Thursday, April 30, 2009

In between breaks

1.Waiting for lunch and Bro Wilmot (he's coming to do another presentation for our peacebuilders)

2.Finished a session with Tan Sri Prez.Nothing spectacular happened but key issues were raised: pension and staff welfare.I was gently reminded to speak with one voice by Dr Isham and Prof Aslam.Hahah.I thought that was so funny (pernah at a meeting, they said stg, I said another.Checkmate but if we were in the same boat and the boat is sinking, takkan I nak agree to one solution to save everyone, kan? But the two boys are OK.Kita cronies)

3.The bonfire went well last nite.Then B, Z and E and I went for a roti canai/teh tarik at Restoran Kak Leha at Melati.We discussed Dr Omar's thesis that Muhammad Abduh, Hassan Al Banna and Syed Qutb semua freemasons.A dangerous idea (if they were demonised, who do we look up to as role models now?) but he promised to give me a copy of the book to review in 2 months.

4.I missed quite a bit yesterday but our facilitators said they had enjoyed the workshop so much.The kids pun.

Monday, April 27, 2009

International Muslim Youth Camp and Peacebuilding Workshop

Bro Wilmot, on Muslim Aid

Ekraj in action

Amidst weddings and alumni homecoming dinner and tahlil, the week began on a high note.

1. Today's the launching of the International Muslim Youth Camp which the office, Muslim Unity,ISD and S-DEV help sponsor (officiated by Ali Rustam.He's interesting but can't speak.I think our leaders need to take special classes on public speaking.And language classes.Do extra lah to address international audience).

Baibonn, Ekraj, Zahrah arrived last nite.Ekraj flew from Spain.Met them all this morning.Had a meeting with Fadhulah Wilmot to find ways how we can assist him with his Muslim Aid work.They have done a lot to eradicate poverty around the world especially in Muslim countries.

Wardina picked her dad.I went to say hello (cantiknya wanita celebrity bertudung ini!)

2. The 3-day peacebuilding workshop will start tomorrow.Till late in the evening.I want to be part of it.They have a nice module.

3. Long is still at HUKM.We went visiting on Saturday.The whole clan went.She says she's dying.

4. Urban Retreat massage.Hadoi, I need a break.We have Chiengmai on the list but it may not be safe still.So may end up in Redang or Perhentian.The question is when?

5.Mak got her new maid.Phew.

6.Guys, I have no time to update my blog.Too many happenings, too fast.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Weekend events

Victor Harbour Jetty

(Z pernah walked on this jetty pakai seluar katak dia je.She was barely 2 years old then.I forgot to bring extra baby clothes masa dia dah poo-poo)

The beach at Victor Harbour

A talk on living in possibilities (free)

Speaker: Edmond Yap

(trained as an engineer, now a motivational speaker)

Date: Sunday, 19 April 2009

Time: 2.30 - 4.30 pm Venue: OTG Asia Sdn Bhd unit 15-3, Tower A, Northpoint Office Suites Mid Valley City

* it's about how we cope during this trying time.Everyone's welcome.

At the South Australian Government dinner
(talking to Geoff)

Where was I last nite?

Dinner at Mandarin with South Australian Government entourage and guests.Jgn marah.Heh3.

We (geng2 Flinders I) plan to return to Flinders but this year my time terok.Maybe next year.Geoff kata he can get the uni to arrange for on-campus stay.Tak tau apa we wanna do (we just wanna give back to the uni by staying at the hall.I wish IIUM alumni are like that too, hahaha but the Msian Assoc has been very good..but if we go in a group like that, sure fun punya tak? We'll picnic at Victor Harbour or feed the deer at Adelaide Hills.Sebenarnya dah malas nak buat kerja2 gini but if the company is good, why not, kan?)

