Thursday, March 09, 2017

Muslim Scholars' Roundtable

I must record my thanks to Dr Yusri for allowing me to attend the Roundtable of Muslim scholars despite it being by invitation and it being full.People who registered to come and make that 100 audience ramai yg didn't turn up, depriving genuine people who wanted to learn from the guru, Sheikh Hamzah Yusuf. Anyway, we felt so lucky to learn so much from SHY.Justin was the mc.He's part of the organising comm which was responsible for bringing SHY and all the scholars to RIS in Msia. I could not make it to the weekend but those who went said it was also electrifying.

I had to ask the good Sheikh of his stand on jgn lawan pemimpin.Sempat juga la kita berbalas-balas "pantun" which my ASA geng sambung in our online discussion.Well, Sheikh is a tasawuf or maybe an usuli man..asking him to rebel is like expecting a petani to be a jurutera.Dia takkan reti. Sheikh is a peaceful soul wpun stand dia tu buat I tak berapa peaceful.But lepas talk tu, I sebagai murid pi la bertegur sapa with my guru of one day.Dia tanya ajar apa, subjek literature apa. Dia gembira I said Renaissance Lit and said father dia pun Prof of English. I told him I tau (dok stalk dia doh). Cerita itu, ini and dia minta my card.Kalau ajak sabbatical kat Zaytuna, ok jer. Haha.

Pastu at tea time, a new friend came looking for me nak sambung kisah i tanya soalan jgn lawan pemimpin tu.We had a nice bantering.Dia pun minta my card sbb nak ajak I give a talk kat tempat dia. Mmg fun bila scholars meet like this.Especially when we respect each other's differences.How I miss this world so much but bak kata SYH, scholars yg dasyat2 ni dah tak jumpa dah sekarang (banding zaman mula dia belajar Islam at 18 and now dia dah 60 and yet looks 30). 42 years menuntut ilmu.I rasa mcm my life is so wasted banding dgn how he memanfaatkan masa dia.



ubuntu_linux said...

He doesnt look 60, maybe early 40s and Dr Asri pun ada, bestnya!

Faridah said...

You know, wajah orang yang menuntut ilmu ni mmg lain...mcm bila enlightened, muka mcm bulb lampu mula menyala. I saw this in many of the participants' wajah. Like toinkk! Allah kata ada tiga kelompok manusia yang mulia di sisiNya: orang yang menuntut ilmu, orang yang berjihad dan orang yang bekerja (retinya bukan meminta sedekah dan will do kerja dia tahap excellence gaban).

Dato Dr Maza and another Mufti from Sarawak pun ada.I saw Tan Sri Shahidan Kassim at lunch time sitting with Maza tapi rasanya dia tak masuk kuliah.He just came to meet Sheikh gamaknya.