Sunday, March 19, 2017

East Coast Weekend


caught counting footsteps

Friendship made in heaven

the families

We got up very early on Saturday to catch our flight to Kuala Terengganu at 7 am.The hotel we were supposed to be was all booked up so Nik's friend booked us a hotel downtown.We had a nice seaview from the 14th floor.But no time to swim even in the hotel pool.We were busy checking out stuffs to eat (nasi dagang tganu!), best beach to eat ICT..ikan celup tepung but we found overratedlah.Best keropok lekor and satar (somewhere in one of the Losong areas).

We went on the river cruise near Masjid Kristal.Enjoyed it so much.Pas tu Wan Ismail told Nik to check out his great great grandad's home now a museum owned by the state government.We went.It was worth going.Cantik betul seni pembikinan semula rumah tu and oh! So huge.Haji Su was a wealthy man..from his dad..mereka towkay kapal and bijih timah.Rumah pertama dibina 1850 and the second one (they are all connected as one home) was before WW2. The businessmen had traded in Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand.Some people 2017 pun belum pergi Singapore or Indonesia.Mmg dasyat hebatnya orang Tganu zaman dulu.

Ahad tu (today) Che Nor and Syed Azman picked me to go to the akad at Zah's plc.Z and her dad would come later sbb nak sleep in lagi.Akadnya pagi bebenor la pulak - 9 am.We had to go by 8 something.I'm glad I went.Zah had been good to me.Tak ramai kwn mcm dia (or Che Nor).And it was nice knowing their family members.In between akad and lunch, Che Nor took me to her home. She told us we could have stayed there.Next timelah. :)) Rumah dia dekat dgn beach yang ada to swim.

After the lunch reception, we went to Pulau Duyung and had some drinks at the Marina Resort.Mmg cantik tempat ni.But Z said the grandeur was superficial..kosong, she said.I said sometimes you don't need to hv functional stuffs all the time...there should be some space for beauty..aestheticism..just pretty view.She said and spend millions for something the rakyat cannot benefit from or use? I said if there's money for beauty, why not? Better than having a gold jamban for yourself.Ni rakyat boleh juga duduk2  tengok boat lalu sambil mkn rojak buah and drink fresh juices..dgn angin sepoi2 bahasa membelai tubuh yang penat. Yeah...our family conversations always go this way. :)

Pasar Payang was also a joy.I thought of the market in Tashkent.Rasa mcm sama.

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