Sunday, July 02, 2017

Eidul Fitri 2017

Fresh lilies harga durian runtuh

fresh tulips from Holland

malam raya waiting for orang surau
the joy of my raya - orang bertakbir mlm raya

as we age every raya



where kami dikacau hantu gearbox
(the car shook like plane in turbulence and would not
part of Raub from a hilltop

Z with cousins and second cousins on my side
Nik's best friend and his family
Childhood friends and our consultant - to save old buildings
in Raub

Mood raya tak moncol till Z took me to the florist to buy cheap flowers for raya so we got fresh lilies, tulips, hydrangeas, roses, pas tu bunga mcm nenas...wahh..mood raya naik sampai 200%. Terlebih lajak.

Pagi raya, Nik's siblings and families kumpul at our place.We are now the elderlies.Potluck..satay goreng, nasi tomato, nasi impit, lemang..meriahlah juga although we hv lost so many loved ones.Lepas brunch we left for Raub.Hotel Jelai.No where to go.My oldest sister pi beraya at her in laws near Jerantut.Pi my 3rd sister..she tengah tidur sbb penat ramai org in the morning.Sedihnya but my bro in law ada so then my sis woke up and hidang her famous nasi dagang.The rest belum sampai..Sal in Tapah..Ummi in Subang Jaya with her in laws..Eishah with her in laws, Kak Ngah in Dong with her son..So sadlah. Raya dah tak mcm raya if your mom ain't around.

Raya ke dua, suddenly semua ada.Terlajak kuorum.Haha.They said it's the best raya so far.I didn't feel it.I missed mak and Mek.Mek's gone belum setahun.Time mcm ni Mek would crack up so many funny stories dgn wajah selambanya.We went to visit the kubur.Belum buat lagi pusaranya.Maybe by Dec it would be right to pasang the nesan etc.We went looking for saudara mara.Yg tua2 dah meninggal semuanya.So we went looking for cousins and second cousins.Rumah pun dah lupa.But we went visiting Kak Bainun.Then Busu.We shared same grandparents.Gosh...the memories came back..of their mom my aunty..of my mom their aunty.I'm glad to know Busu's children are doing well.Dia polis.But nxt year dah pencen and would be going back to his wife's kampong near Jerantut (Kg Damak).Suddenly every blood tie is important to me.

Raya ke 3 I pulak keluar beraya with my childhood friends in Gali and Dong.Lizan's and Mastura's.Nice time catching up.Liz is with Petronas  and Mas makes herself a huge home not far from Lata Jarum.We plan to meet up again next raya..potlucking by the river.Haha.

Mek's twins and her two cucus (Fateh has a sister now) came back on Raya 4. The little one is so cute.Hilang rindu dapat jumpa Fateh.Mek loved him so much.

Because there was not much to do, we went up two hills to view Raub from the hilltop.Found out two hills had been bought over and developers bermaharajalela cutting hills and trees to build overpriced homes for Sporean Chinese/ mainland Chinese..kata orang le.Harga mcm kat KL..Rm800k - RM1 million.

You think we are keeping quiet about this?

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