Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Al fatihah Rehman Rashid

Ruzy and I paid tribute to aruah Rehman Rashid in our own way upon hearing him passing on - heart attack in Jan and never woke up from his coma.

We once met at my Dept's event. Dia suka berdebat and I said something which he picked up and ajak berdebat lagi. But definitely a charmer and kind-hearted.

It's nice to know that he's among those lucky ones to die in Ramadan.Hanya orang yang terpilih die in Ramadan. I wonder apa amalan dia. Sebelum ni orang dok cakap dia macam-macam. Then some people who knew him well said dia ni suka tolong orang, suka kasi makan orang miskin and he had been supporting the maahad tahfiz in Kuala Kubu Bharu where he lived and where he wrote his last two books. Sungguh menginsafkan. Di dalam kematiannya, dia masih mendidik kita.

Dr Farizah and I went to Kino to purchase his two books sebelum all sold out. :)
Semoga rohnya ditempatkan di syurga firdaus.Al fatihah.



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