z told me they had guests at school today. One worked in advertising...the other a lecturer of a uni who wanted to promote her uni.She showed Stanford pic..saying it's the most contemporary uni..then showed Cambridge and said it's the most forward thinking uni. Then showed her uni and said this uni is both contemporary and fwd thinking. Budak2 kat belakang dah berbisik2 : wahhhh...buy one get two ahhh??? wahhhh go to one uni like going to two ahhh??

Lepas tu lecturer ni kata now what with swing flu....(swine bunyinya 'swing') Ayooooo.....I told Z that's being fwd thinking cos' even you guys are not familiar with the new pronunciation. Baru la fwd namanya! :))
Kawan dia bisik2 kat belakang "wahh..your England very da powerful ah?" (or something to this effect)

I don't know what to say...can we change language policy just because satu orang sudah terlepas masuk? And is intelligence or rather, should it be measured ONLY by how you speak? (or sound)

Minggu depan kita tau.

Z also said Nunu promised not to look down on Indian boys from the squatters who board the same sch bus as them cos' she was so touched by Slumdog Millionaire movie they both watched at home some time ago.Nunu said,"Aku tak nak benci mereka lagi walaupun mereka nakal.They could have come from that kind of background." Nunu plans to buy them foodlah, keropoklah, etc etc. Hahaha.I'm glad! (Z told me budak2 tu pernah buang baju PE dia keluar tingkap bas when she was asleep sebab she scolded them earlier for being so noisy.That's how ganas they are.And they are primary sch kids!These kids speak no English, no Malay.They go to Tamil sch.)

Friday, June 19, 2009

More World Environment Day celebration

kayakking near home

not as easy as you think

like a holiday


Dear Friends
You are cordially invited to AMP's Tree Party at Kota Damansara Community Forest on the 21st of June.

TIME : 9 am

Time Activities
8am Registration opens
915am – 1045am “Plant a Tree for the Planet” – Session One
11am – 1230pm “Plant a Tree for the Planet” – Session Two
9am – 12noon Guided nature walk
9am – 12noon Boat Ride at the Lake
9am – 12noon Photo competition

9am – 1130am Morning eco-play session

Eco-licious & booths
All day Eco booths
All day Food stalls
All day Corporate sponsors

All day Recycling corner
1030am – 11am Eco-host: Welcome VIP & media
12noon – 2pm Lunch break!
Officiating the 1km trail (AMP Radio)
Performance by drum circles, indie bands, local artists*
Prize giving for eco-play session (1) and appreciation to sponsors

2 – 5pm The Scouts Trail Mountain Bike Time Trial
(more details on the race at http://fakawitribe.com/home/)

3pm – 430pm Afternoon eco-play session
430pm – 5pm Prize giving photo competition, eco-play ssession (2) & MTB trail
5pm Close

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

old pics

Er Cik kakak tengah dok menghafal nama2 tetamu before introducing them

the lecture room was full cos' Dr Che Noraini brought her class
to the forum (thanks!) Orang luar and reporters pun ada

Dr Najibah of AIKOL and lady police officer from Bukit Aman

Dr Hariyati, mc-ing

I bumped into En. Zamri's blog and look what I found! Pics taken 4 years ago when my women's research cluster group organised a forum on prostitution as an organised crime (in response to a controversial claim by a female 'ulama' that it's OK to prostitute yourself out of necessity). We had a policewoman officer from Crime Dept, Bukit Aman, a colleague scholar of Islamic Law and our esteemed guest speaker Dato Hassan Din who was so articulate, funny but very firm on hukum hakam.
Dr H was the mc and I moderated. We still have the cds (in Malay), selling them at RM5 each.
Pls beep if you want to buy one.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

