Sunday, April 16, 2017

Brunch guests

Pak Taib rang to say Dr Dzul and him were coming on Sunday. I said come for breakfast but our breakfast would be brunch since I had to do the pasar tani thingy first.

So we had nasi dagang brunch with vietnamese spring rolls and scottish tea. Dr Dzul is originally from Gopeng and we knew he was Mama's dentist in the 70s and 80s. :D Small world. His wife told me anak dia ada cafe.I asked kat mana. She named a cafe we so loved! What an honour to meet the parents of such enterpreneurial children.

I also found out a bit more about my uncle's teachers which included guru Tamar Jarlis' atok's. Patut le whenever we read the book/s, we were reminded of the same way my uncle mengubat orang. Same teacher! Found out in a blog on Tamar Jarlis...atok dia would meredah hutan Perak ke Cameron Highlands then melalui Lanchang to this place in Ulu Cheka or Jerantut to berguru with Pawang Nong (waktu tu masa melawan komunis or British..puak2 ni boleh hilang bila berhadapan dgn musuh..musuh tak nampak). Whoa! I'm tracing more of my uncle's gurus. Found a name last night. Tracing his anak cucu cicit. We ought to be friends. I miss him so.I would spoil him rotten with gifts every time I balik cuti from NZ, then from the UK, then Australia...he loved pipe smoking so his pipes semua dari luarnegara. My gifts.

Malangnya, according to his favourite cucu (slightly older than me), his manuscript on asal usul keluarga kami diambik one of the family members and has gone missing. Kak Yam (the cucu) said her grandad cakap kita ini dari keluarga baik2..itu sebab all the girls in the family cantik2.Haha. Ha riak! Riak! (he was referring to one of my aunties yang masa muda memang jadi rebutan.My mom pun) Then my third sister said, "Kak De pun!" Uwek..I said..nak termuntah. 

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