Thursday, April 06, 2017

Professor Nasi Lemak

It's not so secret anymore at HS Building that I had to sell nasi lemak every day for the last 4 days as part of my fundraising activities. The kids helped me.Pagi2 a team of girls will collect my bakul nasi lemak to bring to DELL's office, sometimes arriving later than the Professor but they are all very sweet.We go through pain and joy doing this. I know they will grow well and will be successful as corporate leaders (like some are), educators, etc.

Biasa nasi lemak habis within 30 mins I arrive.Sometimes I get urgent texts saying where are you, we have gone thin, waiting for your nasi lemak. Haha. My colleagues are very supportive.I know some buy out of pity that I have come to this. Don't look at me. The powers that be, companies we write to semua kata takda duit and we have to move on.

So I wrote this God sent me a little angel who texted me and asked why don't you write to us? Takbir! (but no guarantee yet ya).

Sharifah and Khairani were really pushing the last 10 bungkus. We adjusted the price sebab hari dah petang. Still tinggal dua outa 10.On the way to return my bakul, Sharifah sold 2 to a guy. She said she just asked a passer-by nak nasi lemak? Nasi lemak ni extra sedap (and she said she senyum lebih sikit..hahaha). And SOLD!

Biar rugi sikit dari membazir. But maybe Z is right. She said I would not last a month. I'm thinking that if I hit that target of xxxx, I'll stoplah. We'll think of other ways to raise fund.Sapa je nak makan nasi lemak hari-hari. Prof Noraini ordered 25 for her students but later said I didn't feed her students good protein sebab my nasi lemak tak letak telur..letak ikan kering je (budget beb) ;D  Hari lain lain2 flavour OK? We have had tempe and telur and sambal hijau, sambal sotong, sambal ikan bilis. Bibik said I do this memanglah tak untung. Takpalah Bibik..berniaga sambil bersedekah.

And that is why I am not an enterpreneur.


Iskandar aka DR Bubbles said...

Kesat air mata saya baca post ini. I feel you.

Faridah said...

Kan Dr Bubbles and I'm sure you know how racist the world can be - tambah2 ada nama Islam or Melayu. Tanpa segan silu! I can keluarkan list syarikat-syarikat besar ni tapi kita simpan dulu. Satu masa akan keluar juga.