snowballing effect

I had an unexpected visitor today. A postgrad from Iran (based at IIUM Gombak). He came to show me his friend's project in Iran (saving the turtles) and how this friend was recently voted one of top scientists in the world (can't remember his ranking). Macam biasa, I kalau orang tak kenal datang, mesti ingat dia datang nak kutip derma or jual insurance or jual credit card (evil, evil mind!) but this hamba Allah cuma nak share and said he got to know about our office via the 'save the turtle' campaign we did with WWF last week (we were collecting 1000 signatures). He asked us to sign him up for our next event.How sweet! What a snowballing effect! Adam and friends must be so proud of themselves that they had managed to create an impact on their society. A lady visitor who saw their notice on campus rang Adam up and asked if they'd visit her school and talk to her students.Woohooo!
Berkat jiwa yang ikhlas (the kids terjun sungai and kutip sampah sarap dalam Sungai Pusu).Nora said the river flowed better after that.Hahaha. Iya ke Nora? :))
I am so so proud of them.Friday ni kita ada closing ceremony and they will show all those funny pics taken the whole of last week.I hope it won't be too embarrassing for me (I'm so good at being candid! then look like hantu)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Happy Anniversary

Today is our 22nd year of marriage.
Semoga panjang umur, murah rezeki and diperbaiki Allah akhlaq kami semua.
nota kaki:
The Jap restaurant we dined at was fabulous but as always we loved watching waiters and waitresses..yang satu ni real kelakar (as we entered, dia terkejar2 nak cakap Jepun, welcoming us.I ingat selipar Jepun dia pun tercabut2). The same woman chased a diner about to leave and asked aloud, "Sir, sir, have you paid sir?" (Z and I mcm tak percaya!) Ni hotel 5 star and among the diners we spotted was that lady who did the antartic solo expedition, Datuk whatshername.
Lepas tu our spirited waitress would thank people sekuat hatinya ==> thankyouvery much, which sounded like "thank you abang mat."Tak halus mcm Jepun (I think dia orang Msia, kalau bukan Rohingya.Definitely bukan Jepun)
But the food served was really really nice.We'd come again.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Gen Y

There are some wonderful articles on generation y (generation why). I think we get to see them first (as students) before CEOs start to wonder why and how to deal with them. I had noticed changes in students' behaviour in the last 10 years but am beginning to understand our new challenge (berdepan dgn new breed of 'monsters'.Hahaha). In the past, colleagues and I were wondering why the students were so different from previous batches: they seem to be more rude (because they were always asking 'why' over what we thought was basic common sense), lazier (we saw it as 'lazy' when they could have actually wanted their own space and time in doing things). We also wondered why getting recognition was so important to them.In the past, we did things for love, kan? It didn't matter who got the name for every success we were part of.

I think as educators, we ought to know what is happening to our new generation as the gap widens.New pedagogy, new approaches must be devised to handle this new breed of students before we 'flush' them into the workplace. I can identify quite easily cos' I have one member of gen y at home.My daughter. My recent brush with the undergrads working on the green project enlightened me on how to guide, shape and make myself relevant as an educator to these bright, active kids.If you know the trick, it'll be fun working with them. :)) Kalau tak, pening kepala as you deal with what seems to be 'stubborn' kids.They will never take No for an answer.You kata A, they nak Z.Mula2 angguk.You turn your back 5 secs, you tengok Z is there before you. And you end up thinking..yeah..they were right. :))

Teachers of dinosaur years, we gotta read on gen y to stay relevant!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Blessings in June

Pretty, aren't they?
(and expensive but we let them go)

1.So many: our World Environment Week went well. The best part was releasing 3 beautiful (expensive) birds (kita beli dgn duit kita sendiri, bukan duit universiti, to save caged birds) at the tree planting session with Dato Sri Rector and teman2 seperjuangan and our smart partners: IP, Dev Division, the students' group, etc) We also got to plant our rose garden and janda merana (malay name for weeping willows).

2. Nik got promoted (congrats darling! long overdue and I think very well-earned)

3. That we are still alive today.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

scouting for the right toastmasters club

I didn't know it could be quite tricky trying to find the right toastmasters' group to join.If you google, not many will appear online but a certain Mr Ratnam of Subang Jaya was kind enough to give me some clues.Then Wong gave me more tips.Some clubs can be a bit exclusive and picky than others but Deborah of KDU's was all friendly and smiles on the phone.Found out that she's the out-going Prez but I sat in one of their monthly meetings.Wahhh..what a civil, cultured and warm group they have! I felt home immediately.Multi-ranged..from medical doctors to managers to engineers.They all spoke well.

