Sunday, July 09, 2017

Friendship eid

We have a special name for ourselves. Over the years, we had worked on many community and environment projects together.The group is multidisciplinary and of all age groups.So I thought this raya I celebrate this friendship.A couple of my Rao friends who had helped me with my research were invited too.And the Kloos family who would be going home next month.

We had readings.Jamal Raslan was invited and was forced to perform his spoken words. :)) We had fun listening.But the ASA crowd got excited over Prof Fauzan's piece on huris and life of an academic at iium.That got viralled as well and he rose to fame. :D Dr. Afi read his "Gadis Bertudung Labuh" which addressed discrimination against hijabi women in Indonesia as late as 2009. I had always thought pakai tudung ni started in Indonesia.It started with Anwar Ibrahim bringing back the Islamic Reform in the country in the early forward thinking dia! In 2009, Indonesian authorities said do not bring the Msian disease (Islamisasi dlm bentuk bertudung etc) to Indonesian shore.Double wow.

Maher said nak dtg to recite poems on Yemen before and after the war broke but he didn't turn up.Maybe he got home late frm Penang.Some got stuck in the open houses jam.

Some pics.


Teaching us Japanese nursery rhymes

with the little Kloos

Rakan pi swimming

pemuisi Rao

Anak Minang

some daddy tertinggal ini


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