Lina and Khairil will take us out dinner! Hahaha

Sunday, April 12, 2009

KL from a distance

Not quite the full view

Yang ni pulak gelap

I'll go back and take better shot

I took these pics some months ago. Wanted to see the view again over the weekends but too many things to do, so many relatives to visit...but you MUST see these if you haven't done so (from Hilton Sentral).Quality of the pics not so good but I'll get better if I want to take photography seriously (perlu kamera mahal) :)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Thank God It's Friday

Patrick Yeoh and I
(fast forward pic, Saturday at DOME, KLCC)

1.Monthly meeting.Less stress cos' much was achieved and the future looks bright.Heh.
2.Lunch with Dr H and Dr S and Dr P at Dr H's 5-star hospital.Wough...macam hotel.Even the Cafeteria's chef is Australian.Makan sedap.Company gila2.I think people were staring at us.I think we were quite noisy and they were quite nosy. :))
3.Sorted out the hiccups with IIUM Printing.The GM is a pleasant chap.
4.Comm meeting at DELL.Syukur, some good news.Need to work harder.More ideas to work on.
5.Did a quiz on "Which Msian leader are you?"Ended up as Khalid Ibrahim.Hahaha.He's not female.I am very.
6.Early day at KLCC besok (brunch with Patrick Yeoh). Will take public transport.Malas nak drive.Nik pi hantar servis kereta.Z and I might go and see a movie after brunch.Or just shop.Tengok dulu.
7.Looking for a nice restaurant to dine/lunch with friends.Nik says 39.Don't know where that is.Hilton at Sentral is nice (nice view of Tasik Perdana).Maybe we go food tasting on Sunday.
8.Apa-apapun, thank God it's Friday!

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Putrajaya O Putrajaya

We were in Putrajaya when PM announced his new cabinet.I'm happy with at least two of the choices (rahsia, siapa). Our politics is still about how and who to please.Tak kool la macam tu.Did Mukhriz get to choose which ministry he wants? (nak jaga AP ke, nak protect Proton?) Which Minister he's comfortable to work with? (oh I love Tok Pa! Mukhriz is so lucky to get him).Rakyat jelata is not happy KJ is not in (at least bagi la dua-dua masuk kalau nak Mukhriz masuk kabinet pun)

Anyway, we have to move on.Bior ke le deme ni.Beras pun kita beli sendiri.Minyak kereta pun kita bayar sendiri.Tol pun duit kita.It won't matter who's in, who's out unless they help us pay our bills.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Segantang beras, selambau kerbau

I don't know the meaning of selambau.Just so it rhymes, I choose the word kerbau.Heh.
Yang pelik is why so many independent candidates? Reasons must be given but I have not been reading n/papers on this. Is it possible they will join BN and give whatever few votes they have to MIC candidate.Pls do you Math, can the MIC candidate win now?I malas nak kira.Kalau boleh, ini strategi baru! Next election, PKR and PAS pulak buat ginih.Macam2 ada!

I hope they will just move on.Too many things to fix in this country.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Our new PM

exoticising the Malay woman's body

There has been very nice things said about our new PM in the last few days in local papers (I think the media is overdoing it....sikit2 cukuplah.You know what they say about giving too'd give reverse effect mah).I don't know if it's a funeral or a celebration they are covering, with news flooding like that in our local media.Remember when Tun Razak died? The coverage was like that too.Segala lapis manusia they quoted...from drivers to babysitters to God knows what else.Sikit2 cukup le bang.

And must Datin and family be in the news everyday? Kang orang tanya sapa PMnya.I appreciate getting to know their children (first time baca).I'm glad they go to universities and seem to be independent.I wish them well.If they behave like Najib and siblings when their Dad was PM, cerah masa depan! (do not impose your presence while your dad is in government.Nanti rakyat hormat lagi.Or be like Tun Hasmah, gracefully staying in the shadow and yet doing so much in her quietness).

I have been busy at UKM today.Viva budak PhD.It's nice catching up with news with Ruzy and gang.It's been quite a while since we last met.She showed me the book she's in, with a group of researchers on indigenous women in Msia (edited by a guy from Oxford).The content is highly researched (on jamu, traditional massage etc) but pictures are highly exoticised.I can't believe it ada lagi orang Barat who enjoy seeing us like that (berkemban tepi sungai).Ruzy said she put up a protest juga and some pics (like orang asli in cawat) were taken out. Geez!

Jess Jackson is visiting us this month.Kena tanda calendar.Jesse bukan Michael Jackson lah! Ini budak suruhan Obama, I think.

Friday, April 03, 2009

April fools

'She', from the sky

oh what fools we are! (to install a new PM in April). June would be nicer. Heh3.

anyway, I feel very light today.Partly because we met up with Dato Seri Rector and told him what bothered us with regard to ICC. We've made quite a decent amount of money but we need more! He's helpful and we believe he will help speed up things.
We have 4 months to do this.I dream of meeting a friendly philanthropist (or 2).When will she drop from the sky???

I said she, kan?
Memang something impossible!