Satu berita kelakar.I spotted a lady who I thought look so familiar.
Me: heyyyy! aren't you from my cake decoration class?
Lady: what? cake? nope...
Me: Hmm..must be someone else but I feel like I know you from somewhere before.

At the end of the session, I found out that my cake lady was Datuk so and so; then an ambassador I met in the USA.Allah!!! :))

I'll go club hunting a wee bit more to make sure I would be in the right group. But I have a feeling it'll be KDU's.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

FRIM trip: Go Green!

canopy walk

Tan Sri's lecture at the park

My treasure hunt group
(showing off my recycled go green t-shirt)

anak-anak buluh betong

Monster fish (about 6-7 feet long)

FRIM park

Was with a group of students on a green project.We did treasure hunt in the jungle and took a canopy walk (macam nak mampos I turun naik bukit, some 1000 feet above sea level.Really bad news for my fat! I walk on my tread mill pun tak berpeluh macam ni!).The guide (Zul) was so sweet to wait on me.Adam and Kameel sekali sekala.Kameel carried my handbag! Hahaha. But it was a very, very, very nice walk.Jumpa stream je, kita minum air and a small river where I got to soak my tired feet..aaaaaaaaahhhhhh....heavens! But a little info: do not drink any water no matter how clean it is if it's after rain cos' di hutan byk tikus and they urinate.During rainy season,that goes to the streams...but on dry days, takpa, safe to drink (cos' air kencing tikus goes to the soil).

Tan Sri Dr. Salleh Mohd Nor waited for us and gave another talk to peminat2nya (budak2 UIA) who requested that the first FRIM Director-General and founder of FRIM be with them (he was the one who inspired them to set up the environmental student's group and made them observe the World Environment Day ...for a week!) I'm happy that the kids are so motivated.

We had a picnic in the park.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

God bless Mr Tamrin and team

Syukur my eldest sister survived her bypass.I wasn't there when she went in the OT (pukul 6.30 am) but my mom was (with loyal siblings).Pagi sangatlah.

But I took leave and went just a wee bit late.11 am? She keluar 12.30 noon.Sempat tengok kat ICU.Kalau dah mcm tu, mcm helpless je.
But met up with her surgeon (one of 4, I think). Good job Mr Tamrin and team.Thank you so much! May God bless you guys. Patut depa ni diberi gaji yang lebih tinggi dari private hosp.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

liverpudlian lunch

We had our first grand dinner comm meeting today.Azhar chaired it.I hosted lunch at my place.Ordered nasi bryani from Shahril macam biasa.Senang.I don't know why he got confused with my title.Dulu panggil Hajjah.Then Dr.Now Datin.Lantak kau je lah! This new guy I met at UPM panggil I Puan Sri lagi.Hahaha. Ada gaya kaa? :))

We got invited to Agong's tea party tapi ada Liverpool meeting pulak so Nik kata tak payah pergi. The last time we went, they never honoured the special seats/car stickers we had.Park kat luar juga.Jauh nak jalan.Zaman Sultan Selangor (lama) jadi Agong, syok sikit.Dapat close up and dapat bersalam2 tanpa queue panjang.

Our Liverpudlian lunch was fun.The group more or less umur dekat2 sama: 30s to 50s.We have to work hard to make it happen in Jan next year.My job is to find Dato Aishah (with Tenaga now, they say).Apa ke susah sgt kerjanya? But Delesh's lagi susah.He has to take care of entertainment, dinner theme etc but he seems to love the role.Joseph kata dia nak perform (dulu dia ada band sendiri.Delesh said cousin dia boleh ajar kita semua menari macam STOMP. Kena practise la for some weeks.Hai, macam tak cukup kerja! But sounds like loads of fun tapi imagine me doing this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zu15Ou-jKM0

Friday, June 05, 2009

The Mines

at sunset....

