Sunday, March 26, 2017

The Week That Was

My mid-sem break went like lightning but I was everywhere - from Kuala Tganu attending a wedding to almost all week conferencing in Putrajaya mengekor Shaykh Dr Umar Faruq and the Gala Dinner at TPC, Bukit Kiara and feeling disappointed I didn't get more thought provoking speeches from the two Shaykhs.No more chasing after this. Dengar je youtubes.

My first day yoga class was not as easy as I thought it would be but glad to know the group was more of my age group.

And on Saturday, a pleasant surprise from Maher. He's back from Qatar, married with a child! My mom had loved him so much (along with the other boys of the first batch) and ingat juga dia nak visit kami after all these years.Dia cakap ni mcm rumah kedua dia. He brought us pure madu Yemeni and wife dia Judd cooked some Yemeni dishes and cake pisang. The clan buat yassin after the big makan.

Alhamdulillah for the week that was.

Floating Mosque

Crystal Mosque

With DJ Dave and the MGS gals
Ali from Qatar
First day at yoga


Iskandar aka DR Bubbles said...

Great to hear that you start yoga!

Faridah said...

Dr. Bubbles: it's amazing what it does to you.Lutut dah kurang sakit, alhamdulillah. I hope I tak hangat2 chicken shit about it.