Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Island holiday in Redang

When you work in a country on low budget, you get tired easily. Long hours and things which could be done by machines and robots are done by you.

So Friday lagi I dah cabut with my family to Redang Island. Semua pun cuti. We left before sunrise and took a cab from the airport to the jetty in KT.The boatride was 1.5 hours.Calm sea which did not remind me of Krabi rough sea. The boat stopped right at the doorstep of Laguna Resort. Like prisoners we were shooed to a hall and were briefed in Chinese and English. Are we in Macau, I thought - now surrounded by Chinese tourists who I found out later were drawn to the island because Laguna was featured in a Chinese movie called Summer Holidays (the house is now a convenience store which is also a souvenir shop).

We didn't get the seaview. That would be an additional RM1K said our economist child who did the booking and I told her time and again, a holiday will not be a holiday if it isn't expensive. She rolled her eyes.Her dad must be so proud of her sebab dad yang bayar holiday ni. :D

But we had fun snorkeling (but doing it in open sea was not my cuppa termasuk swimming with Malik the turtle). I saw baby shark too but Laguna is so pretty.I'd come this way again.Malam-malam berebut microphone with Z to sing our favourite songs.Then we went for spas.

I wanted to do the 1-hour jungle trekking cos' I wanted to see the kampong but Z and dad tak mau saying that would be 2  hours going and coming back.I told them trending now is jungle bathing. Baik bercakap dgn batu. :(

But we love Redang much than we do any other holiday spots (for me). Singgah rumah Zah on the way back cos' our flight was late in the evening...almost missed it..dropbag counter dah tutup but they let us drop our luggage tepi tangga plane.

karya kedua dalam siri ke laut kita untuk pameran
akan datang (ahaks)

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