you won't believe this is in seri kembangan
(we had barbecue at the 'beach', the deepest mine in the world)

water taxi at the mall

Was away on a conference at the Mines (Palace Resort Hotel and Spa). We meet every year and this year, the conference is hosted by UPM.Excellent organisation (except for the checking in and out, a bit kalut).They took us on a tour round the campus and we had a garden high tea makan ubi kayu with ikan masin and kelapa and sambal; rebus jagung, lepat labu, air kopi.Wah..macam kampong betul.Very nice.Cuma hari tak hujan.It would have been perfect if it rained. :))

Nice brainstorming and sharing sessions.Many new friends.I decided to sleep over the second nite cos' tak larat nak balik ke rumah late in the evening. I am so proud of UPM alumni (many are scientists! The institution is 78 years old so you can imagine the pioneers of UPM..they built this city)

IIUM alumni pun tak kurang.Maz came to speak for IIUM Alumni Assoc and spoke on how they helped with organising the inter-school debating competition (every year) and it gets better yearly.The no. of schools partcipating has gone up to 200.Simply amazing, what a contribution to IIUM!

I also hear good news from the campus: we have an overwhelming response for our World Environment Week programme. Kita akan tanam pokok secara beramai2, cuci sungai, recycle and reuse barang2.Yay!
nota kaki: gambar di atas diambil oleh saya sendiri melalui telefon murah saya.Cantik macam postcards. :))

Monday, June 01, 2009

Sarawak and Sabah for the weekends

with bride and bridegroom, Shapx and Sri Kandy

Maswings, in Sibu


Lembah Impian dinner, KK
(alumni belanja)

gorgeous gals

gals doing the traditional music

Sarawak by the river

kek lapis yang popular

It is not something impossible to ill plan your trips to Kuching and Kota Kinabalu in a day and a half.

That was what done over the weekends.We forgot it's sch hols and were ignorant Sabah and Sarawak would have a long weekend starting May 30 (Harvest Festival).Naturally flights were fully booked.There was only one seat left so it had to go to me (my officer terpaksa tinggal).Dalam kecamukan fikiran (fume!fume!) I got lucky cos' a state Union leader sat next to me and we had fun talking about grievances at work! Hahaha.And I ended up enjoying the trip.He promised to introduce me to more union leaders.Bagus ni.I think if born another era, another country, I might be a communist. Oh ok, maybe a socialist.Hee3.


Although I was only doing a stopover for a few hours in Kuching (to lunch with our alumni there), we had a fruitful discussion about where we want to go.Banyaklah projek-projek kita harap dapat dijalankan.They are all doing very well in both government and private sectors.

Sempat pulak the ladies bawak I pi tempat buat Kek Lapis yang terkenal (ramai org2 terkemuka datang ke sini). The latest flavour is blueberry kek lapis.Sedap, awak! Berbungkus-bungkus saya beli untuk diagih-agihkan kepada sedara mara di Semenanjung.Different flavour.Alifah said flavour papaya tu sedap juga.Then there's chocolate layer. Tak larat nak pikul.


Sebab flight penuh, I had to take the one which went to Sibu first. Wough, to get in and out Sarawak not easy you know? It's like travelling overseas.So many forms you have to fill in (what with the swine flu form although on the form it said only if you are entering Malaysia from overseas. We still had to fill it in although we flew from KL) Nak masuk isi form, nak keluarpun the form kena chop siap2.I dah lama tak pi Kuching and KK and can't really remember it was this kecoh (kalau transit in Sibu, lain pulak lorong nak mengechopnya.Kalau terus KK, lain) The guy at Sibu immigration ( I believe from Semenanjung) said, "Pelik, kan? Saya dulu pun rasa macam tu."

MASWings from KK to Sibu ni pun satu hal.Ada lagi this species of a plane? Hidup segan, mati tak mau.Very dirty, rude air stewardess as well.Mintak apple juice, dibaginya orange juice.Bila I tanya ini ke apple juice (I was innocent! Memang I was wondering without trying to be sarcastic), dihempas2nya gelas tu.Haram nak cakap sorry.Hmm..must write to Deris Jala.Masih ada sentimen bencikan orang Semenanjung ke? (I experienced this at the KK airport too, tempat collect luggage) but our Sabah alumni are the best of best (probably sebab depa good Muslims dan kita dah asuh at IIUM). Very tertib, bersopan santun.Salam cium tangan (for the ladies).

