Friday, December 28, 2007

Al Fatihah (a tribute to Benazir Bhutto)

too much love for the homeland
(touch down in Pakistan after 8 years in exile)

Western-educated but very much a believer (Benazir, reading the Quran)

The Audrey Hepburn in her

Gentle but firm

"If we have to die protecting our be it"

She could have been a beauty queen but chose to die a martyr.If she were caught in the games men played, was she a victim or was she just being brave? Can rule of law be applied to a country in which illiteracy still runs high? Is 'democracy' a word used to accommodate violence?And more violence?By all D.C., Rawalpindi, Karachi...

If you want to give peace to a troubled nation, give it schools and universities.Not guns and ballot boxes.

But Sister Benazir, we will remember you NOT as a courageous woman but a courageous leader who did not turn away from her people.Trying.Hoping.That humanity can be restored.

Al Fatihah.

Monday, December 24, 2007


My niece (Dr.) Ummi taking care of drinks
at her nenek's kenduri

The room at Cyberview Lodge

Fish, Nik caught without bait

Z, trying her hand at tennis

It was a long break for us.We drove back to Raub after work.Arrived at about 9 pm.The following day was Eidul Adha.Didn't feel like going out or visiting relatives so I stayed home, entertained relatives who came and waited for Angah to collect the qurban meat from his wife's kampong.We didn't even go to watch the slaughtering but I am happy to know the qurban meat was distributed to the poor.

On day 3, my mom held a huge feast.She said this Raya was going to be her last.So we played along and helped cook.Mizi and his mom prepared the Arab rice as well as korma mutton (and a traditional dish which was a delight to everyone who came).My sisters and I did the rest: salad and spicy fried chicken. Truly tiring but I think the whole thing went pretty well (some 100 people turned up and they did Raya takbir and aqiqah for Eishah's kids as well).

I rushed home the following day to unwind at Cyberview Lodge. First thing we did was get a Balinese body massage at the Sembunyi Spa...then sauna, steamy room and warm jacuzzi.Nice...truly nice.

There was a garden wedding in the evening.We went to have a look and lie on a hammock by the pool, under the moonlight. Ruzy asked if this was our second honeymoon.Ha ha. I sms-ed back, "Saja nak habiskan annual leave as well as nak mengabehkan boraih."

The following day we went fishing (at a man made fishpond).It was truly frustrating.The fish ate our bait but escaped being caught.Cyberjaya fish are more intelligent than us!

But just before we left, Z caught one (but returned it back to the water).Then Nik caught another (without bait!) We thought that was really funnyyyyyyyy.....

Z wanted to play some tennis before we left for her friend's bday treat at One Utama so we did.

It's a nice place to unwind and it's so close to KL/PJ.You don't have to travel far for a holiday you so deserve. I'd rate it 5 outa 5.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Poetry workshop

I arrived late at the British Council poetry workshop (facilitated by British Poet Coach, London DJ, music producer Charlie Dark I was late cos' I had to chair a panel of 3 who spoke on World Peace: The Contributions of Islam and Hinduism. It was enlightening.Bro. Anuar (born in Tamil Nadu but now a Malaysian citizen) spoke on Hinduism as a revealed religion and pointed out how Prophet Adam landed in Ceylon when Ceylon was still part of India.There was a river which widened into a sea at the time of Noah's flood and he said in India, there are graves of Habil and Qabil (Cain and Abel) and how in one of India's old texts, there's a story about how a crow taught a man how to bury the brother he killed (the story is also in the Quran.Bro Anuar said this Indian text is older than the Quran).He pointed out that Allah sent many prophets (to every race since Adam) and that He only taught one Deen (belief) but syariats are many.The Deen is La Illahaillallah (there is only one God). He said reincarnation was never taught in the original Hinduism.No mention of it in the Vedas.That came only in the Upanishad.

Interesting.Interesting.To think that Prophet Adam could be an Indian.I have heard claims that he was African.

Then I had to rush for the poetry workshop.It was my 3rd workshop with the British Council. BC sends good ones to train us. Wave, thanks! Charlie Dark is a wonderful being but a slave driver.Wough..he made us perform twice on stage.I hated that but saw his point: if you want to be taken seriously, you have to get out of your comfort zone.You have to be brave.


Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Goodbye 2007

It's already December.My life is still on the fast lane (busy, no proper rest).Was at the film premier hosted by the NZ High Commissioner. Met new friends during cocktails held after the show. We planned for some 'get together' event soon. Best juga.Z came with me.Anthony Hopkins in The World's Fastest Indian gave his most excellent performance. Kita terhibur.

I hope 2007 will go gently.We are expecting another major earthquake just before Xmas.I hope there will be no more tsunami coming our way. :(