Wednesday, August 09, 2017

The end of a project

Maka tamat lah what had been keeping me busy the last few months (the last 6 months?). Pitch Your Product Competition officially ended this afternoon with two winners whom Naim said were local geniuses. I jokingly told him we all had been had by emotive language of "makcik saya sakit pinggang". Haha but the kids were really geniuseslah. Bdk sekolah boleh offer solution to RISDA on saving time and cutting cost with bag semaian. I hope they will go far. Boleh improve lagi tu (to something fully automated).

Nadhirah and gang won USD200 as one of the 5 consolation prizes and I think one of the judges was keen to help them push up the idea to commercialisation. Farhan didn't win.One of the comments was his creation was over-engineered.I'm sure somewhere in Germany and Italy, he would be so wanted. That's what Prof Zourob said..go outside your country and break a leg cos' sometimes your own people do not appreciate you.I langsung tak qualified to pitch.Sedih tak? Round one dah kalah. Haha.

Next project: Sept mobility prog before the big day in Nov and I'm done for the year.
Cepatlah kau berlari O masa. Aku tak terkejar.

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