I arrived at about the same time with our guest speaker Prof Sidek Baba (although he flew direct from KL) so they took us to dinner at this great place called Lembah Impian Country Homes http://www.lembahimpian.com.my/ Macam kat Ing-ler or Scot-ler (bak kata Pakcik Soh, Nik's uncle) Good food, good conversations. Prof Sidek banyak cerita.He knows a lot. We were still talking about Syed Qutb and Hassan Al Banna jadi ahli freemason as claimed by Dr Omar.

Our alumni in KK (as also in Kuching) are all well-positioned in the society.Top lawyers, top bankers and telecommunicationists.One of them is Political Secretary to Sabah CM.BAR graduate.Hebatnya! BAR means you specialise in Arab language and literature, you know.Don't play2.These grads are everywhere in the world now: kerja kat Embassy, PTD, etc.But you tengoklah kita punya teaching staff of Arabic Dept pun..PhDs from SOAS, London...don't play-play.

Anyway, we stayed at Promenade. Not as good as the last time I stayed there..oh wait..I was at Sutera Harbour..not Promenade,Nik yang suka sangat Promenade. I updated him. Toilet tak leh flush, bau busuk.Staff tak friendly (although some are), if you go on government rate, they do not include breakfast (you have to buy extra) so I wrote a complaint (champion of complaints..kalau ada position in any company to trouble shoot problems,I fit in well!) and gave them my feedback:

hotels usually rely a lot on government trainings/meetings.Patut depa respect la sikit government civil servants sebab kasi hidup biz depa..ini tak..knowing there's guaranteed money, they want to squeeze every single sen. I told them, hotel lain bagi b/fast although on government rate (in fact, some are so good, they give extra attractions).Sekarang kalau semua orang tau Promenade buat macam ni, mesti depa tak mau pilih hotel ni.Sebab dia berkira sangat dgn kakitangan kerajaan (although IIUM is not kerajaan but we signed up for government rate and the same would apply for all government offices).

Sabah Chapter launch: May 31.I thought it went very well although the organising comm said they planned it in less than 2 months.Prof Sidek spoke on Islamophobia.I launched the chapter (first time! So yes, I got to say the famous line, "Dengan lafaz bismillah..saya rasmikan pelancaran Sabah Chapter..tahniah dan well done!" ...ada gimmick lagi...wough...ingatkan simple ceremony je (the main purpose was the talk, I thought).So I pressed some launching button, Quran keluar from somewhere and I had to cut ribbon some more...rasa macam CM pulak. Hahaha.

At lunch, more discussions (kita ni serious people.Lunch discussions kita bukan pasal cuaca).Yup, Sabah alumni are a different breed...committed to our philosophy of education.Yang kita suka they are everywhere: on both sides.Ketua Pemuda UMNO pun mereka, ketua pemuda PKR pun mereka juga..tetapi boleh duduk semeja, bergurau senda.Prof Kamal once advised them: rise above party politics and embrace kepentingan sejagat.

Pasar Filipina tu tak appealing sangat (I have so many pearls already at home) but udang kering is cheap here so kita pun pergi kejap.Beli la apa yang patut for family at home( I bosan nak bawak barang2 ni so kena beli bag extra nak angkut buah salak, buah mempelam.Hai..macam pi pekan sari le pulak!)

Flight to KL a bit delayed but not much.Dah janji Nik we'd rush to Shapx's wedding.We got there around 10 pm.Saw Sabeera at the car park, leaving and she kata eh? you leaving or arriving? :))

Nasib majlis belum selesai.Ini org kata rezeki.There was one whole table untouched so kita pun settled in nicely.Managed to speak to kedua mempelai.Sempat la bergambar2.Shapx and I went a long way (Asia-Pac Festival) and friends made out of the Festival (like Sabeera, Francis, Louis of Costa Rica, Busakorn of Chulalongkorn) last sampai hari ini.

Hari ni I have to cuti (June 1) Nak rest but Anidah is in town.Maybe I'll meet her for lunch at Subang Parade or something.