Monday, August 07, 2017

Panta Rei

Only change is constant.

Today saw the departure of 4 long serving colleagues : Assoc Prof Dr Subra, Assoc Prof Haja, Assoc Prof Ismail and Dr Farizah who we celebrated in an elaborate lunch to say all the best to their retirement day. Sedih juga as they went down the memory lane.I had worked closely with Dr Subra when I first joined DELL almost 28 years ago and later with Dr Farizah on my FRGS research and other dept's activities. An era's gone..soon mine pulak and seangkatan will be quite a number: Prof Nuraihan, Dr Nora, Assoc Prof Dr Zahariah, Prof dept kalau they don't recruit from now.

And we tried to get a session with Prof kamal and Prof Ismawi so we could say thank you properly but the river flows too fast..tak terkejar.

This week I'll be kept busy with the Prosumer Week and nanti nak tolong beri English workshop to our young guests from Perak, Perlis and Pahang who came all the way to watch Pitch Your Product Competition.

I'm glad it's coming to an end.We worked all semester with a lot of uncertainties.I definitely nak cabut kejap for a break when all's done before the new semester starts again with a vengeance.


Cerita Rao tu sambung later ke tarikh yang tidak saya tahu. :))

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